6+ Websites to Find Online Voice Acting Jobs


voice acting jobsVoice acting jobs are taking the work-from-home market by storm, and there is a lot of proof for that.

But before we get into that, let me tell you a little about voice-over jobs.

Voice-over acting is about using voice for characters or other product ads. Voice-over acting can be used for many areas like cartoon movies, advertisements, book narration, announcements, etc. So the diversity of the overall voiceover talent is HUGE.

According to the leading company in voice-over jobs, the number of voice-over roles for females rose by 24%. This study shows that there is an increasing demand for women in this industry. Talk about girl power!

So, today I am digging into the companies that hire for voice acting jobs and help you use your voice to earn money from home.



Being an industry leader in voice-over jobs, Voices.com is quite popular with voice-over job seekers. This is a vast resource to find voice-over gigs. You need to create an account online with basic information, and once you find a potential client, you can send in your audition.

Voices.com also have a paid account option, but this is not required to get the job. It also has VoiceMatch technology that helps with matching the right talent to the right project, helping to cut down the hiring process time.

With over 200,000 voice actors registered on the website, it surely is a popular platform to find voice acting jobs. Depending on the project you work on, the pay can range from $100 to over $1,500. You can create your account from anywhere in the world, and it can help you get more projects if you are bilingual.



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This is another voice-over platform that hires experienced voice-over artists. It has over 28,000 voice-over actors listed on its portal, and it constantly matches the right artists to the right projects.

Their application process is quite in-depth, and you need to pass a series of tests to get approved. Once approved, your profile will be showcased to the prospective clients.

You have the freedom to set your own rates, and there are no commission or subscription fees. The lowest rates for voice-over gigs are around $31 per gig according to its website, and you can also choose to apply for the projects uploaded by the clients.



This company is one of the leading voice-over marketplaces, where over 250,000 jobs have been posted. This marketplace works by matching client projects to the talent. The clients can choose the actors or just post projects in the pool.

You simply need to create a profile online with all your details. It also has a paid membership that costs $395/year. Though paid subscription has its benefits, you can get started with a free option.

The best thing about this company is it is open to worldwide voice-over talent.

It also has a SmartCast algorithm that invites the best matching paid talents to auditions.



This is a freelance marketplace where jobs related to cinematography, video editing, and graphic design are posted regularly. You can just log in, choose the job you like, and apply.

It advertises different positions with different requirements, and it hires worldwide.


The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm is another freelance platform that has over 5,000 registered voice-over artists. You need to fill out the online form with all the details and submit it along with a demo.

Once submitted, it can take some time to hear from them as they have a waiting period. If you get through, they will contact you to publish your profile on the site.



This company hires voice artists globally and has a huge voice-over talent base of over 7,500 people. Once you register online and get accepted, you can go through the posted projects and send your demo samples with your rates.

If selected, the client contacts you directly, and you can start the project. There are no commissions or subscriptions for registering.


Other places to find voice acting jobs


There are many websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr where you can find freelance voice over jobs. Though these websites are not exclusively for voiceover acting, they could be a great place to start if you are just getting started with voice acting.

Another excellent resource for finding legitimate voice over jobs is FlexJobs. You can find jobs from all over the world, and they are 100% legitimate.


Things to consider before you start searching for voice acting jobs

It’s very common to get complimented on having a good voice, but you can only use your voice to earn money if you hone your skills. Try to get proper training and practice before you start hunting for jobs online.

Though most of these jobs might not ask for a dedicated home studio, it will make a difference in your work if you have a quiet place to do your recordings.

The voiceover acting industry is quite competitive so providing the right details and the best demo samples and giving the best turn around time is very important to getting hired.


Got all this?

Go ahead and find your voice!

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  1. I’ve used Fiverr to hire a freelancer for voice overs. The guy I hired did a great job at a reasonable price, and I was surprised at how many qualified people were available for those services through Fiverr.

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