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9 Fun Ways to Earn Money Playing Games Online

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earn money playing gamesThese days you can earn money by doing a lot of stuff. Even for playing games on your phone.

It’s true.

You can earn real money for playing games online.

It can be just an extra money option or be a potential new career, but getting paid to play games online is surely possible.

Today, I am listing some of the legit sites that let you earn money while you enjoy playing your favorite games.

Keep in mind that some might just give you spare cash, but if you are serious about becoming a gamer, then choose the later ones.

Here are some fun ways to earn money playing games:



By now you must have heard of Swagbucks if you are keen on earning extra income. The thing that makes this website so popular is it has something for everyone. Whether you like to shop online, do surveys, or even play games. 

Swagbucks has a big list of games you can play to earn SBs and redeem them for gift cards. It’s pretty easy to sign up and you get a free bonus of $5 when you sign up.

If you are going to play games, you might as well sign up for this website and make it worthwhile. Read our review here.



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Just like Swagbucks, InboxDollars pays you to play games along with a lot of other things like reading emails, surveys, surfing the web, and playing games. You have more than 30 arcade games like sudoku, pool, mahjong, etc. You can win scratch cards for playing free games.

For cash tournament games, you have a chance to win cashback for the money you spend on GSN games.

Additionally, you get a bonus of $5 for free when you sign up for InboxDollars. Read our InboxDollars review here.



Lucktastic is the most fun way to earn money for playing games on your phone. With Lucktastic, you will be scratching cards online to win your prizes. You get paid in tokens, which can be redeemed for gift cards or towards playing more games.

You can also win cash prizes, which does not happen much. The biggest plus of this game is you can play as many scratchies as you want every day to win prizes.



Like the other get-paid-to websites, MyPoints rewards you for playing games along with other activities like surveys. If you have some free time on hand and want to earn some extra bucks, sign up for MyPoints and start playing games online.

Don’t forget that there is a cool bonus of $10 when you sign up for MyPoints. Read our MyPoints review here.



Gamesville is the most famous and probably oldest gaming website that has many games to choose from. Though it’s free to join, it also offers a gold membership. You get GV rewards for winning the games which you can redeem for cash or gift cards. You can also use your GV rewards for entering competitions.


Second Life

SecondLife is the most exciting way to earn money for playing games virtually. The site works pretty much similar to the real world.

Once you sign up, you will take up an avatar and start doing things to earn Linden Dollars (its currency). You can work for others, sell goods, start a business, etc. and earn L$ which you can exchange for real money.


More ways to earn money playing games,

If you are keen on making games your future career, then there are some ways to achieve that.



If you have been in the gaming world, then you must know about Twitch. It’s a platform that connects the live stream of gamers playing games with their audience. You can sign up for free or choose the paid subscription plans.

The process is simple. You need to have a gaming console or a computer, a webcam, and a microphone to record yourself playing the game. It takes some time for beginners to make the whole process of broadcasting with engaging commentary.

Having a good follower base is the key to earning good money with Twitch. You can earn money through ads, selling merchandise, or asking for donations. Additionally, once your following grows to more than 500, you can apply for the Twitch Partner program where you will earn money whenever a subscriber joins your channel.



If you love trying new games every day, then you can become a PlaytestCloud game tester. The process to sign up is simple; just go online and sign up as a tester. It asks you to do a test to check your abilities for the job. After that, you will get invites via email for testing new games.

The work involves playing the game while describing and sharing your opinion on it. It is pretty much similar to a website testing job. The pay differs, but on average, it’s around $9 for a 15-minute test, and you will receive payments via PayPal.

This is a good side gig if games are your go-to thing for fun!



We all use YouTube every day as users, but have you ever thought about how you can earn money on this platform? Well, if you love playing games, YouTube could be your tool for money-making.

Every day more than 250 million people view gaming videos on YouTube. You can use YouTube to reach more than 2 billion users live streaming your gaming videos.

Once you sign up, upload your videos, you have to work on promoting your channel. Once you reach 1,000 followers, you can join the YouTube Partner Program, which lets you post ads on your videos and earn money.

Having a large number of subscribers with increasing views is the key to monetizing your YouTube channel.


Tips to Get Paid to Play Video Games

Whether it is for fun or to make serious money by playing games, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

For some options mentioned above, getting paid for playing games can only give you extra money; nonetheless, this can be helpful when you have some downtime and want to de-stress.

If you are interested in making it big in the gaming industry, starting your own YouTube channel or gaming on Twitch could be profitable.

Keep in mind that this route can take some time for you to see money from your hustle.


No matter what your reason is, earning real money for playing games is possible. It depends on how much you are aiming to earn and how much time you have to invest in. All in all, it’s something you do to have fun and earn money.


Ready, set, go!

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