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Today the work-from-home industry is booming with online tutoring jobs. Everyone wants these most popular, flexible, and good-paying gigs.

I have reviewed many online tutoring companies, and today we will find out more about Course Hero. This company is fast becoming very popular for online tutors.

In this Course Hero review, you will find out more about this company and figure out if it is the right choice for you.

What is Course Hero?

Founded in 2006, Course Hero is an online learning platform designed to help students with various subjects. It has massive resources of study guides, practice problems, videos, etc. that are contributed by students and educators.

With over 15,000 verified educators, Course Hero provides comprehensive support to students, and it actively hires tutors to work from home to create guides, videos, or lessons.

What are the requirements to join Course Hero?

Good communication skills along with passion for teaching others are some of the requirements to teach.

You do need a Bachelor’s degree, not particularly in any subject. No prior teaching experience is required but you should be able to demonstrate expertise in the subject you want to teach.

You can apply to become a Course Hero tutor if you are located in the US, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. 

This could be a good side gig if you are looking for student jobs.

What subjects can you teach as a Course Hero tutor?

You can choose any subject you like from accounting to economics to maths to psychology. As long as you demonstrate the necessary skills to teach that subject, you can choose any niche you want.

How does it work?

Once you apply online, you will be contacted by the company for a phone interview.

If you get accepted, then after the initial training, you will be able to start working by uploading the guides, answering questions, etc.

Course Hero’s way of tutoring is more flexible and easy when compared to other tutoring companies like VIPKid or EducationFirst.

You will not be teaching one-on-one classes with Course Hero, which makes it the perfect job for introverts who are interested in teaching in their own time. You can create detailed guides, step-by-step explanations, and videos and get paid for them.


How much does Course Hero pay?

Though the website boasts of an average of $500 per week, it depends on the subjects you are teaching and many other things.

The company’s website does not provide much information on how exactly the tutors get paid, but it is probably on a per answer basis.

Overall, you can choose Course Hero to make money from home in your own time.

Are there any perks of becoming a Course Hero tutor?

In my opinion, the flexibility to choose your schedule (you can log in anytime and answer questions) is biggest plus with Course Hero. This could be a great side job for students and stay-at-home moms who are really short on time.

How do I get started?

become a tutor on course hero

If you are interested in becoming a Course Hero tutor, sign up here.

What are the other reviews about Course Hero?

Course Hero has a review rating of 4.1 on Glassdoor with both good and not so good reviews.

The good reviews are mostly about the flexibility to work anytime and the satisfaction of helping students.

The bad reviews are mostly about low pay. This mainly depends on the subjects you choose.

Final thoughts in this Course Hero review

Course Hero can be a great choice if you are looking for a side income in tutoring.

course hero earn money as an online tutor

As it is not live teaching, it is pretty suitable for moms, students, and anyone who wants a flexible gig in tutoring. Please keep in mind that this can only count as an extra income job as the pay is per answer or per uploaded document.

Helping over 10 million students through your expertise can be gratifying and rewarding too.

Course Hero is one of the many work-from-home jobs that are flexible and convenient for people who have less time to spare. If you are specifically looking for a side gig that you can do anytime you want, then sign up here.

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