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Today’s FlexJobs review is something I am very excited to share.

Just think about it, spending hours online searching for work-at-home jobs is a task everyone dreads, right?!

In addition to this, if you have to search for jobs in niche areas and find the ones in your country, you might not be getting many results. This is the case with most remote job searches.

Eventually, this leads to a lot of disappointment and despair of not finding the right job.

That’s not the end of your work-at-home journey.

I have a solution for you.

What if I told you a single job board could be a goldmine for flexible/remote jobs.

Jobs from all over the world.

FlexJobs is your answer.

I joined FlexJobs in 2018, and since then, my experience of finding the most diverse range of remote jobs has been nothing but amazing.

Generally, remote jobs are scarce in countries other than the US, UK, or Canada. 

But FlexJobs proved me wrong.

I found loads of remote/flexible jobs on this excellent job board. All scam-free and legitimate.

Update: I have been using FlexJobs for over 5 years now, and the authenticity and number of jobs posted are the best features of this job board. 

FlexJobs Review 2024

What is FlexJobs?

Working from home is becoming the new normal, and many companies offer flexible working options for their employees. FlexJobs is a multi-resource job board that helps you find flexible jobs without any scams.

FlexJobs was founded by Sara Sutton in 2007 after she wasn’t getting any good job leads online. She wanted this to be a trusted place to find legit freelance, work-from-home, part-time, or full-time jobs.

FlexJobs is one kind of job board for many reasons. You not only get access to over 50 categories of jobs updated daily (they are handpicked), but you also have endless job help resources.

I will get into more detail about that below.


How does FlexJobs differ from other job boards?

Résumé Review

flexjobs resume review

Your résumé is the first thing that matters most when applying for a job. FlexJobs provides a résumé review service that can help you get a brand new, updated résumé made by experts that can showcase your skills and give you the best chance to land your dream job. Your résumé will be reviewed by career coaches who have more than ten years of experience.

When you sign up for résumé review, you provide the details of your skills, qualifications, and the jobs you are interested in, along with an old résumé. You will get a thoroughly polished, updated résumé within five to seven days.

Though this service comes with a price, it’s worth it because it’s done by professionals, and having a good résumé is vital for getting a work-from-home job.

Career Coaching

Many of my readers are clueless when they embark on their work-from-home journey. They don’t have any idea what work they can do or the skills they have.

It can be pretty overwhelming to go through this journey without any help. FlexJobs career coaching is the perfect answer for this. Its experienced coaches help you through this process by developing a job search plan, identifying your strengths, giving you tips on how to navigate the job search, and showcasing your strong points. This is a great service for beginners in any job market or if you are trying to re-enter the workforce.

This is a one-on-one paid service that lasts for 30 minutes.

Mock Interviews

flexjobs mock interviews

Another useful resource of FlexJobs is that it is very helpful for remote job seekers. Whether it is a video interview or an interview in person, a large part of landing the job depends on getting it right. Many things matter in an interview, like body language, presentation, talking skills, being confident, etc.

The mock interview service provided by FlexJobs can be useful, especially for people who are just stepping into the job market. All you have to do is sign up and complete the intake form, giving all the details. After that, you get a link to schedule your mock interview via Zoom.

FlexJobs Learning Center

There are loads of informative resources in the FlexJobs Learning Center. You can take many soft skills courses that are completely free. These courses cover topics like assertiveness, conflict management, decision-making, engagement, innovation, problem-solving, etc. All these soft skills are very necessary for getting a job. You can take these courses at your own pace and test your knowledge with the activities included in the courses.

FlexJobs also partnered with LinkedIn Learning to give you some of the best video courses that can help you start your remote work career. Keep in mind that these courses are only available for free to FlexJobs members.

Skills Test

The skills test is another big reason to use FlexJobs. It has over 170+ professional skills tests that will help you test your strengths and improve any gaps before you jump into the market.

All the tests consist of 40 questions, which should be completed in 40 minutes. You can retake the test if you don’t do well on it. If you get over 70% or higher scores, they are added to your profile, which will be visible to employers. This is a great way to showcase your soft skills to potential employers.

Webinars and Career Advice

FlexJobs regularly hosts webinars on different topics that are extremely useful for remote job seekers. These webinars are free to sign up for; in fact, I have attended some of them and found them very informative.

