side jobs from home

Side jobs are incredibly helpful if you want an additional income.

By definition, a side job or a side hustle is any flexible, paid work you can do in addition to your main job.

According to a recent survey from Bankrate, around 49% of Americans have a side hustle and earn an average of $810 per month from their side gig.

Today I am sharing a list of legit side jobs that can boost your income (or even replace it). I have also included their pay and how you can get started.

I have tried many of them over the years and my takeaway is – if you should choose a side gig that you love doing, the possibilities are endless.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are many diverse side jobs that can give you a stable income or just handy cash.
  • Some of these side jobs require you to have skills and experience, while others, like blogging, selling printables, and search engine evaluation, can be started right away.
  • With side gigs like food delivery and surveys, you can earn quick money but they cannot give you full-time income.
  • You can juggle a side job with a full-time job to have more financial stability.
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45 Best Side Jobs from Home

#1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Launch

Learn how to start a bookkeeping business from home.
No experience is needed!

Bookkeeping is undoubtedly going to be in high demand as the need for bookkeepers keeps growing. A bookkeeper records day-to-day financial transactions and manages payroll and ledgers. The basic requirements for this job include having a high school diploma or GED and certification. Bookkeeping companies like Xero and QuickBooks hire virtual bookkeepers. This is a perfect fit for someone who likes working with numbers.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a bookkeeper is more than $45,000 per year. Starting your own bookkeeping business can be a great way to potentially earn a six-figure income (a single client can give you an average monthly income of $300).

How to start:

You can try your hand at becoming a virtual bookkeeper and learn about this career in this free class from

#2. Proofreader/Editor

Having a keen eye for detail can lead you to an excellent work-at-home opportunity like proofreading. Proofreaders find grammar, spelling, syntax, and formatting mistakes and make the content as error-free as possible. If this is something you like, then you can try proofreading or editing jobs. You can find these jobs with companies like Scribendi,, Kibin, etc.

Proofreading and editing jobs are in high demand now for their flexibility and pay.

Average pay:

You can earn anywhere from $25 to $50 per hour as a proofreader. The earning potential is much higher if you become a freelance proofreader. 

How to start:

Ready to do this? Then take this FREE proofreading workshop first and test it out.

#3. Survey Taker

survey taker side jobs from home

Brands need consumer opinion to improve their products and services. Online surveys are a great way to shape future products and earn extra money. The biggest plus with surveys is that there are many websites that let you do more than surveys, like watching videos, playing games, searching the web, and more. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to sign up for the legitimate ones. You can do online surveys for free gift cards, cash, or even airline miles. 

I always do them while I am doing other tasks—that way it’s worth my time.

My top recommended survey sites are

If you want completely passive income, then download Nielsen App and earn around $50 a year just by doing your usual browsing. It’s completely safe and backed by a legit company.

Average pay:

You can make around $100 to $300 a month, depending on how many surveys you do. 

How to start:

Sign up for the surveys mentioned above and start earning extra money. Keep in mind that you should always sign up for more than one survey site to earn more.

#4. Sleep Consultant

How about becoming a virtual sleep consultant from home? It’s completely online and does not require any experience to get started. As a virtual sleep consultant, you will be coaching parents on creating better sleeping habits, establishing bedtime routines, and making age-appropriate schedules for their children. This is one of the side hustles that has the potential to become a successful home business. 

Average pay:

You can earn $15,000 to $18,000 per month if you work full-time. 

How to start:

The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management (CPSM) offers specialized training that will show you how to jump-start your career as a sleep consultant

#5. E-commerce Store Owner

Having an online e-commerce store and making passive income can be the best option for you if you want to have a flexible side hustle. The first step to getting started is finding your niche. Do your research, find the right products, and start your online store.

Shopify is one of the largest selling platforms where you can sell anything and everything in no time. You don’t need any expertise to set up a store; just list your products and start selling. 

Average pay:

The income depends on the type of things you sell. On average, a Shopify store earns $2,000 per month, but this depends on the number of sales you make and your niche.

