reviewToday we will find out more about captioning in this review.

In my search of finding most flexible side gigs and work from home jobs, I found many which pay really well like blogging, bookkeeping and captioning.

Captioning is very flexible and an easy way to make money from home.

Rev is a new breed of service provider which hires freelancers for positions like translations, transcription and captioning.

Today, I have an exclusive interview with my friend Kelly Pruitt. She works as Rev Captioner. I found out many interesting things about being a captioner after talking to her. Have a read and find out more details about this opportunity.


Here is your detailed review


Please tell us about Rev?

Rev is a company that hires freelancers to do transcription (audio files), translation (foreign language files), and captioning (video files). I work for the captioning side, and we seem to be growing at an exponential rate on the captioning side.

We have more captioners than ever, and we have more work than ever. Rev is constantly making improvements to help us be more productive. They listen to our concerns, and they actively work to resolve our most pressing issues.

I haven’t done much freelancing outside of Rev, but from what I understand, and from my limited experience, Rev’s responsiveness to their freelancer’s concerns is pretty unprecedented. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it.



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What is Captioning?

You know how you can push the CC button on your remote or in the menu settings on your TV, and then words pop up on the bottom of the screen that show you what’s being said?

That’s captioning.

We type the words out, broken into perfectly readable chunks of text, and then we drop them into their appropriate time slots through a process we call syncing.

This is most important for the hearing impaired, but into today’s digital world, it’s also important for when you want to finish watching that season of your favorite show or catch up with your favorite YouTube channel, on your phone/tablet/laptop while you wait in a public space without earbuds.


Can anybody do captioning? Does it need any expertise?

Almost anybody could do captioning. If you have difficulty typing, hearing, googling, following directions, or using very basic grammar, then it may not be right for you.

I had exactly zero experience when I started less than a year ago, and now I’m a grader and quality control specialist. The faster you can type, the more you will earn.

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Can you describe the nature of work in detail?

Grammar isn’t as imperative for captioning because people don’t speak in perfect grammatical sentences, especially in conversation.

You’ll want to know how to spell, how to research project-specific terminology, basic homophones, and when to end a caption group in just the right spot to make it flow into the next one, obviously.

We only get 60 characters per line so that a single sentence might be broken up into three or more groups.

On the flip side of that, if you are a strict grammarian, you will have a hard time getting used to not using perfect grammar. A common thing we tell beginners who fall into this category is “Love the comma, embrace the comma, the comma is your friend.” Our primary focus is readability because the words don’t stay on the screen that long.

We’re not as concerned with when a semicolon would be more appropriate than a comma, and we use colloquial spellings like wanna and gonna.

At the same time, we have some pretty strict style rules of our own, and learning them is crucial to staying on the team. Our grading system is pretty harsh.


What is the application process?

It is a quick application and a test. If you pass the first test, you will be invited to take a couple of more tests. Providing you pass those tests, there’s a short probation period for you to become a full Revver.

If you can go through with your first 80-150 video minutes with good metrics, you get to stay on board. You can be promoted as early as 80, but after about 150, if you still can’t get your metrics up to standards, then you’re let go.

During this time, while you’re waiting for account activation, you should ask lots of questions, study the Style Guide, take your time, and get to know what you’re doing and you won’t have any trouble of being promoted just as soon as you cross that 80-minute mark.

Many captioners do this within the first week. I did it in two and a half.


How long have you been working for Rev?

I started in October 2015.


What is the best thing that you like about captioning?

I am a nursing assistant in a dementia unit. It’s an exhausting job, so I love that on my days off from there, I don’t even have to get out of bed if I don’t want to, and can still earn extra money for my family. I love the variety of work that we get.

I am an avid learner, so I am always thrilled to caption anything educational, whether it’s a college lecture or a documentary. I love captioning movies and old television shows just as much. The work is a refreshing change of pace from my other job, for sure.

Most of the time, it feels more like entertainment than work.


how to earn upto $1,500 a month captioning videosHow much can you earn with captioning?

There’s no “maximum.” They don’t cap your earnings. I made $75.66 yesterday, and that was in between errands, laundry, dinner, dishes, and helping four kids with homework. Some of my fellow Revvers claim to make 500+ a week.

A lot of people just set a daily goal and then work to meet it. The most common goal I hear is $50/day. It’s pretty achievable, most of the time. The work does ebb and flow, so it’s not always stable.

There is no “minimum” either. Once you are promoted from Rookie status, you are a Revver. So long as you keep your metrics (grades) up, you are free to work as much or as little as you want.

Rev pays through PayPal, every week, whether it’s a holiday or not. I have never had a single issue with payment from them. I believe they are starting to experiment with direct deposit.



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If somebody fails the test, can they apply again?

I failed the transcription test a year ago and was told to try again in 6 months. I didn’t. I just applied for the captioning, got in, and haven’t looked back. I suppose that’s an important note. The transcription test and the captioning test are totally different things, if you fail one you can try the other one right away.


Do you think captioning can be a good work at home side income?

Absolutely! Since starting with Rev, I haven’t had to stress over my grocery bill nearly as much.

With all that said, it totally depends on what your ends are.

For most people, this isn’t going to be a stable source of sole income. There are days when the work is more scarce than others. Either more people are working, or fewer files are coming in.

If you’re looking for a FUN way to make a little extra cash, then I highly recommend applying.

My earnings have doubled from my early days. When I started out I was typing maybe 55 wpm, but now I average 80, with my record being 93. Also, when you’re first starting out you’re stopping to check the Style Guide over every little thing and hanging out in the forum trying to learn all the things, so your speed increases once you’ve got all that down.

