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Searching for a work-from-home job is pretty much similar to any other job search process.

You want to find out which companies are hiring at present and apply. First, you will have to search for legitimate companies and then check if they are hiring.

But this whole process can be made much easier if you know which companies recruit for work-at-home positions almost all year long.

Yes!! There are companies that recruit work-from-home or remote positions all through the year. Well almost.

Today, I am making a list of companies in different fields like virtual assisting, customer service, sales, and transcription that have positions open all year round.

Key Takeaways

13+ Work-at-Home Companies Hiring Always (Almost)

#1. Apple

Apple is a uber famous company that hires at-home advisors, which is the most popular position. You will be helping customers who have product-based inquiries and who are looking for support. This position is advertised in many cities within the US. A good knowledge of Apple products, a pleasant demeanor, and zeal to help customers are some of the basic requirements for the role. Apply for the role here.

#2. Concentrix

Concentrix advertises customer service, technical support, and sales-related roles very frequently. Most of these roles are phone-based, and you can choose either part-time or full-time shifts. Apart from the general requirement of having a home office, you need to have at least one year of customer service experience for these roles. You can apply to Concentrix here.

#3. Liveops

If you love sales and are looking for sales-related work-at-home positions, then try Liveops. With Liveops, you work as an independent contractor in sales. There is a background check and assessment before you get hired by this company. This company has remote positions open almost all the time. You can apply for LiveOps jobs here.

#4. VIPKid

If you have a native English accent and some experience teaching children (even homeschooling counts), then you can apply to be an online tutor with this company. You mainly teach conversational English to kids around 4–12 years of age. You need to have a four-year degree in any subject to apply, and you can earn $15–$22 per hour.

You can apply for this tutoring role here.

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#5. NexRep

With NexRep, you will be working for inbound or outbound sales positions. The roles are either for sales or tech support professionals, and you will be working as an independent contractor. There is a background check before getting hired. It accepts applications from people with at least 1–2 years of call center experience, but it is flexible. You can apply here for NexRep.

#6. Automattic

Automattic has remote positions that are slightly more toward the technical side, and it is almost always hiring. It hires for many different remote positions like Search Wrangler, Affiliate Wrangler, Marketing Designer, etc. After you get through the interview process, you will be on a contract, which then transitions into a full-time position. Apply for these jobs here.


If you are interested in teaching, then try It accepts independent contractors for tutoring positions most of the time. Once you are done with the online application, you have to take tests in your preferred subjects, and after some more assessments and a background check, you can start your tutoring sessions. Presently, only accepts applications from the US and Canada. You can apply for the jobs here.

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#8. Boldly

Boldly is a virtual assistant company that hires almost all through the year. You will be doing many VA tasks like administrative support, customer service, tech support, writing, bookkeeping, and more. There is a minimum of three years of administrative experience needed for you to apply. The work hours are quite flexible with this company, and you can choose either full-time or part-time options. Apply for these VA positions here.

#9. Scribendi

Scribendi is a proofreading and editing company that hires experienced proofreaders/editors. It hires regularly, so you can apply through its online application form. It does require you to have a background in editing or proofreading with a minimum experience level of three years. If your application is accepted, you will take a test and start work after you pass. Apply for these positions here.

#10. Time etc

Time etc is another virtual assistant company that has positions regularly open for VAs. You will be performing different kinds of tasks like administrative tasks, customer service, writing, scheduling appointments, etc. You will have to work a minimum of five hours per week. You can apply for Time etc here.

#11. Appen

Appen is another company that frequently advertises search engine evaluation roles. Appen also has other remote roles like data annotation, translation, etc. This company also has roles in many countries other than the US. Apply for Appen here.

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#12. American Express

American Express is a big credit card giant that has frequent openings for its virtual call center. It hires for customer service and travel agent positions. You will be handling calls from customers regarding the products and other inquiries and helping them solve the issues. These positions require a background in customer service and a four-year degree. There is a background check before you get hired for the above-mentioned positions.

#13. iSoftStone

iSoftStone is another web research company that hires for search engine evaluation positions. The nature of the work is similar to other search engine evaluation companies like Appen; you will be filtering the search engine results based on some set guidelines. Once your application is accepted, you need to take a test, after passing which you will be hired. I have seen the positions open most of the time on its website. You can apply for iSoftStone jobs here.

#14. is another transcription company hiring transcriptionists and transcription editors. There is no prior experience required for these roles, but if you have a background in transcription, that’s a plus. The application process is simple: once you submit your résumé, you will take an assessment test, which you need to pass to get the job. The hours are quite flexible for this job. Apply for these transcription jobs here.

Please do note that sometimes company rules change, and they might change the hiring cycles. But, in general, these companies do hire frequently, so keep an eye out for their job alerts.

You will find the latest jobs on our Job Leads Page or through Indeed.

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Below are some more work-at-home options that can be quite flexible and can give great income.

#1. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to make extra income entirely online, and the best part is that it is quite flexible, and you can do it along with a full-time job. I am making around $4,000 a month blogging part-time, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for extra income online. I have a super easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to starting your money-making blog.

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#2. Bookkeeper

I know you might be thinking this job must be for accountants or people with experience in bookkeeping. It’s not. You can be a work-at-home bookkeeper without any experience. Bookkeeping is a perfect online work option that can give you extra income. If this is something you are looking for, then check out this detailed post about bookkeeping.

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#3. E-commerce

You can have an online e-commerce store and earn money from the affiliate sales. The best part about this side business is that you don’t hold any inventory/stock and still make money. This is another super profitable way to make money online. Jenn of Drink Coffee and Prosper earns over $19,000 with her e-commerce store.

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