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Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for extra income or thinking of starting your own business?

It is as easy as renting your baby stuff.

Yes, it is that simple.

BabyQuip is a platform for people to earn money on their own terms by renting and delivering baby stuff. You will help traveling families enjoy their vacations stress-free. It’s easy to get started, and BabyQuip has an amazing community to help you find your feet in your new business.

Today, we have an interesting interview with Sara Pereira who works for BabyQuip as a Quality Provider.

Here is how you can earn money renting baby stuff

Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started as a QP with Babyquip?

I am a mom of two (a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl), and I have been married for almost 12 years. My background is in human resources, and my last role was director of human resources for a SaaS organization where I built the HR department for the organization.

After having my daughter, my husband and I decided that I would stay home with our children as we did not have a lot of options for day care with our work schedules. After a few months of being home, I felt I needed something more, so I began to do some research on jobs I could do from home. I came across an article that mentioned BabyQuip.

The idea of BabyQuip seemed intriguing, so I began to dig into it a little more. I mentioned the idea to my husband, and he became intrigued as well, so we decided I would go further and begin the process. Knowing I was in Canada and BabyQuip was US-based (at the time), I was not sure how it would work, but thankfully, they were open to expanding to Canada.

I went through the process of signing up and had my information session; it was a really great conversation with a BabyQuip provider, and I realized how easy it was and how simple the set-up really is. After receiving the information, I decided to try BabyQuip and that I simply had nothing to lose!

babyquip earn money by renting and delivering baby gear


What exactly is a Quality Provider?

Independent Quality Providers (QPs) are independent business owners who rent, deliver, and set up clean, safe, and insured baby gear (that they own) at hotels, Airbnbs, vacation rentals and private residences.

QPs are gig-economy moms, dads, retirees, or best friend teams (and others!) who are building a baby gear rental business on the BabyQuip platform.

Is there an investment to start this side hustle?

Yes. There is a US $100 fee to start. This fee covers administrative expenses to get you set up on the platform, your website, your email, and all of the training materials.

What is the process to get started as a Quality Provider with BabyQuip?

babyquip signup process

The first step is to sign up at You will be given some preliminary training materials to help you learn a bit more about BabyQuip and what it’s like to be a Quality Provider. You’ll then set up an information session (a brief 15-minute call) with someone in our corporate team who is also an experienced Quality Provider.

We will guide you through all the steps to get started, and you’ll get to ask any questions you’d like! Quality Providers go live and are ready for reservations within a week of their information session. It’s very simple!

How do you get paid?

You get paid through direct deposit and paid up front, often before you deliver an order. It takes approximately two business days for the payment to show in your bank account once a customer completes and pays for their reservation.

How much can you make renting baby stuff?

BabyQuip is one of the highest side gig income opportunities—second only to Airbnb hosts!

On average, Quality Providers are earning over $600 a month. Some Quality Providers are making $5,000 or more a month!

You keep 80% of your rental and delivery fees and 100% of your tips from each reservation. BabyQuip keeps the other 20%.

Are you an independent contractor or an employee with Babyquip?

As a Quality Provider, you are an independent business person. This means you get to design your own baby gear rental business and are not an employee of BabyQuip. Pretty cool, right?

Please share any tips for our readers on becoming a QP and why this particular side hustle is so rewarding.

Being a QP is a rewarding opportunity for anyone looking to add something extra into their lives, be it an extra income or doing something for yourself. As a QP, you have the opportunity to create something for yourself, achieve your goals, and succeed.

Through your business, you are able to build great relationships with your customers where friendship and trust are the core foundation. Where else can you set goals for yourself, achieve those goals, and do something for others that makes their vacation easier, allowing them to make lasting memories? All of this is possible at a very low risk to get started.

You are your business, and no one can take that away!

Thank you so much, Sara, for giving us so much information about this unique side hustle. This is indeed a rewarding and fulfilling side hustle where you are helping families to travel.

Ready to get started, mamas?

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