While there is no limit to how much you can earn, according to the website, the average monthly earnings are $240 and top earnings are $1,570.


Are you ready to try becoming a captioner? Go ahead and apply for this fun way of making some side income.

The best part is you get to indulge in your inner pleasure of binge watching  your favorite TV series or movies and still make money off it.

I would like to thank Kelly Pruitt for taking out time to give such a great interview.


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Do you think this is a good side gig? Let me know in the comments.















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  1. I clicked your link to Rev and found the careers tab at the bottom of the page. Do they only hire captioners when it’s listed there?

  2. Hi, Sireesha. I enjoyed this post a lot. Typing is something that I love to do. Being an author, blogger, and running a fairly new educational web development and design website; I think this would be a good fit for me. Is two to four hours a day acceptable? And do projects have to be completed when started, or can they be saved and finished later? Thanks, Jason.

    1. Hey Jason,

      Glad you liked the post!! Flexibility is the key factor for this role. I am sure you can do as many hours as you want. Of what I can gather, you can start a project (video file) and do it in your own time. There is no set time to finish the project. Hope this helped you. Please do email me, if you have any more questions:-)

      1. This is a late response I know, but hoping maybe it will help someone who may currently be reading this. There is ABSOLUTELY a set time in which you have to finish a project. Rev will give you the amount of time you are to have the project completed by and have very strict guidelines concerning this. Yes, you can work on your own time, but if you claim a job, just make sure you have the time allotted to finish it.

        1. Hi Stephanie,

          Thank you for the update. I hope this helps the readers to understand this role more clearly.

  3. Hi there Sireesha! I find this very helpful. I also clicked the link you posted for Paula and I’ll try my luck on this. Thanks, at least now I know something like this really exist.

  4. Hi Sireesha,

    So, I studied the heck out of the “Rule Book” that Rev provides before the test video and spent a little over two hours on the test making sure it was perfect. Unfortunately, I was not accepted. This came as a big surprise to me as there was no reason given besides the fact that only 12% of applicants even get approved to take the next two tests. I still think it’s worth trying because it seems like it would be a fun and rewarding side income. I’m not sure why I was turned down. The grammar was perfect. I know this because I’m a published author of four books and have experience in line editing. I took the typing speed test and I was coming in on average of 74 wpm with a 99.1% accuracy. All of the caption blocks were within 1/4 of a second from when the speaker talked, and I used all of the guidelines for breaking with conjunctions and prepositional phrases, etc.

    I got myself so excited about doing this on the side. Do you know of any other companies looking for this type of work? Despite my results, thank you for making me aware that this type of work exists.


    1. Hey Jason,

      Sorry that you could not get through. I believe you can retake the test again if you are willing to. If are still interested, I can find out more tips about passing the test. As for other captioning companies, Caption Colorado and Aberdeen have closed captioning positions, but they do need some prior experience. Hope this helps.

      1. You cannot take the test again. I failed and asked if there was a time limit before I could retake the test. I was told I could not apply again. I also wasn’t given a reason why I failed.

  5. Hello, Sireesha,
    Thanks for the info. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I wish I had some idea of why I didn’t get through, but the only think I can think of is that I left one caption in white. It didn’t make sense to break the surrounding text anywhere, and the caption was still on the screen for about 2 seconds. I figured since it passed the 1 second rule, and it submitted without any warning that it would be fine. Maybe, that was why. If so, then they are really strict.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comments, Jason

    1. Hey Jason,

      I got in touch with my friend, here is what she advised, it is really important to study hard before the test and focus more on the caption breaking and alignment. They are strict with their tests, but if you study hard, you may get the role. Hope this helped.

  6. I think this is a pretty cool Idea for extra cash but I’m curious on how this works with taxes. Will they take out taxes? Do I have to file a 1099 or do I even have to report what I earn?

    1. Hey Stephanie,

      Thanks for commenting, it is a pretty cool job. I would suggest reading the position description, they might indicate the details on the website about the taxes.

  7. I am a 60 yr old, who is loosing mobility in my legs. In my younger yrs. I worked as a typist, but haven’t done that type of work for 20 yrs. Is this something that can be taught,and trained for?
    I am desperately looking for a supplemental income. Any and all info would be appreciated regarding this type of work.

  8. Hi there! I had a similar experience to the above commenter- I was advanced past the first test, but then was not accepted after the second 2 tests, despite feeling like I did a really good job of following all of the style guide rules. I would love to apply again, but when I tried to submit another application I got a message saying that I had already been rejected and could not reapply. Do you know if there is a waiting period to reapply for this job, or is it really a one shot deal? Thanks for any info you have! 🙂

  9. What a super idea. I had no idea this was even a possibility. I like that you can flex your hours and it may be a good way to earn some extra money during slow times/slow days. Thank you, Sireesha. It’s probably a low amount per hour, but still if you have “nothing to do,” it’s still some incremental money. I’m going to bookmark and look into this for the future. It’s probably a good thing to start before the holidays/colder season.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for commenting. I am happy you found this helpful. It can be a great supplemental income.

  10. hi sireesha. i will try for rev. But could you also advice me more sites where i can do the same. so in case if i do not make it for rev i have other things to go with.
    Thanks for your time.

    \Shubhankar Singh.

    1. Hello Shubhankar

      You can try transcription, there are companies like Scribie, Transcribe Me which are open to global applicants.

    1. Hello Simona,

      There is no registration tax. Most of the cases where websites ask you to pay would be scams, with very fewer exceptions.

  11. Hi there — just FYI that is almost impossible to be accepted with as a Captioner, or anything, as of today. I went through their 3 video screening process and was meticulous with my work, but was still declined. I got a generic email reply that only 12% of applicants get hired.

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