How to start:

Once you have decided on what products to sell, sign up for Shopify, design your website, list your products, and start selling. You can market your store on social media to get more exposure.

#6. Food Delivery 

food delivery side jobs from home

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to earn extra money just by delivering food? There are legitimate food delivery companies, like DoorDash and Instacart, that pay you to deliver food. To start with food delivery jobs, you need to have a car, scooter, or bike, be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and pass a background check.

Like any other side job, this can be juggled with your day job, making it more profitable and flexible.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The pay for DoorDash is a total of base pay + promotions + tips. You can earn an average of $8 to $15 per hour, including tips. 

How to start:

Sign up for DoorDash to get started.

#7. Sell Printables

Did you know that you can sell creative printables from home without any expertise? It’s true. All you need to start this side gig is some creativity and a design platform like Canva. There are hundreds of printable ideas, like wedding invites, birthday cards, school lists, checklists, etc. This is a perfect side hustle for someone who wants to explore their creative side and earn extra money.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

You can earn around $500 to $1,000 per month part-time.

How to start:

If this is something you want to try, then take this workshop. It will give you a list of printable products that are in demand right now.

#8. Flipping

I am sure flipping is quite a new thing for many people, but it’s a side job you definitely want to try. You can flip anything, like thrift store items, websites, houses, cars, etc. The list is endless.

You just need to learn the tips and tricks of the art of flipping. Here is how Melissa makes a great living by flipping junk items. She and her husband are a great example of this successful side hustle.

Average pay:

Depending on how much time you invest in this side gig, you can earn a part-time or six-figure income flipping junk items. 

How to start:

Take this FREE workshop to learn more about how to make money flipping.

#9. Rent Your Free Space

If you want to earn money passively, then there is no better way than to become a host with Neighbor. Neighbor is an online marketplace that connects hosts and renters who are looking for storage. If you have a garage, a free room, or an empty parking space, you can rent it out for storage. All you have to do is sign up and list your place with good photos and descriptions. Once your place is chosen by the renter, you can discuss the details; the renter pays the price, and they move the stuff into your space. 

Neighbor is a safe app with a host guarantee of $1 million of free coverage when you are renting your space. The website has strict verification methods for renters and hosts like photo ID and phone and email verification. 

Average pay:

The income depends on the size of the place and the city you live in. 

How to start:

Sign up for Neighbor and start renting your free space.


#10. Blogger

blogger side jobs from home

Did I mention that I am a stay-at-home mom turned work-at-home mom who started blogging as a side job? I now earn a full-time income from my blogging business. I never imagined that sharing my passion would lead me to a profitable business.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular, and now is the time to put together your ideas and start your brand new blog. You don’t need to have any writing expertise or be a technical nerd to become a blogger. No matter what your interest is, if you have the passion to share your ideas with others, then you can become a blogger.

If you want help getting started, here is an easy guide to starting a blog

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

You can earn around $1,000 to $10,000 a month, depending on the niche and the ways you monetize your blog. I started with $300 per month, and now I earn more than a full-time income.

How to start:

Interested in starting your blogging journey? Sign up for Bluehost, get your free domain, and start your brand new blog. 

#11. Online Tutor

Wouldn’t you love to teach kids and earn a good income, all from the comfort of your home? Virtual teaching has taken a big leap in the last five years, and now you can share your expertise teaching any subject online. Just get started with online tutoring companies like BookNook. You will be teaching English and math to K–8 students. Check out the requirements to apply here. The pay is $18 per hour plus bonuses. 

Education First is a great choice if you want a flexible side job. Apart from having teaching experience, you need to have TEFL certification and a bachelor’s degree to teach with Education First. With pay of up to $20 per hour, this tutoring company offers extra pay during peak hours and bonuses when you teach more classes.

Don’t have any expertise? No problem; you can teach simple conversational English to kids from other countries, even if you only have informal teaching experience, and earn $14–$22 per hour with VIPKid

Qkids pays between $12 and $16 per hour to teach English (you should have a bachelor’s degree or be working toward one). SayABC also recruits work-at-home tutors for ESL teaching.

