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What is top most common and biggest challenge telecommuters face when working from home?


Though working from home is very flexible and exciting, it does have its downsides, which can be worked out.

Time management, multitasking, and meeting deadlines become all the more important when you work from home.

To manage your time better, you will have to get help from some tools that will automate your daily work routine.

There will always be a debate on whether telecommuters are more productive than the in-office team.

There are many tools and software that help you to increase your productivity levels, especially when working from home.

I have a list of tools that have worked wonders for me and will boost your productivity levels.



Evernote is one tool that is immensely useful when you want to organize your ideas, notes, emails, pictures—almost everything. It also has a work chat feature that helps you collaborate with your work team by sharing your notes.

Its biggest feature is the flexibility to work across different platforms. It is simply a notepad with more uses.



Trello is a great project management tool that allows you to have all your plans on the table laid out. You can outline all your projects whether they are work-based or family-based using cards and lists.

It just acts as a sticky note reminder for you. It’s a great tool to have to get things done. Simply said, it is like a quick reference notebook that has all your projects or blog posts in one place.




I think Wunderlist is one of the most simple and yet most useful tools. It categorizes all the tasks under different named categories. It filters tasks or lists under names, reminders, etc. You can share your to-do lists with family or friends and have a conversation as well.

The simplicity of the tool is the most important feature. It is very user-friendly and does not have a complicated design.



It’s all in the name. When you find something that you want to read or review later, you can save it in Pocket and also share it. It is a better version of the usual bookmarking.

It also marks the articles that you have read, making it easier to filter when you want to browse them.



CoSchedule is by far the most useful tool for planning your writing if you are a blogger like me.

You can create content directly on Google Docs or Evernote and then sync it with WordPress. It is also a great tool for social media scheduling.



Even when you are working from home, collaborating with the team is necessary. This is where Slack comes in. It’s a tool that makes team communication a cakewalk.

It has the option to have private messages, general messages, or direct messages. You can share files, PDFs, or any data within the team.

Working from home demands much more organizational skills than anywhere else because you have to multitask, and all of these tools will make your work easier.

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