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Vindale Research.

This is the survey site that we will dig into today

It is a well-known fact that surveys are great for earning extra income if you only sign up for the most worthy and best survey sites.

Once in a while, I review good survey sites that are worth signing up for, and today I am sharing all the details about Vindale Research.

Vindale Research panel has been around for a while now, and it is very legitimate.

It has paid out over $6 million cash till now! This shows the credibility of this survey panel.

Vindale Research Review: A Survey Panel That Pays Cash

How can you make money from Vindale Research?

There are many ways you can earn money from Vindale with surveys being the most common way.

It has paid studies, referrals, videos, and even more ways to earn. The biggest plus about Vindale Research is many of its surveys pay quite well. Each survey can pay you anywhere from $0.50 to $50.

So there is a good chance that you can earn good money from a single survey. 

With referrals, you can earn $5 for every person who signs up through your link.

You can also sometimes get product testing opportunities.

The best part is that you get an instant $2 FREE when you sign up for Vindale Research!

The variety of surveys is also diverse as per user reviews. The topics vary from shopping to tech to sports to politics, etc.

What is the process to sign up for Vindale Research?

It is pretty simple; go to its website and sign up by providing all the required information. Make sure to fill out all the relevant information because this is how survey panels decide if you fit the right demographics.

The surveys are available to residents of the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

So it is quite crucial that you fill out the right details and make sure you are honest about your answers.

Also, keep in mind that you must confirm your email address to start getting the right surveys.


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How do you get paid?

Once you reach $50 in your account, you can get paid by PayPal on paydays! This is another benefit with Vindale; you get paid by direct cash instead of gift cards. 

What is the best way to earn from Vindale Research?

From what I have seen, the best way seems to be with surveys and referrals. The surveys are sometimes quite long and can pay up to $50, though that might be a rare case.

Another important point you need to remember about Vindale is the survey offers can expire very quickly, so if you see a good one, get started right away. As you can choose from the listed surveys, it’s better to start as soon as you find a high-paying one.

What are other Vindale Research reviews saying?

Vindale has a rating of 8.1 on Trustpilot, and there are mixed reviews about this survey panel from users.

The biggest negative reviews are about the high payout threshold and quick expiry of surveys.

Vindale Research Pros

A sign-up bonus and high-paying surveys are probably the biggest highlights for Vindale Research.

Having other ways to earn cash like making referrals, watching videos, and reading reward emails are some of the pluses for this survey panel.

The ease of doing surveys on the go on your phone is another advantage of this legitimate survey panel.

Vindale Research Cons

Fast-expiring surveys is one of the drawbacks of this survey panel, but if you are really into surveys, then it’s worth checking the website a couple of times a day.

The high payout threshold means you need to wait longer to get paid; in other words, it also means you get a fat check.

If taking surveys is your side gig, then I suggest you add Vindale Research to your list of surveys. With high-paying surveys, this could be a good additional income alongside other ways to make money.

Go ahead and sign up today!

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