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Do you love Pinterest?

Then, today I have a very interesting interview with Kristin of Believe In A Budget about making money online as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

If you are Pinterest savvy, then this could be the work-at-home hustle you are looking for.

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Learn How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Can you please tell us about yourself and how you got started as a Pinterest VA?

Hi, I’m Kristin! I created Believe In A Budget in January 2015 to share my adventures in side hustling. I’ve had a side hustle mentality for years, without actually knowing that was a phrase until a couple of years ago.

Like many other new bloggers, I was at a loss for traffic in the early stages. I just didn’t understand how to get traffic. I had a hard time with SEO, long tail keywords didn’t make any sense to me, and I barely had a grasp on social media.

It wasn’t until I started looking into Pinterest that everything started clicking! Within one month of using Pinterest, my page views went from 5,000 to 17,000. Over the next six months, my page views continued to climb, and before I knew it, I hit over 200,000 page views in one month, which I thought was totally crazy!

During this time, I wrote a case study on how Pinterest was really driving traffic back to my site. At the time, I wasn’t even sure if I should publish the post, because it had nothing to do with side hustling! I figured, well, if I can help one person by showing them what Pinterest did for my website, then it would be worth it!

Little did I know that this blog post would change my life! Shortly after hitting publish, fellow bloggers started reaching out to me about hiring me for Pinterest services, and the rest is history!

I was able to quit my job and offer Pinterest virtual assistant services to bloggers and businesses within a year of launching my blog. Eventually, I turned all my knowledge into Pinterest courses and products!

Pinterest Presence is a technical and marketing strategy course geared around the DIY Pinterest user.

Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! teaches other entrepreneurs exactly how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant today.

For everyone who does not know about this hustle, can you explain in detail what does a Pinterest VA do?

This is such a niche-specific course that is really designed for a freelancer or virtual assistant who understands and uses Pinterest on a regular basis but wants to take it to the next level by assisting other bloggers and businesses.

I combined forces with my partner (and former client) Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook. We took my Pinterest VA skills and her amazing VA skills and created the ultimate course on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant.

The course teaches VAs how and where to find clients, how to pitch clients, design Pinterest pins, track pinning schedules, and more!

There is also an entire module that helps VAs put together different service packages with pricing, which is based off of my career as a Pinterest manager. There’s no fluff; we teach students exactly how much they should be charging!


Is this hustle only for experienced VAs?

This course is really great because the student base is really diverse! We have a great mix of students that are brand new to the VA world, as well as existing Pinterest virtual assistants looking to level up their business. The course is really thorough and has a lot of great takeaways for students at every level!

Can you please share how much a beginner Pinterest virtual assistant can expect to make?

In the course, we provide a lengthy list of different services and packages a Pinterest VA can offer depending on their level of experience. Most of our clients make their money back with their first very client.

A Pinterest VA that is just starting out can expect to earn anywhere between $150–$400 per client per month depending on what services the client needs!

In your opinion, what are the top reasons for someone to start this business?

Starting a Pinterest VA business is such a great niche-specific career that is in huge demand! Pinterest continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down!

A Pinterest VA or manager is really different from a social media manager. Since Pinterest isn’t really a social media platform, more and more bloggers and businesses are hiring strictly Pinterest VAs and managers. Because of the demand, this is a really well-paying industry!

Please tell us about your course.

Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! teaches entrepreneurs how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant. I share all the steps, information, and tools needed to launch a career as a Pinterest virtual assistant. This course is really great because I have some students who only want to do this as a part-time side hustle and others who have quit their day jobs to become a full-time Pinterest VA.

I get really excited about both courses because everything is based on my personal experiences as a side hustler. I’ve had years of experience trying different side hustles, and it’s been a really organic process of turning all my knowledge into different courses that can help other people!

Can you please share some of your student testimonials?

Here are some takeaways so far:

This was the perfect flow of information and I’m recommend the course to anyone. I love Pinterest and opportunity here.”


“Just got the email with the client on-boarding forms and spreadsheet tracker and I can already tell these are going to be SO useful. Thank you Gina and Kristin!”


“I just finished the course about a week ago, and love how actionable and detailed the content in the course was!”


“Great news and huge thank you, I have scored my first Pinterest Manager client! Many thanks again…your hard work to provide people like me with tools and resources is paying off, and I truly appreciate it.”


I thank Kristin for giving such a detailed interview about how you can use Pinterest to earn money online.

Pinterest is not a social media platform; it’s another great channel to start a thriving VA business and make money from home.

Get started as a Pinterest VA today!


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