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Among all the ways to earn money from home, there are some enjoyable and easy ways to do it like watching videos, listening to music, and reading books.

Yes, you can earn money reading books.

This is a perfect hustle for you if you are a bookworm, and the best part is you can do this job from home.

I am exploring more about the companies that pay you to read books and write reviews about them. Keep in mind that while some companies pay you to read books, others will give you free books in return.

Top Picks

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Bookkeeping – Become a bookkeeper from home and earn up to $300 per client per month with no experience or expertise.

Transcription – Become a transcriptionist from home and earn $15–$20 per hour

Blogger – The most flexible and high-paying job from home for anyone. 

Get Paid to Read Books With These Companies:

#1. Kirkus

Kirkus is a book reviewing company that regularly hires book reviewers on a freelance basis. You can apply here with your résumé, writing samples, and the genres you specialize in.

The job involves writing in-depth reviews of around 350 words about the books, which are mostly from self-published authors. The review has to be submitted within two weeks of being assigned the book. The pay is not mentioned on the website, but it can depend on your experience.

#2. Online Book Club

Getting paid to read books with Online Book Club is easy. You sign up online with your details and you are given a set of books to choose from. The books are free in return for your review.

If your first review is approved, you will get paid for subsequent reviews. It is very particular about receiving honest reviews about the books you read, so writing a detailed and clear review helps.

As per the website, you can get paid anywhere between $5–$60 per review.

#3. The US Review of Books

The US Review of Books hires freelance book reviewers to write reviews about books for publication. You can send your résumé and sample work to be considered for this job. You can choose the books to review once they are posted for reviews. The review should be around 250–300 words and should be submitted within 2–3 weeks.

The payments are made via monthly checks.


#4. Reedsy Discovery

With Reedsy, you can earn extra money reading books. On Reedsy Discovery, you can simply sign up on the website and choose the books to be reviewed before they are launched.

There is no pay as such, but the readers can pay you $1, $2, or $5 if they enjoyed your review.

#5. Women’s Review of Books

Women’s Review of Books is a very popular publication that particularly caters to female audiences. If you want to become a book reviewer with this magazine, then you have to send in your résumé along with a writing sample.

This magazine is particularly looking for experienced book reviewers, so if you are one, then there is a good chance you will be accepted.

The pay is $100 per review.

#6. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is an online magazine that publishes reviews in many genres. It is known to regularly hire freelance book reviewers in areas like music, romance, economics, sports, young adult, fiction, ancient history, etc.

It prefers people who have education and experience in specific areas, but you can apply even as a beginner.

You can send in your résumé with a sample review to apply for this role.

The pay, as per the website, is a modest honorarium per review.

#7. Booklist Publications

Booklist Publications is a review journal for general public and librarians. It has around 8,000 reviews yearly, and you can choose to become a freelance book reviewer for this website.

The reviews should be no longer than 175 words, and before applying, you need first to understand the writing style. The pay for the reviews is $15 per book review.

It is always looking for people with diverse backgrounds for this position.

#8. Writerful Books

With Writerful Books, you will be getting paid to read contemporary novels from American, Australian, British, Irish, and New Zealand authors. The reviews should be up to 350 words, and you can fill out the online application and send in your recent reviews to be considered for this role.

If you give top quality reviews, you will be rewarded with a $100 Amazon gift voucher initially. It pays around $10 to $50 per book to their experienced and trusted book reviewers, depending on the length of the review.

#9. getAbstract

getAbstract is another legit book review sites that pays you to write helpful reviews for its readers. getAbstract hires freelance writers on and off in different genres. If you are interested in this job, send in your résumé and some writing samples to apply for this role.

The pay is not mentioned on the website but is on a freelance basis.

#10. Instaread

If you are happy to write more detailed reviews on hundreds of books, then Instaread is the best choice. Every review has to be around 1,000 to 1,500 words, so if you are someone who loves describing the books you have read in detail, this could be a great choice.

The pay is around $100 per review. You should follow their style guide and guidelines strictly. You can download the app to get more information about the reviews.

#11. Any Subject Books

Any Subject Books hires people to read books and give detailed and honest reviews. It values in-depth reviews more than short and redundant ones. You can choose the genres you want to read from, and the pay is on a book-by-book basis.

More Ways to Get Paid to Read Books (Get Free Books)

Below are some of the websites that give you free books for your reviews. This is another way to grab free books in return for doing something that you love doing.

#12. NetGalley

You can sign up for free to read books on NetGalley and give honest reviews. You can request or be invited to read new digital galleys as a member.

#13. LibraryThing

As a LibraryThing Early Reviewer, you can sign up for free on the website and request books you are interested in to review. If you are chosen, you can get the book for free and post your review on the website.

#14. NewPages

You can write short reviews of around 100–200 words on new magazines, books, or individual pieces of writing with NewPages. In return, your review will be published on the NewPages blog.

#15. Tyndale Blog Network

With My Reader Rewards Club from Tyndale Blog Network, you can earn reward points for writing reviews or referring friends to the network. You can redeem for books on its website.

#16. BookBrowse

BookBrowse members get a chance to get free copies of books in return for their reviews through First Impressions. Usually, they are advanced reading copies and are available once a month for members.

The review should be submitted within 4 weeks and should not be more than 300 words.

#17. Moody Publishers

With Moody Publishers, you get advanced reading copies for giving your detailed review within 60 days of receiving the copy.

Bonus Ways to Get Paid to Read Books

#1. Proofreading

Proofreading is another great way to get paid to read books. If you have a keen eye for detail, you can get paid to read unpublished books by authors. Though you don’t need any experience or expertise to get started, having the ability to find mistakes in documents and excellent grammar skills are a must for getting this job.

If you are interested in learning how to start a proofreading business, here is a free workshop to learn more.

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#2. Voice Acting

Voice actors are the voices behind cartoons, live events, announcements, video games, movies, advertisements, and audiobook narrations. As an audiobook narrator, you will be paid to read books. This is a really fun job if you love book reading. The basic requirement to get this job is having a dedicated studio with the right equipment. 

Want to know more? Here is a detailed post about how to become a voice actor.

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Can you get paid to read books aloud?

Yes, you can. Whether it is voice acting for brands or reading books for ACX, where you work as an audiobook narrator, you can make a career reading books aloud.

Can you make a living reading books?

Yes. You can make a living reading books. It depends on which path you choose. If you are just reviewing books, you might make less, but if you are going for careers like proofreading or audiobook narration, you can earn a good income.

How much do book reviewers get paid?

It depends on the length of the book and the hours you invest in reviewing it. Book reviewers can earn around $5 to $50 per book review, but most of the time, companies compensate book readers with free books rather than money for the reviews.

It’s more profitable to opt for proofreading or audiobook narration, as they can give you more than a full-time income.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to earn money, and for all the book nerds, book reviewing is the easiest way of all of them. Depending on the sites you choose, you can get paid in cash or get free books.

Check out the above websites to start your book reviewer gig and get paid to do what you love—reading books!


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