You need to schedule a video interview after you complete the application for these companies. 

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The pay differs between different companies but ranges from $15 to $25 per hour. Some tutoring companies offer bonuses along with hourly pay. 

How to start:

Check out the above tutoring companies. If they are hiring, fill out the online application and start the process.

#12. Rent Your Car

Earning passive income legitimately is totally possible these days. If you have a car and want to earn money from it, head over to Turo. Listing your car on Turo is literally at your fingertips; just sign up and enter all the details. Turo will set your daily price according to the market price, or you can set your own rate and mileage.

All the customers are screened before getting accepted, and you have $1 million in liability insurance with 24/7 support. You earn around 65% to 85% of the trip price and get paid within five days via direct deposit.

You don’t have to do a face-to-face handover of the car; with the Turo Go app, you can unlock your car for your guests and even track mileage.

It’s time to earn some easy money with your car!

Average pay:

The pay depends on the type of car you list and how frequently it’s rented. 

How to start:

Sign up and list your car on Turo.

#13. Use Your Backyard

Got a big backyard? That’s your ticket to making passive income hosting with Sniffspot. You will be renting your backyard for dogs to play in, stretch their legs, and simply have fun.

Signing up with Sniffspot is easy; just sign up and list your place with all the details. Once you find a potential user, you can rent your backyard to these furry friends. Pet owners take care of the cleaning and maintenance, and there is $1 million in host protection insurance for liability and damage protection.

It’s a great way to use your backyard to earn money.

Average pay:

Some hosts are earning over $1,000 a month while making new friends.

How to start:

Sign up with all your details and list your backyard.

#14. Chat Agent

With more and more company websites coming up, there is going to be a great need for chat agents. Chat agents are the ones who talk to you virtually through pop-up chat boxes when you visit a website. Online chat jobs are great because you don’t need a degree to start and you can work from home.

Average pay:

The pay for chat agents is $14.50 per hour

How to start:

There are different types of chat agent roles, like general or technical. Try applying to companies like The Chat Shop, SiteStaff,, etc.

#15. Social Media Manager

A social media manager or social media consultant manages the social media channels of brands, businesses, or digital marketers. This is a great side job for people who love social media.

They do all the background work of creating the marketing materials, making strategic plans for promotions, and creating other advertising plans. Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications, along with a good understanding of social media platforms, can help you land this job quickly.

Average pay:

The average income for social media managers is around $50,000 per year

How to start:

You can find projects for these roles on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

#16. Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is growing super fast, and this is the best time to cut into this profitable side gig from home. Virtual assistants perform many tasks, like data entry, website management, social media management, scheduling, bookkeeping, email management, etc. Check out the services you can offer as a virtual assistant. The two biggest perks of working as a VA are having the ability to work from anywhere and making your own schedule.

There are many companies like Fancy Hands, Boldly, Belay, and Byron that hire VAs all the time.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

A beginner VA earns around $35–$50 an hour, and there is no end to the type of services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

How to start:

If you are a beginner, find small projects on Fiverr or Upwork to get experience.

#17. SEO Consultant

With the boom of digital media, every business wants to have an online presence. This means that every website owner wants their website to rank highly in search engines, and this is where SEO consultants come in.

Search engine optimization leans more toward the technical side, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it. Learn the necessary skills of SEO on platforms like Skillshare or Coursera and become a freelance SEO consultant.

Average pay:

A beginner SEO consultant can earn around $75 per hour.

How to start:

Market your services on social media or through your website.

#18. Mystery Shopper

mystery shopper side jobs from home

Who doesn’t love shopping? It is the best combo if you can shop and make money. Mystery shopping is not a job, but it can be a good side hustle for you if you choose the right companies to go with. The work involves going into stores and finding out about different products or talking to employees about the merchandise.

Average pay:

The pay depends on the type of gig you choose. Keep in mind that sometimes you are paid for free products or food.

How to start:

Mystery shopping companies like BestMark, Market Force, Secret Shopper, etc. can be a good starting point for your mystery shopping hustle.

