literably reviewMaking money from home comes in many forms.

It just depends on your choices. Though you should always tread the work-from-home industry carefully, there are some legit companies like Literably that provide flexible work-at-home jobs.

Today we will find out more about how to become a scorer/transcriber in this Literably review.

What is Literably?

Founded in 2013, Literably is a company that helps the reading abilities of school kids. This company hires work-from-home transcribers or scorers to grade the reading or comprehension through the audio files. This helps the teachers to understand and focus on the gaps in student learning.

What is the work like?

As Literably scorer, you will be hearing audio recordings of students reading specific documents. The work involves checking if the audio matches the text provided, transcribing the errors, and also scoring each student audio file accordingly.

literably how does it work

You can set your own hours, and you don’t need any prior experience for this job.



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What are the requirements to become a Scorer/Transcriber with Literably?

Though this company doesn’t have many requirements, there are some basic things like having good command over English language & listening skills. You will also need a good work from home set up like a laptop, high-speed internet and headphones.


What is the pay for Literably scorer?

As mentioned on the website, you can earn around $10 per hour as a Literably scorer. But as with any transcription job, it depends on your speed to transcribe.


How do you get paid?

The payments are made weekly via PayPal.


How do I apply?

literably scorer signup

The application process is pretty simple. You have to go here and apply with all your details, pass an assessment with its practice recordings, and start working.

It is one of the companies that open worldwide. It is not currently accepting applications from certain states in the US like Connecticut, Nebraska, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, and Montana.


Other reviews about Literably

This company has excellent reviews from Glassdoor, with most of them talking about the flexibility and great support from the company.

The only complaints are about less or no work during school holidays and a big learning curve once you land the job.


Final thoughts in this Literably review

Transcription jobs always have high competition in the work-from-home industry. Literably is a good option if you have excellent listening and typing skills and want an extra income job.

With minimal requirements and training provided, this job is perfect for anyone who wants to earn money from home.

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