social media side hustleWith social media growing bigger and bigger every day, more and more people are jumping on to different social media channels.

Chances are, every another person has a social media account, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.

Studies say that an average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour 40 minutes every day on these accounts. That is a lot of time to spend!!

Why waste that time just being on the social media? You can utilize this platform to make money. It can be anything from helping clients with their social accounts or just leveraging your following on the platform.

Below are some unique ways of making money from social media. This can be very convenient for many who are particularly good with their social media skills or have a knack for getting followers on any social media account.


Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager can be very rewarding. Big businesses and companies have constant need of using social media to advertise their business. This is the basic job of a Social Media Manager.

You don’t need any fancy degrees or prior qualifications for this, but it is necessary that you are a networking and social pro.

There are a wide array of responsibilities that you will have to do like content creation, managing the online communities, planning for new campaigns, analyzing the reports.

It can be more beneficial for you if you have a thorough knowledge of all the social media platforms.

Freelance websites like Upwork (formerly Elance) and Freelancer have many openings for these roles. Companies also advertise these positions on job boards.


Pinterest Consultant

I never knew that there is a position called ‘Pinterest Consultant’ or a Pinterest VA. But believe me, this is a very in-demand position.

Of what I have observed, I can say that this job is so in demand that people are earning around $1,500 a month managing Pinterest profiles for clients.

Though this side hustle does not require any prior experience, if you know your way around Pinterest and if you can get more followers or traffic from this social media platform, then this is the job for you.

You can find many opportunities to work as Pinterest Consultant on freelancing websites.

Also, many bloggers look for Pinterest help in Facebook groups; that is the great place to find your client.



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Get paid with Affiliate Links

This is a simpler way than the above two. If you are a blogger like me, then it becomes much easier to get paid for putting affiliate links on social media.

This is how most of the the bloggers make money. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can make money with affiliate links.

Affiliate links are the links that are placed in the post and get tracked back to the product or service you refer to your readers.

Of course, the product or service has to be something which you have used or is highly recommended.

When somebody clicks or purchases through that link, you make money. It is as simple as that.

But, there are some things which you need to keep in mind when promoting affiliates on social media, you need to declare the links according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.

Making money on social media with affiliates is quite popular.

If you are a blogger and want to make affiliate income from your blog and social media, then I highly recommend joining Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.

This course teaches you how to earn money from your blog as well as social media platforms with affiliate links. That is how I got started and now I make money from my blog, majorly from affiliate links.


Publish Sponsored Tweets or Posts

Ok, I know many of you will not have blogs. There is another way to monetize with social media without a blog, Sponsored post/tweets.

This is much easier way of making money on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

There are some prerequisites for this, like the numbers of followers you have, the engagement and your presence.

Many big brands want to get the word out about their business through social media influencers.

You just need to share or tweet a message on behalf the brand and get paid in return from them.

There are a couple of companies like Massivesway and SocialSpark which pay you for your social shares.


Monetize with YouTube

YouTube is the most popular medium of videos online. But did you know that you can make money from this social media?

Did you ever notice the millions of videos with kinder eggs? They all make huge money.


By advertising.

You need to join the YouTube Partner program and enable it for monetization and start making money with ads. The money depends on how many clicks you get on your channel.

You can also make videos and teach about your expertise. Online tutorials are quite famous on YouTube.


There are many other quick ways of making money on social media such as super like some products and get paid with RageOn, retweet and earn money with Rabadaba. These methods can make some extra cash on the side.

Social media is a huge goldmine, where you can earn some good money if utilized properly. There are so many who make a full-time living with social media.

Earlier on, it was only a medium of being in contact and for socially and virtually meeting people, but the business side of social media is booming and it is the right time to get down to make most of this medium.


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What other ways can you make money on social media? Please share in the comments.




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