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Do you love trying new things and don’t mind sharing your honest opinion about them? Then you can get paid to write reviews online.

It’s as simple as it sounds.

Though there are lots of things you need to consider when you start writing reviews like being honest with your answers and signing up with legit websites, making money writing reviews is a pretty easy job. 

Tips to get paid to write reviews

  • Always sign up with legit companies that have been around for a while.
  • Make sure you understand the process of the gig and how you will get paid.
  • Like surveys, it’s always better to have a separate email for this gig, which will make it easier for you to start the job as soon as possible.
  • Some of the gigs pay very little, and some pay well. It totally depends on you to understand the compensation terms before you take on the job.
  • Write detailed reviews and include pros and cons of the products. A good review is something that is unbiased and clear.

10 ways to get paid to write reviews:

#1. PINCHme

I have personally tried PINCHme and love it. Talk about getting free products just for your reviews. Awesome, right?!

Though this site does not pay you for reviews, you can get free samples every week by choosing them online. If you are interested in getting free stuff, then sign up with PINCHme and get new products delivered every week. Providing honest and detailed reviews is required if you want to keep getting the free stuff.

#2. Swagbucks


If you thought Swagbucks is only for surveys, think again. You can earn extra money from Swagbucks by playing games, watching videos, shopping, and completing occasional product testing gigs. You can take surveys about products and share your reviews or sign up for Swagbucks Discover. Swagbucks Discover is a great way to choose product testing opportunities and write honest reviews about the products. It’s a double win because you can earn Swagbucks (which can be redeemed for gift cards) and test the products for free.

#3. Socialix

With Socialix you can get paid or be rewarded with free products for your detailed reviews. It’s an influencer marketing platform that helps you get free products or make money for your social media reviews. You need to have a minimum of 5,000 followers on any social media channel to join this website. This is a fun way to get paid to write reviews if you are active on your social media platforms.


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#4. Influence Central

Influence Central is another influencer marketing platform that pays you to use your social media following. It works a lot like Socialix, where you sign up to collaborate with brands and get paid to give unbiased reviews about products and services.

With over 10,000 influencers and niches like food, lifestyle, fashion, kids, etc., you can surely find a brand you’d love to work with.

#5. Slicethepie

There isn’t a more fun job than listening to music and getting paid for it. Slicethepie is where you can listen to new soundtracks from up-and-coming artists and get paid to review them. This helps them to improve their work and make it better before it is released in the market.

How much you earn depends on the track and your review. If you are interested, you can sign up for Slicethepie here.

#6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a survey panel with regular product research surveys, where you get paid for sharing your reviews. The pay can go up to $50 per survey, depending on the product. The bonus is you get to keep the products as well. That’s a win-win.

Vindale is one of the best places to sign up if you want to get paid to write reviews.

#7. Qmee

Qmee is a comparison app where you can search and compare prices of your favorite brands. This is a great money-saving tool, and it also has many survey opportunities for its users. You can share your product reviews in the surveys and get paid for them.

Apart from the surveys, Qmee also gives you a chance to earn money via web searching and cash back offers.

Sign up and download Qmee if you love to save money and share your thoughts on brands.

#8. Smiley360

Smiley360 is another site that offers free products for your reviews is Smiley360. With over one million Smiley members, this site is legit and offers many product review opportunities.

Once you sign up and become a member, you get Smiley missions to test and share your feedback about the products with your friends, family, and followers.

#9. Review Stream

Review Stream works differently than other product review sites. The basic premise is to write detailed and helpful reviews because you get paid if your reviews are voted for. You can write a review on anything like books, movies, consumer products, general services, etc. If your review receives votes, you get paid. Though the pay is low (10 cents per vote), it adds up as you can review a lot of products.

Review Stream is not a scam, but I have seen some mixed reviews about this site on the web.

#10. Valued Voice

With Valued Voice, you can collaborate with brands and write paid reviews on your social media channels. This is a great way to leverage your social media following and help others decide about different brands. Apart from social media, you can also share paid reviews on your blog.

Some alternatives to get paid to write reviews

If you are interested in sharing your opinion/researching stuff, then below are some fun alternatives to getting paid to write reviews.

#1. Ask Wonder

If you like to dig deep, research things, and write about them, become an Ask Wonder member. You can sign up, take a test, and start getting paid for writing detailed answers to questions. Writing detailed content and doing thorough research is the key to being a good research assistant with Ask Wonder.

The average pay can range from $8 to $35 per hour, depending on the questions.

#2. Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to share your feedback about products and make extra money. Choosing the best survey sites and doing surveys while you do other tasks make it a worthwhile way to earn money. Some of the most recommended survey websites are InboxDollars, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie. Sign up and start taking surveys to share your views about products and services.

Getting paid to write reviews is great for extra money.

Sharing your views about products can reward you in many ways, and it can help other consumers to make better decisions. Writing paid reviews can be a great addition to your extra income gigs while also testing new products and services. Are you ready to get paid for your opinions?

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