product tester jobsProduct testing is one of the easiest jobs out there if you are thinking of making extra money.

Many legit companies offer product tester jobs, and the best part is you get free products.

If you are wondering about what product testing is, in a nutshell, companies need people to test their products and give honest feedback. This helps the company to make changes and launch the product in the market.

Many product testing companies give you free products for your review, and some of them even pay cash. So if you love trying new things and getting free stuff, product testing is the perfect choice for you.

What are Product Tester Jobs?

Product tester jobs involves testing products for their efficiency and quality. Marketing firms and companies look for product testers who can use their products and give honest feedback in return for monetary compensation or a free product.

As a product tester you will be testing the product, checking the functionality and defects and finally providing your feedback.

There are many legit companies that offer product testing opportunities.

How to become a Product Tester?

If you love testing new products, doing surveys and sharing your opinion about them, then you can sign up with the websites below and get paid to review products from home. 

Once you sign up and give your details, you will be contacted with preliminary surveys to see if you qualify for the product testing. 

To become a product tester, you need to have excellent written and verbal skills, attention to detail, and be honest about your review.  

How much can you earn?

The pay for freelance product testers depends on how in-depth the test is and the products they are reviewing. Many product testing projects are not paid but you can keep the products for free.

According to, the average base salary of product testers is around $19.06 per hour.


Top picks & alternatives for Product Testing Jobs


Survey Junkie – Top website for high paying surveys and product testing opportunities. Free to sign up and pays quickly.

Swagbucks – Earn up to $20 for product testing gigs from this trusted website. You even get a $5 bonus to sign up.

Pinecone Research – Get a minimum of $3 per survey and many free product samples. 

InboxDollars – Best site to earn money watching videos, playing games and read emails. Plus get a $5 free to get started.

Proofreading – Most flexible online job that can give you up to $50 per hour, no experience needed.

Sell Printables – Make money from home selling printables online without any expertise. 

Here are some legit companies for product tester jobs from home:

Survey Junkie

survey junkie - get paid for your opinion

Survey Junkie has occasional product testing gigs that pay well. You can sign up and complete your profile to be matched for relevant product tester jobs. To join Survey Junkie, you need to be at least 16 years or older and reside in the United States, Australia, or Canada. Once you get invited for product testing, you need to finish a survey and receive the product. Like other product testing gigs, you are expected to give in-depth feedback about the product in a more detailed survey later.

With over 10 million members and a B rating from BBB, this survey panel is worth signing up for.

Pays in:

Cash and gift cards.


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Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another website that regularly sends free product samples to panelists is Pinecone Research. You can join this panel with your demographic details. Generally, there is a follow-up survey after you test the product to give your feedback to the company.

Though product testing is mostly done on new products, sometimes you get invited to do product testing on existing products or new product ideas. It also offers surveys that pay a minimum of $3 per survey.  You get rewarded in points for your reviews, and you can redeem them for cash or gift cards.

Pay in:

Cash and gift cards.


Swagbucks has occasional product testing opportunities along with online surveys. If you are keen on earning extra income, you can do surveys, watch videos, play games, and shop online with Swagbucks. With over 40 million users, the website has A+ rating on BBB. You can redeem your “Swagbucks” for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Signing up is easy and you even get a $5 bonus once you sign up and verify your account.

Pays in:

Cash and gift cards.


Toluna is one of the oldest survey sites started in 2000. As a Toluna Influencer, you can find many scam-free surveys and product testing jobs on the website. You can also do polls, contests, or refer friends to earn more.

Signing up is easy and this survey site is available in many countries including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more. You can get paid in gift cards or check for surveys and product testing, you get to keep the products for free.

Pays in:

Cash and gift cards.

Nielsen Homescan

Nielsen is a very well-known market research firm and offers product tester jobs for users through Homescan. Once you sign up and join the program, you can download its app or get the scanner.

The job involves scanning the barcodes of the items you buy and sharing the data with Nielsen. You get rewarded with points for your scanning, which you can redeem for gift cards or products.

