Side Hustle Ideas – How To Find The Right Side Hustle For You


side hustle ideasSide hustle ideas – there are so many of them.

Every side gig looks good and promising but the question stands – Which one is the right fit for you? 

Deciding to side hustle is one thing, and choosing the right side hustle is another challenge.

A decade ago, choosing a side hustle meant looking at maybe 10 or 20 options available at that time. But now, with the boom of side hustles, you have a vast choice which makes it all the more tougher. This is where you need to focus on a lot because it will matter a lot.

Before we explore all the diverse side hustle ideas, there are some things which you need to keep in mind when choosing your side hustle which I have listed below.

Just go through these tips before you zero down on the right choice in your side hustle ideas.


Everything Takes Time

Sometimes some side hustles go up in no time, and sometimes it could take ages for you to find your hustle. Having the patience to build your hustle and strategically grow it, can make a big difference to your end goal.

Comparing yourself with others is something that will hinder your growth and does not work in the long run. For example, side hustles like ridesharing and tutoring can give you instant income. But more substantial hustles like freelance writing, blogging, flipping, e-commerce business take time to grow.

Having the right mindset is the most important thing when choosing a side hustle.



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Be Ready For Initial Hardships

Nobody said hustling is easy. If you love what you do, it is undoubtedly fun no matter how many hours you work on it. Whether you hustle along with a full-time job or do multi-side hustles, be prepared to face some real hurdles when you start.

Unless you are already an expert in the hustle you are choosing, everyone has some hiccups when they start something new. Challenges are what show us what we are, so be ready to face these struggles in your side gig journey.


Your Income Goal

Having a clear goal of what you want to achieve gives you a clear picture of the kind of hustle you wish to choose. Are you looking for a hustle just to supplement your income or is it more than that?

If your goal is to earn just some extra money on the side, then try things like doing legitimate surveys, making an income from microtasks by becoming an MTurker.

But if your goal is to make more than extra cash and you want to see some serious money from your hustle, then you need to consider extremely profitable hustles like Amazon FBA, Flipping, Virtual Assisting.

Always think of the income potential of the side hustle before getting into it. You cannot expect a full-time income from an extra cash side gig.


Choosing A Viable Side Hustle 

Some side hustles are for the long run. They eventually grow into a thriving business, and you might make it as your full-time income. You cannot take up a side hustle which is not going to last for long and expect it to become a long term business for you.

So, researching about your side hustle is a must before you jump in. I did loads of research and learning on blogging before I started my blog, and eventually, it is earning a full-time income for me now. You should always take some time to test out your unique idea. In fact, this is how many of the start-up businesses have become successful.


Fitting Into Your Lifestyle

This might be the first question you need to ask yourself. Any side gig you choose has to fit into your life. You cannot expect to start a side hustle which is hard to manage.

For example, if you are a stay-at-home mom, you should not jump into a side hustle which takes up most of your time. This is a key point in choosing your side hustle; it has to fit into your lifestyle otherwise it won’t be long before you quit.


Learn New Skills To Start The Hustle

Everyone needs to learn or figure out what skills they already have to find out which side hustles they can do. Side hustling is not easy; it takes a lot to manage a side hustle along with a job and family. If you don’t work on the skills before you start your side hustle, you might be making a wrong choice.

Just take time to assess what is that you enjoy doing. There is literally no end to the kind of side hustle you can do, so any skill is useful.

If you feel the need to update your skills, then look at different resources and courses out there which can help you to get started.


Devote Time To The Hustle

Figuring out how much time you can spend on your hustle is something which will eventually decide what you will do. You cannot take up Freelance Writing if you cannot give at least 3 hours a day.

There are some very flexible side hustles which don’t take up much of your time and also gel with your main jobs. You can be a Lyft or an Uber driver or an online English tutor for VIPKID because these jobs give you that flexibility.

Assess your availability very frankly before you start choosing your side hustle. Side hustling does not mean that you work 24/7.


Investment Or No Investment

This is something which is absolutely important to start a side hustle. You have to consider whether your side hustles need an initial investment or not.

All side hustles are not equal. For some, you might need not put in any extra investment, but some hustles have a learning curve where you need to invest and learn to earn.

I invested in blogging from the start because I knew this hustle has a huge potential to earn money. And it has. It depends on the hustle and many other factors to decide whether you should invest in it.


Be Ready To Make A Change

Starting a side hustle means less time with family, a lot of juggling, less time with yourself. You need to prioritize things before you take any hustle and if there is a need to focus more on the family or your full-time job, your side hustle has to fit that requirement.

A lot of changes will come when you take up a second job or a side hustle, and you need to be prepared for these changes. Nevertheless, you can keep your lifestyle the same, if you choose a side hustle that lets you accommodate your lifestyle.


Complement Your Main Job

Sometimes we take side hustles which are an extension of the type of work we do in our full-time jobs. This could be a great way to grow and learn more about the subject and grow in your main career.

If your goal is to advance your full-time job, then you need to choose a side hustle which perfectly complements that. For example, you might work as a Graphic designer in your full-time job. You can take up freelance graphic designing gig and start a business on your own. It can also mean, you learn more new skills and go to a higher position in your full-time job.


So, now that you have an idea about how to filter your side hustle ideas, here are some options for you to choose from,


Quick Wins

Test Websites – This is perfect as an occasional gig as the workflow is not very continuous.

Surveys – Another good option if you are in need of extra income and a back up gig while you hustle with another side job.

Ridesharing – Popular choice for those who want to get out of the house and love meeting people.

Petsitting – Easy way to make money taking care of pets. This hustle is famous, especially among students, along with other flexible online jobs.

Rent your Stuff – Passive income for those looking to earn easy money. You can rent anything from your car to kids toys. Just sign up for companies like Turo for renting your car and Fat Llama for all the other stuff.


Lucrative Hustles

Blogging – This one is my favorite. I love learning, networking and the pride of having my own business.

Amazon FBA – For all the amazon money making enthusiasts, this is the other side of this giant marketplace. Selling on Amazon is pretty easy with FBA, and you can learn it in no time.

Virtual Assisting – There is no better-paying hustle than this. As a virtual assistant, you can provide infinite services, and this hustle is entirely online.

Home Staging – This is for all the home bound creative types. The work is to do your best to make houses look stellar for selling. As a homestager, you will be styling houses on market and this hustle pays really well. 

Bookkeeping – For people who love working on numbers, this hustle can be done part-time or full-time. If you want to get started, sign up for this free course to know everything about bookkeeping.


It might take some time for you to assess which side hustle to choose but once the choice is done, getting started is easy. I hope these tips will help you to decide and jump into the right hustle.

Hustle away!

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  1. People have been telling me that there’s a lot of side hustles I can fit into my lifestyle and I’m up for it. I just don’t know what really fits best for me yet. I’ll just try different side hustles and see what’s for me.

  2. Hey Sireesha, Enjoyed this!

    I took my side hustle full time a couple of years back and i haven’t look back since!

    Amazon FBA is a great business model, you just have to be patient!

    1. Hi David,

      Glad you liked the post!

      I love discovering new side hustles because they are so promising. I wish you all the success with your hustle.

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