how to work and travelHow to work and travel?

This is the biggest challenge if you work from home.

Juggling work when you travel is the biggest problem people who love traveling have.

Recently, we took a short trip to Tasmania, and as much as I love traveling, it was hectic for me to manage work. I was struggling to do work and still enjoy my holiday. With all the family activities and my obsession with photography, I was juggling a lot of things.

I am sure it’s the same story for anyone who does location-independent work or business. The most significant advantage of having an online business or a remote job is you get to travel. For me, that has been the biggest plus with my job and online business.

But sometimes, it can be overwhelming to juggle both things.

There are some simple tips you can follow that can make your travel enjoyable while allowing you to fulfill your work commitments.


Plan Ahead

You might have heard about this a lot. I am a huge fan of planning things before time. This helps to save your time, and it is very important if you want to take your business seriously and enjoy your vacations.

Some tips that I follow are to make my travel plans far ahead of time. This gives me an opportunity to make preparations to work ahead on my blog or do extra hours at my work-at-home job.



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Don’t Multitask

This might not be a good idea when you are on a workcation. Multitasking might work in your usual setting, i.e., at home, but you might travel to some places where you might not have the resources available for work, so it’s not a good idea to multitask when you travel. Having more focused time on a single task gives you better results especially when you are traveling with family.


Work at a Productive Time

I follow this rule whenever we travel. It is tough to focus on work when you are traveling with family. Imagine your kids are snorkeling or hiking and you are working on your laptop. Not an ideal holiday, is it?

I prefer to enjoy my time with my kids when I am on vacation and work when they are sleeping or on a kids-only adventure. The thing about working from home or working online is the freedom you get to spend time with your family. That’s what I love about it. Choose your most productive times of the day to work while on holiday and enjoy the rest of your time.


Invest in Good Gear

It is essential to invest in the right equipment if you want to work without any issues when traveling. There might be some unforeseen situations like having no internet connection or forgetting your laptop, etc. You can tackle these problems if you plan ahead and know precisely the conditions you have in your accommodation. Having a backup resource is always good to have so you can continue your work like having an extra laptop or having a data plan for your phone while traveling.

If your work requires any extra equipment like headphones or online software, it is advisable to have them ready before you travel.


Don’t Overload

Keep your workload to the minimum when traveling. I cannot stress this enough. I had a situation where I took double the workload on a holiday, but that was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Always have the least amount of work you can manage when you take a vacation. This can make your workcation more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Count in the Time Difference

If you are a travel addict like me, then you should factor in the time difference when you travel to different countries. I always make it a point to check the time difference before going on a holiday. You don’t want to be signing into a virtual meeting three hours late because you are on a different continent.

Having calendar reminders or just having reminder apps would be very helpful to remember the times. The time differences also give you an excellent chance to do more on your holidays.


Finally, Travel Your Heart out

You don’t have to wait until the weekend or year-end to travel. It is entirely possible to work and travel at the same time. The only thing you need is a little preparation ahead, and you are set to go on an adventure.

I love traveling, and my blog gives me the freedom to fulfill my passion and still work on my business.


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