high-paying remote jobs in tech industry

Let’s face it.

Everybody wants to earn a good six-figure income in a job. And this is thought to only be possible in a normal 9–5 job.

What if I said that there are jobs that can give you the much sought-after six figures while sitting in your home?


With more and more companies starting to hire remote workers, it is getting easy to find a good job in any field. Companies like SAP, Apple, Xerox, Microsoft, and IBM are recruiting more and more home workers.

The main reason for companies are going the telecommuting way is flexibility.

The flexibility to work at any time, the ease of working in the comfort of your home, and the biggest reason for the tech industry to go this way is most of the work is done online.

The pay scales I have indicated are for the US, but these jobs have almost the same pay range in other countries.

Let’s get into the details and find out which one suits you.

1. Software Developer – Companies like IBM, Apple, and Microsoft recruit most software developers. Many mid-sized companies also hire remotely. The full-time telecommuting salaries range between $55,238 and $116,704.

The pay range depends on the country. Though most of the jobs are in the US, there are many telecommuting positions available with no geographical restrictions.

2. System Administrator – As a systems administrator, your responsibility is to check the efficiency and functionality of the back-end systems. The pay scale for this position is between $39,000 and $83,000.


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3. Web Designer – Web designing is quite popular as a freelancing position. There are many remote/telecommuting positions available for web designers in companies like Apple, Dell, etc. The pay ranges between $29,119 and $74,938.

4. Social Media Manager – With social media becoming the next thing, it demands more and more positions related to this field. There are many positions related to social media like social media manager, marketing strategist, communications strategist, etc. These are very popular telecommuting positions. This particular field is growing immensely. Social media managers get paid between $26,556 and $71,528.

5. Technical Support – Technical support jobs are abundant on the web and are available with very good companies like Apple, Amazon, etc. The pay might not be as much for these jobs but working for the giants like Apple does make you feel good. The pay scales are around $30,016 to $65,279.

There are more emerging positions in the telecommuting/work-from-home category in many countries with more and more companies going the digital way.

If you want to make a good livable income from home and have the above expertise/background, then check out the companies mentioned above to find a more flexible working option.

Do visit the Job Leads page for exclusive jobs. Some of these jobs are country specific and some can be done from anywhere in the world.

You can also find relevant job opportunities on Indeed.

Do you think there are many jobs in these fields that have the work-at-home option? Please share in the comments.Save

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