juggle side hustleI started my blogging side hustle about nine months ago while I was still working on my work-at-home job.

At first, it was too overwhelming and too confusing to get things done on time and catch my breath.

It eventually took me some time to discipline myself to effectively get the work done on both fronts and still have time for myself and my family.

Side hustling is becoming a necessary thing these days; you won’t find anyone who isn’t into something else other than their day job.

If you are getting extra income doing something you like, then why not?

But with the hustle comes a lot of WORK and you seriously need to focus on how to manage a hustle and job and still be good at them.

Here are some things you can do to make it work for you,


Have a Plan

Always. You cannot jump into this without having a proper plan of what you want to achieve out of this. When you start a side hustle, you need to ask yourself, is this only a hobby or are you having a long term plan of making this a future potential business. These questions define the way and the time you give to your hustle. Having an idea of your workflow helps you to make your decisions quicker without unnecessary delays.



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Prepare for Lot of Work

Having a side hustle means you are going to spend a lot of time working. First, it’s your job, and then you have your hustle. You will need the same amount of hard work to be put in both. Do not get into a hustle thinking it is going be a cake walk, surely you will enjoy what you are doing, but you should be prepared to work hard at it. Together, your day job and your hustle are going to take some good hard work.


Keep your Jobs Separate

Having a clear line of separation between your main job and side hustle can help you to be more focused and productive on both types of work. When you have separate schedules for your hustle, you can have more productivity and in turn more income from them. It can be challenging to demarcate them, but in the long term, it’s for the best.



If you want to start a side hustle along with your job, then you need to look at your schedule and prioritize things. You need to cut back on some time-consuming stuff. Prioritizing and getting things done on time can prove to be very useful with regards to work and family commitments.


Be Organized

Being organized is vital trait when you are trying to multitask your hustle and job. Being organized is great in many ways, it can give you enough time plan things, spend time with family, achieve more and eventually be successful at managing your side hustle and your main job. Simple things can make a big difference when it comes to being organized so try to be more organized and achieve your goals.


Be Realistic in Your Goals

Don’t set too big goals; it can stress you out. When you are just starting out, assess your goals and see what you can achieve at a reasonable pace. Setting unattainable goals can result in being unproductive and feeling like a failure. Remember that with work and family, you will be doing a lot of things already, so relax and start small.


Enjoy What You Do

Enjoying what you do is the biggest thing that matters when you are doing a side hustle along with a day job. I thoroughly enjoy blogging which is my side hustle along with my job. If you are happy with what you do, then it does not feel like you are working. As I always say, start a side hustle which you enjoy, and it can significantly improve your income levels.



When I first started with my side hustle, I thought I would do it all. It can become very overwhelming if you try to manage it all. Outsourcing can take out the pressure of managing all the tasks, and you can devote your time to more important things. Though not many depend on outsourcing, it is vital if you are multitasking things.


Juggling a side hustle along with a job can be a very challenging task, but it is something which is increasingly becoming necessary these days. These tips can help you to manage your side hustle with the full-time job.


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How do you manage your side hustle and your job? Please let me know in the comments.



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