As a member, you can also earn points by doing surveys or participating in special studies. If you are active on the panel, you can also gain automatic entry into sweepstakes.

It also offers special discounts for members with its partner brands.

Pays in:

Gift cards and free products.


Influenster is a community of product reviewers. One you sign up and complete your profile, you need to connect your social media or blog. After which the website matches you with related products and you are sent Voxbox, which is essentially a box full of full-sized products.

You can test the products and share your review on your social media.

This helps the brands to get more exposure and you get free products!

Pays in:

Free products.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research has occasional product testing jobs from home for users apart from high-paying surveys. It offers a lot of ways to earn extra money, like reading emails and watching videos. You can even refer friends to earn a $5 reward.

This survey panel is available in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. You can earn $1 just for signing up with this panel.

Pays in:

Cash and gift cards.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is a legit company that has been around for a long time. Apart from sending market research surveys, it also offers new products and product ideas to its members for review. You can join ACOP for free and start doing the surveys.

You get paid in points ranging from 100 to 5000 per survey or research project. The minimum points to redeem are 1000, and you can cash out via PayPal, or you can donate to charity. This panel is open to worldwide users, so anyone interested in product testing can join.

Pays in:

Cash and gift cards.



SheSpeaks is a product review site that regularly sends free products to its members. Joining is easy, just sign up with all the information, and once your profile gets matched with the right product, you get an invitation to do the product survey.

It also runs parties and giveaways for gift cards and products.

Pays in:

Gift cards and products.


YouGov is a popular site for surveys and legit product tester jobs. It has surveys on politics, media, health, etc.

Occasionally, YouGov offers product tester gigs to its members, and the members get rewarded with cash or gift cards.

Pays in:

Cash and gift cards.



If you love getting free samples without much work, then look no further than PINCHme. This site sends free product samples to its members on “Sample Tuesdays,” which is once a month. Just sign up with all your details, take the shopper survey to share your shopping habits, and get the samples for free.

Once you get the samples, you have to give your feedback on the products.

Pays in:

Free products.


BzzAgent is a community of people who test products and services for different brands. Once you sign up online, you will get qualifying surveys that will help them match you with the right campaigns.

Once you get matched with a campaign, you need to answer some questions and submit an application to participate. Bzzkits are sent over to you to try.

You need to try the product and share your opinion on social media or through a detailed review. It also requires you to do a post-campaign survey to share your final thoughts about the product.

Pays in:

Free products.

Social Nature

Social Nature helps consumers make sustainable choices by recommending healthy foods and your opinion as a product tester plays a big part in this. To get product sampling job with Social Nature, you have to sign up, complete your profile and apply to test products you are interested in.

If you are matched then you get the product via coupon code or cashback and you have to give your review after using the product. With over 1 million members, this is a legit site for product testing gigs. 

Pays in:

Free products.

User Testing

Many businesses require feedback on their apps and websites and this is where you come in as a tester. With User Testing, you test the functionality of the websites and apps and share your opinion. This helps the brands to improve the product for a better consumer experience.

To get started, you can sign up with User Testing, download their software. Once you are matched with suitable test, you can start testing. Every test takes around 20 minutes and you get paid $10 via PayPal.

You will need a good internet connection, webcam( for live interviews) and a microphone for this job. Keep in mind that this is only an extra income gig as the testing opportunities are not always available.

Pays in:

Cash via PayPal.


Smiley360 is a site that offers you free products for your honest reviews on social media channels and other websites. After signing up, you will have to do surveys that will let the company know about your lifestyle and the products you use. This helps the company to send the right products for reviews.

To get free products, you need to create a very detailed profile, participate in discussions, and complete the surveys. If you qualify for Smiley360 Mission, as they are called, you get notified via email. Once you get the product, you have ten weeks to try and write a review for it on its website and social media.

Pays in:

Free products.

Product Report Card

product report card

Product Report Card is another website that helps market research companies get feedback from consumers for free products is Product Report Card. It has many ways to earn money like research studies, product testing, online surveys, live chats, etc. Simply sign up online and complete your profile.

Depending on your profile and choices, you will get the product testing survey invites in your email. If you get chosen, then the product is sent to you for your review.