#19. Freelance Writer

This might not be for everyone, but if you have a way with words and love writing, then freelance writing might be the thing for you. There are hundreds of jobs that get posted every day for freelance writers on job boards like ProBlogger, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Average pay:

The average salary of a freelance writer is around $21 per hour

How to start:

If writing is your thing, then get a head start on this amazing skill by joining this course. You can get started as a freelance writer in just 30 days!

#20. Customer Service/Sales Rep

Of all the side jobs from home, customer service might be the most popular one. The work involves answering customer questions and troubleshooting. While there is no requirement for a degree, you need to have good communication skills and thorough product knowledge to get into customer service. There is no shortage of work-at-home customer service or sales rep jobs with many legit companies like CVS Health, Concentrix, Arise, Liveops, DealDash, etc.

Keep in mind that most of the sales and customer service jobs do require some phone usage and a quiet background. If this is not something you are looking for, then check out these jobs that don’t require a phone.

Average pay:

The pay is around $16 per hour

How to start:

Check if the above-mentioned companies are hiring and start applying. Please keep in mind that most of these companies require some background experience in sales or customer service.

#21. Transcriber

Transcription is one of the best side hustles from home. The work is mainly converting audio files into written text. Transcription can be of many types, like legal, medical, and general transcription.

This is one of the side gigs that I have tried, and it’s perfect for someone who wants to work from home.

Having good typing skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and an understanding of the terminology are the starting points for becoming a transcriber. Companies like TranscribeMe, Way With Words, Rev, GoTranscript, Literably, and SpeakWrite hire online transcriptionists.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The pay can range from $15 to $25 per hour

How to start:

If you want to break into this booming industry, try this FREE course to see whether you can make this your work-at-home career. To become a work-at-home transcriber, you will need headphones, a foot pedal, transcription software, and a laptop with a good internet connection.

#22. Event Planner

Do you enjoy planning events for your family and friends? Then, becoming an event planner could be your side hustle. Event planners plan and organize events and are responsible for every detail, including food, entertainment, decoration, presentation, accommodation, etc. On a personal level, event planning can be a booming business if you plan parties, gatherings, weddings, etc.

Average pay:

You can charge anywhere from $12 to $75 per hour, plus vendor commissions.

How to start:

Melanie Woodward’s Event Planning Blueprint is a very practical and popular course that will teach you how to kick off as an event planner.

#23. Translator

Being bilingual can have its perks. You can work as a translator or interpreter if you know more than one language. To apply for this job, you need to have high-level proficiency in the language and good writing skills. Having a certification from organizations like the American Translators Association (ATA) can help you land the job quickly. There are many companies that offer translator, interpreter, and even call center jobs if you know more than one language.

Average pay:

The average pay of a translator is around $37 per hour

How to start:

Companies like Appen, LanguageLine, WorldLingo, etc. offer such roles. You can also try for freelance translator projects on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Recommended reading:

#24. Tech Support

Technical support jobs are more specialized roles that you can do flexibly online. Many small businesses need help with the technical side of their business.

Tech support professionals are the ones who work on the geeky side of the online business, like fixing technical problems, resolving software and hardware issues, and checking for network errors. If you are a pro on the technical side of things, then try companies like Automattic, Toptal, and Zapier.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The pay can range from $25 to $40 per hour

How to start:

Check out the companies mentioned above and apply.

#25. Pet Carer

Many of you might not believe that this is a real side job. But it is. Pet care or grooming is a super flexible side hustle, and if you love pets, this is something you are going to love to do and still get paid for it. Depending on your schedule, you can offer boarding, dog walking, or in-house visits. This is the perfect side hustle for students, part-time workers, or teens.

Average pay:

Pet carers earn around $18 per sitting. Become a pet sitter and start side-hustling with Rover and

How to start:

Sign up for Rover here.

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#26. Medical Coder

Though medical coding jobs are very specific, they pay well and are work-from-home roles. As a medical coder, you will be translating patient notes like diagnoses and procedures into codes for health insurance purposes. Though you don’t need a degree for this job, you need to pass certification exams like Certified Professional Coder (CPC) to apply for these positions.

