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As you all know, I keep trying new things and new ways of making money online. I come across a lot of scammy ones, but I also find many legitimate ways to make money too.

When searching for money-making opportunities, one thing is very important: LEGITIMACY.

Sometimes, you can come across some money-making tools that might not make much or are totally not legitimate. So it is very important that you research well to find the right opportunities.

Lot of readers emailed me asking about some ways to make money online as they have to stay home with kids or they are retired and can’t move around.

I wanted to search for a very credible and legitimate source of some side income for them, which can add up when combined with their other income sources.

Again, remember this is only for xtra income; it cannot make as much as a proper work-at-home job. But, as I always say, if it can pay a couple of your bills, why not give it a try?

My latest find is Pureprofile.

OK, I found this a couple of months ago, but I wanted to test every part of the website before I wrote about it in detail for all of you.

Pureprofile Review – A Legitimate Research Panel

Pureprofile is a new market research company that initially started in Australia and New Zealand and now it is available in the US.

pure profile

How can Pureprofile help me make money?

I have personally done surveys through Pureprofile, and one of the biggest differences between this website and others is that it pays you more for every survey. Sometimes, there are surveys worth $6.

Not all of them though, but that’s a huge figure. You get invited when there is a fresh survey, and usually there are about four to five surveys available in a day.

Even if you get to do two to three surveys with around a $3 payout, that’s a cool $9 a day.

How much time does it take to do the surveys?

The surveys are usually anywhere from 10–20 minutes long depending on the topic and the payout. I never got a survey that was longer than that.

How many surveys do you get typically?

This again depends on your interests and the demographics. With my profile, I get around 4–5 surveys every day.

Sometimes, you do get high-paying invites, though they might be less frequent. I get at least one survey with a $10 payout in a month.


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Are there any other ways of earning through Pureprofile?

No. For now, surveys are the only way you can make money.

Is Pureprofile available worldwide?

Initially, it was only available in Australia and New Zealand, but now it is available in the US and many other countries.

How do you get rewarded?

pureprofile rewards

For US residents, the payout is through PayPal once the balance reaches $25, and for Australians, there are gift cards, movie tickets, and you can also set up a bank transfer.

The cool part about this research panel is you still get paid, though less, even if you are screened out. There is also a limit of $50 in  a 60-day period.

There is no sign-up limit per household. 

Where do you sign up for this survey panel?

You can sign up here. Remember to complete your profile; that is the best way to get more invites for surveys.

Some points to remember:

  • As with all the research panels, create a separate email address to make it easy.
  • The invites for surveys will depend on your demographics, so it is possible that sometimes you might get less invitations to do the surveys.
  • Especially with Pureprofile, the surveys fill up very fast, so it is best to do the surveys as soon as you get the invitation email.

It has a very supportive customer care team for attending to any issues with payouts or technical issues. 

I have tried cashing out and also getting gift cards. Bank transfers take quite a long time, so it is best to get the money via PayPal or be rewarded with gift cards.

This is one of the many survey panels out there that is legitimate and pays well. If you are looking to make extra cash, then this research panel can be a good choice.

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