Here are some of the webinars I liked:

  • How to avoid job search burnout
  • How to successfully recover from a layoff
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Member Discounts

flexjobs member discounts

As a member of FlexJobs, you also enjoy discounts on over 60 products and services that can be helpful to you in your work, like Dell, Audible, Grammarly, Skillshare, edX, and many more. These services and products can help you update your skills and give you a better chance of finding the right job.

Company Pages

Before you apply for a job with a company, you can read up on the company in depth on FlexJobs. This is one more way to understand the authenticity of the companies advertised on the website. You can also check out all the previous jobs listed by the company on the page.

Research Gig Jobs

FlexJobs is not only about remote jobs; it also caters to people who are interested in finding side gigs or freelance jobs. It has an excellent guide on companies offering side gigs and freelance jobs ranging from food delivery to freelance writing. Apart from IT jobs, there are many surprising jobs on FlexJobs, like photography instructor, restaurant reservations consultant, audiobook narrator, basketball scout, sewing expert, etc. 

How does FlexJobs work?

Once you sign up, you create your résumé on your dashboard. Here you can fill out all your details, like qualifications, experience, and education. You can also choose the category of jobs you are looking for in “My Job Search.”

Once you have completed your résumé, you can start searching for jobs. You can choose “Jobs by Location” and apply for the jobs that interest you.

The biggest benefit of FlexJobs that I like is that it has jobs that can be done from anywhere. When you click on “Jobs by Location,” you can choose international jobs or jobs in the USA. Depending on your location, you can choose the jobs you like.

Why is FlexJobs the right choice for remote workers?

I have worked in a remote job for over eight years. I know the hardships of searching for and landing a legit location-independent job.

FlexJobs takes great pride in sourcing these leads, and there are loads of success stories of people finding jobs from these leads.

Having all the remote jobs in literally every industry from all over the world in one place is nothing short of a gold mine for remote job seekers.

Flexible working is a very broad term, and there are many ways you can work, like freelance, part-time, remote, telecommute, and more. FlexJobs caters to almost all of these work types and has over 50 career categories listed.

I don’t live in the US or Canada. Can I still find jobs through FlexJobs?

Absolutely. This is the number one question I get from my readers, as most of them are spread all over the world. Finding remote jobs if you are not from the US or Canada is quite hard, and it can take a long time to find the right opportunity.

But that was before FlexJobs.

It has a very big list of jobs for every country, even jobs in diverse fields.

Take a look at the screenshot below of a couple of country job searches. Just click on the country, and you will see all the latest flexible jobs listed.

FlexJobs - Job Search by Country

What are other people saying about this job board?

Praise for FlexJobs is overwhelming in large publications like Forbes, CNN, CNBC, The Motley Fool, the New York Times, etc. It has also been accredited by Better Business Bureau, which speaks for the authenticity of the website.

Being legitimate is a very important factor when it comes to work-at-home jobs because the web is full of online job scams. This job board makes it a very strong point to advertise the most legitimate jobs only.

But what about the job seekers?

One of the biggest reasons I am sharing this FlexJobs review is because of the huge popularity of this amazing resource among work-from-home seekers.

There are literally thousands of remote job seekers who have benefited from FlexJobs. Check out this page for all the success stories.

FlexJobs - Success Stories

How much does FlexJobs cost?

It will cost you $14.95 (monthly), $29.95 (3 months), or $49.95 (one year).

In my personal opinion, it is a very affordable price to pay for getting access to such a significant resource.

I know as a work-at-home job seeker you might be on a tight budget, but not investing in such a valuable resource could set you back in your online job search or it might take a long time to find the right job.

Just think: if you take out a yearly subscription with the discount, it will cost you less than $4 per month.

You’ve got nothing to lose, as it also offers a money-back guarantee. 

Absolutely doable, right?!

My Personal Experience

First, the number of jobs that get aggregated on this job board is HUGE. You can log in and find numerous jobs every day.

Its search options are endless. Because working from home is a very broad term and there are many variations of remote work, it takes a lot of time to search for the right job with the right flexibility.

As this job board is entirely dedicated to remote and flexible work options, it has many resources for helping people with remote work, like testing your skills, creating your perfect résumé, etc. Another great thing about FlexJobs is that it gives a better user experience, and this website does not have any ads. 

You can also access in-depth information about companies in the “Research Companies” category. There, you can input your location and the type of job you’re looking for. This is a great way to learn about the legitimacy of the company. I research a lot about companies before writing about them, and FlexJobs does a great job with company information and past job roles. 

