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7 Easy Jobs for Teens That Are Flexible and Legit

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jobs for teensThanks to the booming world of side hustles, teens are gearing up for side jobs more and more, according to this report.

Learning money management, getting the hang of managing time, and gaining other soft skills are some of the advantages of getting teen jobs.

Though there are a good number of jobs for teens, you should be careful to choose legitimate ones that will give you flexibility.


Things to know before looking for jobs for teens

Always check the age restrictions 

The most important thing to check when looking for jobs as a teen is checking the age restrictions. There might be jobs that you are really interested in, but most of them are not suitable for teenagers. Always check the job descriptions before hitting the “apply” button, and keep your parents informed about the whole process.


Prepare for the interview

Most of the online jobs for teens are side hustles or gig jobs. But some jobs have the traditional route of application followed by an interview.

You must prepare ahead for the interview. I know it can be unnerving to get ready for your first interview. I know how it feels. The best advice I can give you would be to understand the job description and the role (most interviews revolve around the job responsibilities). Be confident and give your best in the interview.



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Never take up jobs that you can’t fit around your studies

As a teenager, you will have to juggle your studies with your side job. If you are keen on working part-time, you should choose your side job carefully. The side jobs that have a big learning curve or that are too demanding might be the wrong hustle for you. As this is your first job, take up something that you can manage easily with your studies and still enjoy your work.


Learn how to manage money

Taking up a job as a teen means you are getting into the real-world scenario of learning about money. It is pretty easy for you to overspend once you start earning money, but keeping a tight rein on your finances now will make a big difference in your future career life.

Putting money aside into a savings account with a good interest rate will help you learn to save before you spend. As a teenager, you might need your parents’ help with opening these accounts.


Here are some legit online jobs for teens:


Online teaching is very convenient and easy for teens. Teenagers can tutor many subjects or even simple conversational English.

Samespeak is one of the companies that allows you to teach English to small kids. You need to be fluent in English and be at least 16 years of age to apply.

Having a computer with a microphone and access to high-speed broadband is necessary for this role. Sessions are 30 minutes long, and the pay is $10 for every half-hour session that you complete. You will receive payments via PayPal.



Babysitting is the most widely chosen side hustle for teens. You can either register with companies like or start on your own in your neighborhood. has a minimum age requirement of 18 years to join, but you can create a parent-monitored account if you are between 14 and 17 years of age. You need to fill in your profile with relevant information regarding your experience, certification, etc.

You can spread the word about your new gig and charge according to your experience. As you will be new to this gig, it is a great idea to charge a low fee initially and increase the cost as your experience grows.



Have you ever thought that you could shop and earn money as a teen? Sounds easy, right?! It is with Instacart.

Instacart allows you to work part-time, after school or during weekends. The application requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old or over, have access to a smartphone, live in the United States, and be able to lift 50 lb. with or without accommodation.

Instacart has two roles, in-store shopper and full-service shopper. If you don’t have a vehicle, you can apply to be an in-store shopper, which means you will be shopping for the groceries and packing them.



Are you a teen passionate about astronomy or video games, etc.? Why not share your knowledge and views about your passion and earn extra money? Whether you use it as an outlet for your creative side or for sharing your opinions with others, blogging can earn you extra money. Though the process will be slow, it is a great way to express yourself and have a voice.

Having a clear thought about what you want to write about and starting your website are the first things I would recommend doing if you are interested in becoming a teen blogger.


Survey taker

If you are 13 years old or over, then the best way to earn extra money is by signing up for surveys. Many legit and time-worthy surveys can boost your income and help you achieve your cash goals as a teen.

Swagbucks is the top choice for many survey takers as you have many things to do, like play games, watch videos, do web searches, etc. Sign up and get a $5 bonus right away.

Survey Junkie is another top-notch survey panel that has high-paying surveys and an easy sign-up process. You can redeem points for gift cards for stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.


Customer service

If you have good your communication skills, you can work as a customer service representative for U-Haul. This company hires teens aged 16 and over. The requirements of the job are having high-speed internet and a good-quality headset. The pay is around $8 to $9 an hour.


Pet carer

Love pets and want to earn extra money as a teen? You can start this side job from your neighborhood, or you can join Rover. With your parents’ consent, register for a pet care gig on Rover and complete your profile. You can charge your own rates, and you get to keep all customer tips.


What other jobs can you do as a teenager?

There are some miscellaneous tasks that you can do, like reviewing calls with Humanatic or listening to music with Slicethepie.

You can also earn extra money selling your old textbooks through websites like BookScouter or BooksRun.


Getting a side job to learn about money and saving habits is an excellent pathway to a better financial future. I hope you find the job of your choice in this list.

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