If you are someone with the right skills, then this is the job you should try.

Average pay:

The average pay of a medical coder is $22 per hour

How to start:

Companies like Aviacode, The Coding Network, Precyse Coding Solutions, etc. have work-at-home coding jobs.

#27. Brand Ambassador

Did you know that social media is a great way to earn money? It’s true. Today, brand ambassadors are using every social media channel to promote the brands they love and make money.

You can earn money as a brand ambassador, with or without a blog. Just sign up for websites like IZEA and connect your social channels. My friend Emma teaches others how to earn money on Instagram, and she is a pro at it.

Average pay:

The pay depends on the projects. 

How to start:

Sign up for companies like IZEA or Activate to get started.

#28. Childcare Provider

Have you ever wondered how to make extra money? Become a babysitter! I would say this is one of the most enjoyable jobs you can do from home. I mean, who wouldn’t love spending time with kids? It’s pure bliss. But what makes this a very lucrative hustle is the money and the abundance of opportunities.

Average pay:

Babysitters earn around $13 per hour

How to start:

You can start your own childcare business at home or sign up with companies like Sittercity.

#30. Rideshare Driver

Did you know that 37.1% of US households had two cars in 2021? Having two cars means a lot of money spent on fuel, insurance, and registration bills.

There is a fix for reducing this cost. You can drive with Uber and earn money even in your spare time. The flexibility is excellent, and signing up is super simple. All you need to get started is a car in good condition, a valid driver’s license, and insurance. You can make your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. Don’t miss it!

Average pay:

The pay depends on how many trips you make.

How to start:

Sign up for Uber.

#31. Tour Guide

Traveling is one of the side gigs that can make you money in many ways. And if you love exploring the hidden places in your city, then you can hustle as a local tour guide.

My friend Alexandra Kenin’s love for traveling turned her side hustle into a full-blown business, and she has other tour guides working for her now.

Average pay:

The pay is around $22 per hour. With your own business, you can earn around $1,500 to $2,000 per month, depending on the size of your group. 

How to start:

Start your side gig as a tour guide, promoting yourself on social media or forums.

#32. Travel Planner

Maybe this was not a thing online a decade ago, but now you can plan vacations for others and earn a good income from that. Another side hustle for all the travel bugs.

It takes a lot of hard work to plan a trip, and this is where a travel planner comes in. They plan your trip according to your choice of places to visit and other requirements. This hustle has high potential as there is a big wave of traveling families.

Average pay:

The annual pay for a travel agent is around $40,000 per year plus commissions. You can quote your price if you become a freelance travel planner. 

How to start:

Check out these travel agent companies or go freelance as a travel planner.

#33. Website Tester

Website testing does not require any technical expertise. You need to know your way around websites, like checking the pages, tabs, speed, etc. to see if they are working. Companies are interested in testing their websites and apps before they are released into the market, and this is the job of website testers. This is one of the side jobs that does not require any expertise or experience to get started.

This is a very flexible side job where you use a webcam and speak out your views about the website’s functionality and user experience. Please keep in mind that website testing gigs are sporadic.

Average pay:

You can earn around $8 to $10 per test

How to start:

There are many legitimate companies that have this role, like Trymata, Userfeel, User Testing, etc.

#34. WordPress Expert

Do you know how many blogs and websites are getting launched each day? About a quarter a million! And most people use WordPress because it is the most efficient way to have control over your site and monetize it.

But not everyone understands WordPress, and this is where WordPress experts come in. This online hustle is rapidly gaining popularity, and the money is fantastic. In fact, my tech person is my go-to solution for any hiccups I get from my blog, and he fixes everything.

Average pay:

WordPress experts earn around $35 per hour

How to start:

If you have the right skillset, then try freelancing as a WordPress expert.

#35. Voice Over Artist

voice over artist side jobs from home

Voice acting might be a little new to you, but believe me, this is a job where your earnings can skyrocket just by using your voice. Voice acting is giving your voice for cartoons, audio books, announcements, TV commercials, etc. You can work from anywhere in a voice acting job; you can choose your hours; and the best part is the high pay.

