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The best thing about work-from-home jobs is they can cater to anyone—no matter whether you are a student or a stay-at-home mom or a senior.

According to a report, the number of people between the ages of 55–79 who were employed increased by 11% in the last two decades.

This is happening for many reasons like financial instability, low benefits after retirement, a need to keep active, or just to continue your passion of working.

It does not matter what drives you; if you want to work as a retiree, there is no shortage of work-from-home jobs. They range from just extra income options to good money-earning possibilities. You can choose the ones that are comfortable and flexible for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Many remote jobs, like freelance writing, chat agent, search engine evaluation, and proofreading, are perfect for retirees.
  • Highlighting your experience and updating your skills are vital before you start your job search.
  • Blogging is one of the flexible jobs that gives you financial stability and a good income.

Here are some flexible jobs for seniors:

#1. Online Tutor

Teaching online can be one of the best jobs for seniors. There are so many options to choose from. You can teach subjects or go with ESL tutoring. The pay is good for both the options, and the basic requirements are experience in teaching, certifications, and a basic work-from-home setup. This is a great choice for people who have experience in the teaching profession.

Some of the companies hiring online tutoring roles:

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#2. Chat Agent

If you are retired and have experience in the customer service industry, then being a chat agent would be an easy job for you. Chat agents handle customer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide other technical help. Some of the companies hire chat agents with relevant experience in a field. You should have good typing speed and a pleasant demeanor to attend to customer questions.

Some of the companies that hire chat agents are Needle, Concentrix, SiteStaff, Applecare, etc. This is a good choice for people who have less mobility and want to completely work on the laptop.

#3. Online Translator

Are you bilingual and do you have experience working in translation? Then try online translator or interpreter jobs.

Work as a freelance translator through websites like

Work for companies like

Some companies might need a translation degree to apply, but others accept beginners. You need to take some tests to demonstrate your skills before you are hired.


#4. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluation is one of the easy to do online jobs. If you are good at browsing the web, then you can do this job. There are two major companies that hire for these roles, Lionbridge and Appen. The job title differs, but the basic premise of the job, most of the time, is to rate search engine or social media results.

You will have to take an assessment once you apply for the job. This is a good choice if you want to work on a laptop without leaving the house or want to work alone.

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#5. Proofreader

If you have had a career in writing or editing, you can look at earning money as a proofreader. Most of the companies hire experienced proofreaders with at least two years’ experience. Having good English language skills and strong attention to detail is necessary for this job.

This is also one of the careers that can become a profitable business if you get some training. Here is a free workshop to help you figure out if you want to take this route.

Some of the companies that hire proofreaders:

#6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting is taking the work-from-home industry by storm. Whether it is social media, admin work, podcasting, or real estate, every business has a need for virtual assistants, and this role can be done from anywhere. If you love helping people and want a flexible online job to complement your lifestyle, virtual assisting could be a good choice.

Some of the companies that hire virtual assistants:

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If you are thinking about what services to offer as a VA, here is a big list of services you can provide for your clients.

#7. Blogger

Blogging is one of my favorite side hustles for many reasons. The best reason why I love and recommend blogging to anyone is because you can follow your passion with blogging. Agreed, there is a big learning curve in blogging before you can monetize it; nonetheless, it’s a very satisfying hustle and one of the perfect jobs for seniors.

There is no right time to start a blog, and if you are clear about what you want to blog about, just get started now. If you want to avoid all the research and learn how to start a blog quickly, then read this step-by-step guide.

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#8. Online Juror

Many websites pay you to do the job of mock juror. Mock jury is a practice jury that lawyers have before going for the real trial. This online job requires you to perform the same way you would if you were a juror in a real trial. It means listening to both sides of the argument, answering questions, and giving a verdict.

You can find mock juror job gigs on websites like

#9. Data Entry Specialist

Do you have a good typing speed? Then choose data entry as your extra income option. Legit data entry opportunities are hard to come by, but there are some good websites that hire work-at-home data entry specialists. Always keep an eye out for data entry scams before you decide on a job offer.

Here is a list of some legitimate data entry companies hiring online workers.

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#10. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is a very specific area, and if you love working with numbers and have good experience in this field, there is no better choice than this. In fact this is one of the flexible jobs for seniors.

Many companies prefer experience and expertise in this field when it comes to hiring any candidate.

You can apply to companies like

Here are some free videos for you to watch to see if a bookkeeping business is the right fit for you.

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#11. Travel Agent

At the age of retirement, you must have seen a lot of places and enjoyed your share of travel. Why not put that experience to good use with a money-earning side hustle?

You can become a travel agent working for a company (some travel experience and GDS expertise is required by many companies) or start a freelance travel planner hustle.

If you want to go this route, here is a detailed post on how to become a travel planner from scratch.

#12. Freelance Writer

Did you know freelance writing is one career you can start anytime in life and earn six figures? Here is an expert interview I did with a six-figure freelance writer. Though there is a legit promise of good money in this career, it might take some time to get started.

You can start looking for writing gigs in places like

Alternatively you will find good and high-paying freelance writing projects on Contena and BloggingPro.

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Some tips to land online jobs for seniors

  • When you are a retiree or a senior, you have immense experience. Highlight this on your résumé when applying for jobs. Any company values a candidate with immense experience as you will be an asset to the organization.
  • Be flexible with your choices. Even if you have worked in a corporate industry all your life, it’s not wrong to go against the norm and start something new.
  • If you are entering a new field, it’s good to update your skills. With so many online learning platforms, you can easily learn new skills and get into a new line of job.

In today’s times, age is just a number. It’s the passion to work or the need to earn money that drives people to work after the age of retirement.

You just have to choose the job that works with your schedule and something that you enjoy doing. There are so many legit jobs for seniors, I hope you find something in the above list.


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