For other surveys and studies, Product Report card pays in Amazon gift codes or free products.

Pays in:

Free products, cash and Amazon gift codes.

Product Testing USA

As a product tester with Product Testing USA, you get to keep products for free in return for your reviews on social media and its website. Getting started is pretty easy with this site by signing up online. It chooses reviewers randomly, and you will get invites via email if you are selected. The reviews have to be around 500 words along with photos, and a video review is needed.

You can register for any products if you are interested, and this opportunity is available for US, UK, and Australian reviewers.

Pays in:

Free products.

Brooks Product Testing

If you are interested in running or working out, then try out Brooks apparel or shoes and give your feedback. You can get free products or discounts for your honest opinion. You should be over 18 years of age and be a resident of US or Canada to apply.

Pays in:

Free merchandise.

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a large community of reviewers who get to test products and share their honest opinion. Just sign up on the website with your details and answer some questions about your consumer habits.

You will get pre-qualifying questions via email that will decide if you are suited for the product review. Once you get selected, the products are sent to you within 1-3 weeks, and you can complete the feedback survey after using it.

Members are encouraged to give photo and video reviews along with participating in competitions to win weekly prizes. Home Tester Club is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, the USA, and the UK.

Pays in:

Free products.

JJ Friends and Neighbors

jj friends and neighbors

The Friends and Neighbors program from Johnson and Johnson is easy to join to test and review free products. This legit company rewards product testers like you to use new products before they are released into the market.

Just sign up and provide all the necessary information to get invites through emails. You can also check the website if you have any suitable studies. Once you get invited, you can try the product and share your reviews.

It also has other opportunities to earn like surveys, focus groups, consumer panels, etc. As per the website, you get rewarded with an honorarium like a prepaid visa card.

Pays in:

Prepaid visa gift card.

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is another website that gives you free sample boxes for reviews of products. It’s not clear on the site, how fast you get the boxes but as per the Trustpilot reviews, the wait is worth it. Most of the time, the products are full-sized, and you get a box full of them.

Once you try the products, you have to comment on the Facebook page and give your detailed reviews. This site is only available to US residents.

Pays in:

Free products. is a website that encourages members to “try before you buy” products that you are interested in. It sends the products that you like and asks you to fill up a survey about the product and rate it accordingly.

You can sign up and complete your profile (this is important), sharing your favorite products and your lifestyle. Once the samples are available, you get email invites, and you can request the products to be sent to you. It has a wide range of products in household cleaning, makeup, beauty care, and food.

Pays in:

Free products.


product tube

Like other product testing jobs, ProductTube rewards you for sharing your feedback about brands you like. Once you sign up for free, you can share your video review about products either in-store or at home. There is no editing needed for the videos; you can just upload them on the website or through the app and get paid in Amazon gift certificates.

Pays in:

Amazon gift certificates.

Survey Club

Survey Club is a website that offers product testing, clinical trials, and focus group opportunities along with online surveys. There are different types of focus groups/product testing options available depending on where you stay.

Though getting invites for these opportunities is rare the pay is really good.

All you have to do is sign up with all your details like age, educational qualifications, marital status, etc.

Pays in:

Gift cards and cash.

Homeschool has a different approach to product testing. Though the website is mainly for homeschooling parents, it has product testing opportunities as well. If you are interested, you can sign up and get invites via email for testing new books, reports, homeschooling kits, etc. You might not get paid for this gig but you get to keep the products.

Pays in:

Free products.

Tips to get paid to test products

  • Sign up for more than one product testing companies to get more opportunities.
  • If you are chosen, then be honest about your feedback about the product/service. Companies are keen on getting an unbiased view about the products. 
  • Once you finish testing the product, write a comprehensive review. This will help the companies to improve the products. 

Product review jobs are good for extra money.

Whether you are looking for easy ways to get free samples or a fun side gig, product testing is a great choice. It is one of the easiest ways to make money from home, though just extra cash or free samples.

Who wouldn’t want free stuff and a chance to make your voice heard about consumer products?!

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