The dashboard is very easy to navigate and shows your past applications along with suggested and saved jobs. It also shows your skill level and the popular skills test that you can take to highlight your résumé. The only downside I have found with this job board is that the number of international jobs is not large, and some of the jobs are outdated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the quality of jobs on FlexJobs?

There is no doubt about the legitimacy of the jobs advertised on FlexJobs. The jobs are vetted and hand-picked by the team, and they are updated every day. This means every job is thoroughly screened and researched before being published on the website. This is the biggest guarantee FlexJobs gives, and that matters a lot for remote job seekers.

For example, when you click on a job posting, it will take you to a third-party site. In a general scenario, this might be a big red flag, but with FlexJobs, you can rest assured that the job listing is authentic.

Is FlexJobs only for remote workers?

No. You can find all types of jobs on FlexJobs, like freelance, part-time, full-time, remote work, flexible schedules, etc. Its advanced search options help you easily search for different types and categories of jobs with tips without getting overwhelmed. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is. FlexJobs gives you a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with its service.

Paying to find a job is not accepted normally, but when the job search is done for you and you have super useful job help resources available, then paying for job boards like FlexJobs is justified.

Pros and Cons of FlexJobs


  • Over 50 categories of jobs are listed.
  • Jobs are updated daily.
  • Offers other additional career resources like résumé help, career coaching, interview tips, etc. 
  • Low monthly price.


  • Career coaching and résumé help services are a bit pricey. But if you are aiming to get a stable job, paying for such services can go a long way. FlexJobs also gives you the bundled offer of combining both services for a lesser price.
  • Salaries do not get listed with many jobs, and this makes it harder for you to decide if you want to apply.
  • Some of the jobs on the board are outdated because the companies do not take down the listings once they are filled. It might take a longer time for you to search for a job because you have to sift through outdated jobs.

Is FlexJobs worth it?

It depends. If you are actively looking for remote, work-at-home, or freelance jobs from anywhere in the world, then this is a great option for you to find something reliable and fast. In my experience, the biggest hurdle in searching for work-from-home jobs is the authenticity of the job site. FlexJobs makes it easier for you by handpicking scam-free jobs that you can trust. 

The work-at-home job market is booming right now. There are many new jobs being advertised every day in every country.

Is FlexJobs legit?


There is no doubt about it. It has been in business since 2007, and it has grown to be the most reliable and authentic job board over the years. Though there are many job boards that have remote jobs, FlexJobs is totally dedicated to flexible work options of all kinds. The biggest plus is that it has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau

Tips for Finding Remote Jobs With FlexJobs

I know it can be overwhelming to find the right job with so many options on this platform. Check out some quick tips to find your dream job once you sign up. 

Work on Your Résumé and Profile

Complete your profile with all the necessary skills, experience, and educational qualifications. This is your first step to finding the job you are looking for. There are many resources available on FlexJobs that can help you tailor your résumé according to your skills. 

Be Proactive

If you are keen on finding a remote job, then log in every day and search for jobs. In my experience, the “Suggested Jobs” feature is the most useful feature of FlexJobs. It is one of the easiest ways to find jobs that suit your profile without spending hours searching. You can also set your email preferences for notifications when new jobs are posted. 

Advanced Search

One of the best features of FlexJobs is “Advanced Job Search.” You can enter your preferences in terms of job type, work schedule, category, remote work level, and more. This really helps in finding the right job faster. Another plus with this job board is that you can search for jobs depending on location. For example, if you are looking for jobs in the US, you can choose “Jobs by Location” and select “Work Anywhere from US.” You can further select your career level, job type, and schedule. 


There are so many resources on FlexJobs that can make your job search journey easier. Take advantage of career coaching, résumé tips, webinars, guides, and more. For example, there are over 200 skills tests, right from graphic design to medical coding, that can improve the visibility of your résumé to potential employers. 

Final Thoughts

Instead of you searching for hours and filtering out the scams, FlexJobs can give you more tailored and super legitimate jobs, no matter where you are.

The best feature of FlexJobs for me is how you will save a lot of time searching for a wide range of jobs in different countries.

Believe me, I have been there, and I know how much time can be wasted searching for the right work-at-home opportunity.

That itself is worth the price to pay for this valuable job board.

Sign up and get access to thousands of jobs from all over the world!

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