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Today, I have a very resourceful guest post from Angie Nelson. She is one of the expert bloggers who writes about online/remote jobs. 

6 Work-from-Home Jobs You Can Do without a Computer

Technology has really opened the world of work-at-home jobs. From side gigs to full-time positions, more and more people every day are working from home on their computer.

You can read success story after success story of people who used their little laptop to break into freelance writing, virtual assistant work, or blogging. But not everyone has a computer. Fortunately, there are work-from-home jobs that do not require a computer.

The jobs below allow you to earn money from home without spending time on a computer. If you’re ready to start making money from home, give one of these a try.

#1. Selling Baked Goods

Are you an accomplished baker or cake decorator? You can make money selling your goods. Just make sure to check with your county and state to see if you need permits or licenses first.

Some states have cottage food laws that allow you to sell low-risk food prepared in your home kitchen. This keeps you from having to rent or install an expensive commercial kitchen. You will still need to obtain a permit, but once you have that, you can begin finding customers to purchase your candies, cakes, donuts, or a variety of other homemade foods.

#2. In-Home Child Care

If you enjoy being around children, consider offering in-home child care services. Once again, you will have to fill out paperwork with the state and check out the requirements in your area. Once you’re licensed, you can start watching kids.

Remember that you don’t have to do things just like everyone else, so make sure whatever business you start works for you. This means your hours worked should match up with the lifestyle you desire.

For instance, I once knew someone who provided child care to school employees’ children. Her husband worked at the schools, and she saw a need for quality child care. By connecting with those she knew, she quickly filled her available spaces.

She offered care only on days when school was in session. Her pick-up and drop-off times were about a half an hour on either side of the standard teacher workday.

By working these hours, she enjoyed most of the summer off, along with spring and winter breaks. Her clients appreciated not having to pay for service on days they were able to stay home, and she earned a great income all school year.


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#3. Pet Care Provider

The pet care industry is growing, and it’s not just about dog walking anymore either. Many people want their pets to be taken care of while they’re at work. They don’t want to leave them in their crate all day or have them alone in the house.

Many of these people are willing to pay someone else to spend time with their pets. They prefer to take their pets to a caregiver each day, much like they’d drop a child off at daycare.

If you’re an animal lover, you can make great money from home taking care of someone else’s pets. You can walk the dogs and play fetch, or cuddle on the couch with the cats.

Before you begin, think everything through carefully. How will you ensure the pets don’t fight with each other? How many pets can you take? What kind of animals will you watch? Once you have some basic business ideas figured out, make sure you check into local licensing and insurance.

You can also look into sites like Rover or Wag! Both sites have smartphone apps and provide walker insurance.

#4. Selling Handcrafted Items

You can put your artistic skills and talents to work and sell handcrafted items. This can range from birdhouses to pot scrubbers. The key is to identify products that you are able to make, enjoy making, and are things people will actually buy.

Do some market research before you begin so you have a better sense of your chances for success. Ask people you know what they think, if they’d use it, and how much they’d pay.

Many small businesses enjoy featuring products made locally, so reach out to the local mom and pop stores in your area. Finding a buyer is an important part of selling anything. You can also get on the craft fair circuit, especially if you enjoy communicating directly with your customers.

With this opportunity as well, you can sell your items online even without a computer as long as you have a smartphone. Etsy offers a great app to their sellers.

#5. Flip Items Locally

While many people make money flipping items and selling them online, you can also sell things locally. You will need access to a smartphone for this one, so you can list items on the appropriate sites.

You can sell so many things, but it’s best to narrow it down at first. That way you don’t end up with a garage full of stuff and no plan for getting rid of it.

To find items to sell, you can look

  • at garage sales
  • on the side of the road for free items
  • in thrift stores
  • in the clearance racks

You need to know how to spot a bargain in this industry! Once you’ve found something you’re interested in, inspect it. How much work is it going to take to make a profit?

If you like what you find, bring it home. Make any necessary repairs. Then, take really good pictures. Clear images help products sell. Be sure to take zoomed in shots showing any damage or problem areas.

Then, list your item for sale on local classifieds. You can also post on Facebook, Craigslist, or on a variety of buying and selling apps like Letgo.

#6. Drive or Deliver

This one isn’t technically done at your home, but it’s a flexible job that allows you to decide when you want to work. And there’s no office to go into!

If you have a smartphone, a solid driving record, and a car that meets the requirements, you can get paid to drive or deliver with jobs like Uber. There are opportunities to drive people from place to place or to deliver goods.

If you live in an urban area, you could advertise your services as a courier. This is especially great if you’re in a capital city. You’d be surprised by how often businesses and agencies need someone to take a document 10 blocks south for a signature and will pay someone else to do it.

Even if you do have a computer, you might decide one of these work-from-home jobs is a great fit for you. I hope you see that no matter what you enjoy doing, you can usually find a way to turn it into a side hustle and earn some extra income on your schedule.

Angie Nelson began working from home in 2007 when she took her future into her own hands and found a way to escape the corporate cubicle farm. Today, she shares her passion for making money from home on her blog The Work at Home Wife.

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