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Are you getting stuck with brainstorming skills for your résumé to get that perfect remote job?

This is the exact point where everyone who wants to find a remote job halts.

Whether you are just out of college or making a career shift, it’s a proven fact that a résumé can make or break your career.

Like it or not, tailoring a perfect résumé plays a vital part in every job search but more so in a remote job search.

Remote jobs are gaining momentum in today’s world, and when you have zero face-to-face interaction with your employer, your résumé is the only thing that decides your chances to get the job.

Top skills for résumé to get a remote job:

#1. Pro at managing time

This is by far the most critical point that every employer looks for on your résumé. Mentioning your time management skills, preferably with examples of how fast and effectively you finished your earlier projects, can influence an employer’s decision to hire you.

Keep in mind to stress the details about your experience in managing time. Delivering results on time is a big factor when you are working from home. It is good to mention some examples of projects from previous remote jobs where you achieved targets in different time zones.

#2. Best at networking

Did you know that most of the jobs are advertised and acquired on professional social platforms like LinkedIn? It’s surprising, but it happens. Gone are the days where you go through traditional job sites to land a job.

Mentioning your social media profiles on your résumé is an essential part of creating your résumé. It can show the employer how strong your connections are and the kind of company you keep.

Having related networking connections can give you a greater chance of finding a relevant remote job. If you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile, here is a helpful article on what to focus on when creating one. 


#3. Adept in using technology

Unless you are living under a rock, you must know that substantial technological advances are happening in the job search market.

You cannot create a résumé without having a “Technical Skills” section that talks about your techie expertise. Whether it is your expertise in computer languages or troubleshooting or knowledge of particular products, you need to mention everything on your résumé.

You need to highlight your hard skills as they show your eligibility for the role. Another critical point is to mention your experience using the skills rather than just saying that you have them.

#4. Balance work and family

Every remote job employer wants to know how good you are when it comes to balancing working from home with family life. It is vital that you write about your multitasking abilities with more in-depth details about how you manage to get the job done.

When you work from home, it is quite apparent that you have to work around your family. Your remote job employer will have a high focus on your ability to multitask and meet required deadlines.

#5. Independent troubleshooter

When you set out to apply for a remote job, it means that you have the innate capability of managing things on your own, and this is the most necessary soft skill every remote job employer looks for in a potential candidate.

The ability to work autonomously is one of the most essential traits you need to possess if you want a work-from-home job. Troubleshooting stuff on your own is a mention-worthy skill set on your remote job résumé.

#6. Excellent communicator

As much as you work alone in a work-from-home job, you must demonstrate that you are a team player when it comes to working on collaborative projects. Having timely communication with your team using channels like Slack and Google Hangouts is pretty common these days.

You need to make sure that you stress the fact that you are a great communicator, whether it is reaching out to your manager for any help or exchanging ideas with your colleagues even if you work remotely. It definitely adds a lot of weight to your résumé.

#7. Extremely proactive

Being self-driven and self-motivated are key qualities required for a remote worker. Being proactive is definitely a quality that should be included on your résumé.

With no manager around you, you might be tempted to slack when you work from home, and this is what remote companies don’t want. 

Stating that you are a very proactive person who does things without any help can make a strong case for you to land the remote job. Be sure to mention any projects that you handled yourself and got great results.

#8. Be flexible

The primary reason anyone chooses work-from-home jobs is because of the flexibility. It’s the same case for remote companies to hire workers. They need the candidates to be flexible to work on multiple things.

For example, if you are a customer care rep, apart from taking calls and doing the admin work, you will be expected to handle other things like data analysis or preparing monthly reports. This flexibility is highly rated when it comes to remote jobs.

So clearly showcase your flexibility on your résumé. 

#9. Quick learner

Are you a fast learner? If yes, then this surely should go on your remote job résumé. Being a quick learner shows your capability to adapt and learn things without losing time. This also displays your ability to equip yourself with new techniques, skills, and traits.

A proactive and quick-learning remote employee is always an asset to the company, even though they work remotely. You need to put in this skill on your résumé to demonstrate your ability to learn anything new if you land the job.

#10. Result driven

When you work from home in a remote job, it puts more pressure on you than a regular desk job would. If it is the first time you are applying for a remote role, you need to stress that you can deliver timely results.

Companies that offer remote jobs have a lot of expectations, and the first thing that any company looks out for is your ability to get results. Highlight any project-related achievements or awards that can add a lot of value to your résumé.

#11. Organized

There is a high-level organizing capability needed when you work in a remote job. Jotting down this quality on your résumé as one of your soft skills can make a huge difference.

I have been working in a remote job for over nine years now and learning to be organized with my work has given me some incredible results.

Being organized can be great for your work and family life as well. It can give you more time to focus on work, and you get to spend some quality time with your family without worrying about work. It can also demonstrate to your potential employer your ability to be super productive.

Remote job skills for the résumé – Do they count?

Yes, they do. With remote jobs taking the job industry by storm, there is more focus on what you put on your résumé. Showcasing the right skills on your résumé can be a real asset for you to get that job.

Skills for remote jobs are different from traditional jobs

When you create a résumé for a remote role, you need to work harder to dig into a lot of the skills you have. Formatting a résumé for a remote job is quite different from a traditional desk job.

With the automatic job tracking systems available now, you need to keep certain things in mind like including a lot of the job description keywords on your résumé, including a good number of references, focusing a lot on soft skills, etc.

You need to be more personal when you are working on your résumé. You need to show your skills, personality, and abilities when applying for a remote job through a résumé.

Your résumé is your best chance to land a remote job. It might take some time to format a good résumé, but once you incorporate all the above points, I am sure you will end up with a stellar résumé that can get you the right job.

Just keep in mind that you are not in the traditional job market when you apply for remote jobs, so take a step back and tailor it accordingly with the right skills.

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