Why You are Failing to Make Money From Home


Why You are Failing to Make Money From HomeIf you are someone like me, then you believe in having different streams of income to be financially secure. But creating multiple streams of income is not easy, it takes a lot of planning and weighing your options.

And it becomes even more difficult if you want to create an income stream from home, whether it is in the form of a side hustle or a home business or work from home job.

I started my income source from home almost nine years ago. Let me tell you one thing; it was not easy. There were times when I got quite frustrated with all the choices out there.

I was continually facing questions like

Will this work for me?’

‘Am I going to get paid or is this a legitimate opportunity?’

‘Which one should I choose?’

It is entirely reasonable if you are in the same boat and feel the same.

Having a self-doubt about starting something from home to generate income is something we all face.

But from my own experience, I can tell you. IT IS POSSIBLE. It might take time, a lot of effort and brainstorm to find the right opportunity for you, but is very much possible to do it.

Today, we will discuss what your hurdles are to generate an adequate income from home.


Not looking in the right places

This is probably the first and the most significant thing that deters you from getting on the right path. If you want to start a work-at-home job, then you need to look at the right job boards.

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The same way if you want to start a home business, then you need to search through the right legitimate choices available to you.

There are many resources out there which can show you precisely what you are looking for.

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Keep in mind that searching the right way also means that keeping a watch on the scams.



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Believing in the possibility

I would say this is the most significant factor which decides whether you will be successful in earning an income from home.

I was very sure of making an income from home through my job and my business. This gave me the confidence to try new things, become more aggressive in growing my business and working hard.

There are millions of ways to earn an excellent livable income from home. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THIS. Most of the time it’s our belief which paves the way to our success.

I have been successfully working from home for nine years and have been earning more than a full-time income from a blog which is just 14 months old. I did it, and you can do it too.


Preparing for the shift

It is a well-known fact that generating an income from home is a BIG CHALLENGE. But if you are seriously preparing to earn money from home, then you need to be ready for the shift mentally.

If you are not in the right mindset, it can be hard for you to find an option to generate income from home.

Be ready for the hurdles you might face, like hours searching, reaching out to people to find out legitimate opportunities, etc.

You also need to understand that it takes time to find the right option which works for you.


Flexible with your options

When I first started searching for jobs to work from home, I always wanted to work for a particular sector. And, hence I could not find a job in that specific industry for a long time. I later realized that being flexible with my options can get me a quicker income, than sticking to one thing.

If making a certain amount of money (extra or livable) is your primary goal, then you need to be flexible with your choice of hustles. Do not limit your options by sticking to only one stream of work.

If you are good with customer service roles and you are unable to find any work-at-home jobs in that sector, try being a Virtual Assistant. This change might get you a job quickly, and you may start generating income from home sooner.


Trouble Starting

Are you having trouble starting your hustle to earn income from home? You are not alone. Everyone who wants to make money being location-independent faces this problem.

The problem is that there are so many opportunities, and you don’t have an idea about what you want or what to choose. And, this can easily delay your process, and eventually, you may get disappointed.

To overcome this whole situation, first analyze what you want to achieve, like your target income or the number of side hustles you want to do. Also doing your research ahead can get you pumped up to start.


Fearing the scams

I am sure 95% of the population who intend to work from home are scared of falling prey for the scams.

There are as many scams as there are legitimate jobs, so fearing them is only natural. But this should not be in the way of your dream of earning income from home.

There are many ways you can keep away from these internet scams or get rich quick schemes.

Working from home is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires the same amount of hard work as it would in a desk job.

So, keep a watchful eye for these but don’t let them deter you from starting.


Grabbing the opportunity

I am kind of a good example for this. I love blogging, but due to few reasons, I did not start blogging even when I wanted to in 2009.

If I had started at that point of time, I would have learned so much more, and my income levels would surely have been high.

But I am still happy that I can earn more than a full-time income from my blog within a year. But the difference would have been more.

Grabbing the right opportunity is the key to getting on the path to earning an income from home. For example, only a couple of times a year some of the home business courses offer a considerable discount. If you are planning to start a business, then getting those deals can make a big difference in your journey.

Do not let some great opportunities pass you by because of your delay in your decision.


There might be hundreds of reasons for you to think it is not possible or you can’t do it. But think in this way, if someone else can do, why not you.

The only thing that matters is, being proactive in working towards what you want to achieve. I don’t have any particular skills or prior experience in the work I am doing. I have learned everything through the process.

I firmly wanted to generate income from home, and I did it. Just take the first step, and you can do it too.


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