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Today, I have the most interesting interview with Holly Johnson on how to become a freelance writer.

She is a freelance writer who earns $200,000/ year writing online. How awesome is that?!

Let’s find out all the details about how to become a freelance writer:

Please tell us about yourself and how you started as a freelance writer.

I picked up freelance writing as a side hustle in around 2012. I had always been passionate about writing, but starting our blog helped me discover the vast opportunity for writers on the web. I started writing part-time only because I still had a traditional, 9–5 job. After writing online for a year, however, I chose to quit my job to write full-time. The rest is history.

What are the biggest challenges writers face when starting their career and what tips do you have for them?

The biggest challenge is just getting started. It’s hard to know how to get your foot in the door, get noticed, and secure paid work when you’re unsure where to begin. My course was created as a “how-to” manual for any would-be writer or blogger who wants to start their career in the smartest way possible.

How much can a beginner writer expect to earn freelancing online and in what time frame?

It depends on the writer, their skill set, and the level of expertise they bring to the table. Most people can find jobs in the $50—$300 range depending on their niche. I know people who have written for years and still write $100 articles, and others who will not write anything for less than $1 per word.


Can you please tell us about your course, its modules, and what prompted you to create it?

I created my course because I get hundreds of emails from people asking the same questions: How can I get started? Where can I find paid work? What steps should I be taking now if I want to write full-time in the future?

The modules I created answer those questions and more while providing actionable tips and steps any writer should take along the way.

Holly Johnson

Freelance Writer Course Outline

Module 1: How to Establish a Blog and Brand

  • Learn how to discover your “writing niche”
  • Explore social media and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Find out how to gain confidence as you build your online presence
  • Find out why having a blog might be an important part of your strategy
  • Learn why big brands pay bloggers more

Module 2: How to Build Your Portfolio and Pitch Clients

  • Learn how to leverage relationships with others to build your brand
  • Discover how to write the perfect “cold pitch”
  • Read sample cold pitches and learn tactics that can build working relationships
  • Learn the best way to build your portfolio
  • Get your writing samples in front of others with ease
  • Hear how I set pricing and raise it over time

Module 3: Defending Your Workday

  • Learn how to create a workday using the time you have now
  • Hear my tactics for avoiding distractions
  • Create a schedule that works
  • Find out the type of person you need to avoid while you work
  • Learn what wasted time can cost you and how to avoid it

Module 4: Making the Transition from Broke Writing to Rich Writing

  • Find out how I boosted my income over time
  • Find out why certain writers get all the jobs
  • Become the ideal freelancer
  • Learn how to structure your income for maximum earning potential
  • Find out how I “get ahead” of other writers when it comes to getting work
  • Find your personality and let it shine

Module 5: Finding (and Keeping) Your Dream Clients

  • Explore ways to separate good clients from bad clients
  • Learn my favorite type of writing client and why
  • Discover the best practices for pitching corporate clients
  • Learn where to look for work in your local area
  • Find out which tools you can use to find high-paying work
  • Learn where I get most of my jobs

Module 6: Getting Paid

  • Guarantee your pay without arguing or haggling
  • Learn techniques for establishing payment terms
  • Learn how to be confident with your payment terms
  • Find out my trick for always getting paid

Module 7: Get More Work by Making Editors Happy

  • Discover techniques for increasing the amount of work you receive
  • Find out why some topics pay more than others
  • Read the ways you can (and should) make your editor’s life easier
  • Learn to speak with authority and how I use this trick to my advantage

Module 8: Taking Your Income into the Stratosphere

  • Leverage your social media accounts to earn more money (I’ll tell you how.)
  • Become a subject matter expert
  • Use your expert status to increase your income
  • Structure your workload to earn six-figures (I’ll show you how I do it.)
  • Learn why six-figure freelancing is completely attainable

Bonus Module: Get Rich Ghostwriting for CEOs (Standard & Pro Only)

  • Learn what ghostwriting is and when it’s a good idea
  • Learn how I get the best ghostwriting gigs
  • Learn how to make even more through ghostwriting
  • Discover ghostwriting secrets and tricks of the trade

Are there any special bonuses in the course?

You can pay extra to get one-on-one coaching from yours truly, but there are several “extras” included in the course already:

Bonus #1: 30-Minute Coaching Session (Pro Package)

As a member with Pro-level access, you’ll get a FREE 30-minute coaching session with me via phone, Skype, or Hangouts. Ask me anything you want, and I’ll give you expert advice.

Bonus #2: Feedback on 3 Writing Assignments or Pitch Letters (Pro Package)

I will personally review three of your own writing assignments or pitch letters. Then, I’ll send them back with comments on how to make them pop!

Bonus #3: Get Rich Ghostwriting for CEOs (Pro & Standard Packages)

This bonus video explains the process of ghostwriting and how it can help you earn big bucks!

Bonus #4: Insider’s Guide to What Editors Really Want (Pro & Standard Packages)

Learn what sets you apart from other writers, straight from the pen of a professional editor. Written by freelance editor and Boston Globe contributor, Jon Gorey, this invaluable resource is our gift to you!

Bonus #5: List of 250 Businesses with Blogs (Pro & Standard Packages)

Don’t think corporate gigs are out there? We’ll give you a list of 250 business websites with blogs.

Bonus #6: Free Facebook Group (All Packages)

Learn and connect with other freelance writers inside our free Facebook group! Get ideas for pitching clients, learn how others price their services, and get support from people who know what it means to be a freelancer.

Bonus #7: Worksheets and Action Items (All Packages)

As an Earn More Writing student, you’ll receive all of the course worksheets we offer at no additional cost. After each module, I’ll also provide you with a list of action items to help get your freelance writing career off the ground.

There you have it, a great insight into making writing your profitable side hustle or a work-from-home job.

I thank Holly for this interview and for giving such in-depth detail about this superb course.

Take the course to begin your rewarding freelance writing career and unlock the real potential of being a freelance writer.

What are your insights about being a freelance writer?


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