If you are new to voice acting and want to know more about the job, earning potential, and skills you need, check out this free course. This course will give you all the information you need to decide whether voice acting is the right career for you. 

Average pay:

The pay is around $37 per hour and depends on your experience level and the type of projects you work on. 

How to start:

If you think you can lend your voice to commercials or try out this gig, then head over to and Voice123.

#36. Search Engine Evaluator

I have worked as a search engine evaluator and can say for sure that it is quite a flexible work-at-home job for anyone. Lately, I have seen a big demand for these kinds of roles, as there is no technical experience required and you get to work from home. 

The requirements for this role are being a resident of the country for at least five years, having knowledge about current events, and having the ability to work independently. Most of the companies offer only part-time work (for up to 20 hours a week).

There are about four major companies that hire for these positions, and they employ people regularly. This is one of the best side gigs from home if you are searching for something part-time.

Average pay:

Search engine evaluators pay differs in different countries.

How to start:

Check out these search engine evaluation companies here.

#37. Short Task Worker

Doing short gigs or micro tasks can put some extra cash in your pocket. Most of these tasks are quite flexible and can be done online at MTurk, Clickworker, TaskRabbit, etc. This could be a perfect fit for you if you have some free time on your hands outside of your day job. You can also take videos of products and get rewarded with Amazon gift cards with ProductTube.

You can read this detailed post to understand how to make money with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The pay depends on the type of tasks you do, but keep in mind that this is only for extra income. 

How to start:

Sign up for the above websites and search for good gigs. Keep in mind that these are only extra-cash jobs.

#38. Cashback

This is quite a smart gig and can put a lot of cashback in your pocket. Legitimate cashback sites have come up a lot in the last couple of years. Some of them have a broad reach, and they pay well.

Average pay:

The cashback varies for different products. 

How to start:

Sign up for Rakuten, Ibotta, and TopCashback for all your shopping needs and earn extra income.

#39. Amazon Seller

Selling on Amazon is not a side job; it could be a thriving business. It can be a very profitable business, as you are selling on the largest online marketplace. Having a keen eye for picking the right products is the key to becoming a successful Amazon seller.

Average pay:

Income varies between $500 and $1,500 per month, depending on the number of items you sell and the time you invest. 

How to start:

Sign up with Amazon, find the right products to sell, and earn money.

#40. Web Searcher

This is something we all do, but getting paid for it is the exciting part. Though you will not get rich by doing this, it does give you some extra cash for something you do every day.

There are two ways you can do this: you can sign up to be a Wonder researcher or sign up for Swagbucks or InboxDollars and use their search features.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

Wonder researchers get around $16 per hour on average

How to start:

Sign up for Wonder here.

#41. Résumé writer

Résumé writing is quickly becoming an in-demand job, and the best part is you can do this from anywhere. This career has massive potential to grow in the coming years.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

Résumé writers can earn around $38,235 a year, and this goes up depending on your experience, qualifications, and certifications.

How to start:

You can work for a résumé writing company or work for yourself and get projects at places like Upwork, Guru, and Indeed.

#42. Kids Entertainer

I never knew entertaining kids could be such a profitable hustle. For this job, you have to plan different activities like games, magic shows, face painting, etc. Apart from getting paid around $50 an hour, you get to make kids laugh and have fun with them.

That does not sound like work at all.

If this sounds like your future side gig, then here is a good article on how to become a children’s entertainer.

Average pay: 

On average, kids entertainers are paid around $50 per hour and up, depending on the packages.

How to start:

This side job can be done by working with an entertainment company or by setting up your own entertainment business.

#43. Caterer/Baker

caterer/baker side jobs from home

Having a catering or baking business is suitable for stay-at-home moms as it is flexible and works well with that lifestyle. This is one of the side gigs that requires an upfront investment for materials, promotion, and services. Nonetheless, if you find your niche and work hard, this can be a profitable business. I have many friends who started their successful baking businesses from home.

Though you might need to get some food licenses, this is something to look into if you have good cooking skills.

Average pay:

It depends on how much time you spend on your side gig. 

How to start:

Start your baking gig from home and promote your business.

#44. Photographer

Apart from blogging, photography is my passion, and it has enormous income potential. There are many ways you can monetize your photography skills, like selling prints, putting up a website and promoting your work, creating courses to teach others, or even becoming a corporate photographer. This side gig has no limits.

Average pay:

The pay depends on the niche and the type of project you are doing. 

How to start:

Start a website and sell photography services or products.

#45. Ghostwriter

If you have a skill for writing, then you can try becoming a ghostwriter. No, you will not be writing ghost stories; you will be writing for someone without any credit being given to you.

Ghostwriting can be a very lucrative work-at-home job if you have good projects lined up.

Average pay:

According to ZipRecruiter, ghostwriters earn around $25 per hour

How to start:

You can try for projects on websites like Contena, ProBlogger, or even gigs on Upwork, Indeed, or Fiverr.

Pros and Cons of Having a Side Gig


  • Learning a new skill
  • Earning extra supplemental income
  • Pursuing your passion
  • Building your résumé
  • Gaining experience in a new area

In fact, I started blogging as my side gig because I wanted to share my passion with others, and it’s my full-time business now. It has given me the financial freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere.


  • No work-life balance
  • Hectic schedule
  • Initial cost or running expenses (business)
  • Resources to market your side hustle

It can take sometime to find your feet in your new hustle, especially if you are juggling a full-time job with a side gig. Please read below tips to manage your time and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What side gigs pay the most?

If you are looking for high-paying side jobs, then choose blogging, software development, bookkeeping, freelance writing, or proofreading. For example, with virtual bookkeeping, you can earn $300 per client per month. It really depends on how much time you put into your side job. 

What is the easiest one to start?

The easiest side gigs to start are food delivery, mystery shopping, selling on Etsy or blogging. These gigs don’t require any experience or expertise. Please keep in mind easiest one to start might not pay the most.

Things to Consider Before You Start

With so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming to start your side hustle. Check out the tips below to start on the right path.

#1. Research

Before you take on any side hustle, do your research. Ask important questions before you jump in.

  • Is it something that interests you?
  • Does it have a good market?
  • Is there room for growth? 
  • Does it pay well?
  • Will it fit into your schedule?

Prepare a checklist of questions like this and find the right side gig that gives you work satisfaction and great pay. 

#2. Manage Your Time

Juggling a side job with your main career takes a lot of discipline and time management. Knowing how much free time you have and what kind of job will fit into this time frame is the key to having a better work-life balance. 

#3. Learn New Skills

If your goal is to boost your income with a side job, then be ready to learn some new skills. Upskilling is a great way to learn new things that can give you high income potential. With so many legit websites like Coursera, Skillshare, and Udacity, you can learn any skill in no time if you put in the hard work. 

#4. Watch Out for Scams

It’s easy to fall for job scams because they are so convincing and seemingly legit. When I started looking for my first online job, I had loads of spammy emails in my inbox every day. Many of these jobs fall into the categories of mystery shopping, direct sales, online business, stuffing envelopes, or data entry. Do your research and verify everything about the company and the job before you jump in. If you are verifying the credibility of a business, then BBB is the first website to check.

Some of the red flags of scam jobs are:

  • They ask for payment.
  • There is very little information about the company on the website.
  • There are no reviews or negative reviews about the company on forums like Quora or Reddit.
  • The job sounds too good to be true with its high income and low work.

Final Thoughts

These are the most popular and in-demand side jobs that can give you anything from extra cash to a high income. I have done some of these jobs and can say from experience that I have enjoyed all of them. They have given me financial stability by supplementing my main income.

No matter what your goal is, a side gig can help you earn more money while giving you flexibility and financial freedom. 

This is a diverse list, so choose the ones that suit your lifestyle and your income needs.

Have you come across any other side gigs from home?

Please share in the comments.



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