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Almost everyone  experiences the student phase in life where you want to get rid of your old textbooks to earn some extra money.

I did too!

It is much easier now than ever to sell textbooks online with so many bookselling marketplaces available today.

Now you don’t have to run around selling them to your friends or doing garage sales. In the last decade, many legit and exclusive bookselling platforms have come up. Anyone can use these websites to make some extra money and also get rid of clutter.

Here are the best websites to sell textbooks online

#1. BookScouter

One of the most trusted book selling companies is BookScouter. The greatest advantage of selling books with BookScouter, which has around 30 vendors listed on its platform, is that you get to compare and sell for the best prices.

It also has an app that makes it easier to sell books online. The time it takes to get paid depends on the vendor, but usually, you get paid within 1–3 days after the vendor receives the shipment.

#2. Decluttr

As the name suggests, Decluttr helps you to clear the clutter in your home. Whether it’s books, electronics, video games, phones, tablets, CDs, you can sell anything on Decluttr.

With over 3 million products sold in 12 months, Decluttr  is a popular online marketplace.

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#3. BooksRun

BooksRun is another marketplace where you can sell textbooks of any subject. Its process is simple and easy to follow. Just type in the ISBN to see your selling options.

Once you decide to sell your textbook, print the prepaid shipping label and ship your book. You will get paid within 4–5 days after it receives and assesses the shipment.

Payments are made via PayPal or check.


#4. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest marketplace where you can sell your books. Amazon gives you two ways to sell textbooks online. You can either choose the buyback option or sell on Amazon directly.

With the buyback option, you don’t have control over the price, and you get paid via Amazon gift cards. If you choose to sell directly on Amazon, then you can set your own price (minus the Amazon fees) and get paid in cash once your book sells.

You have to keep in mind that with the direct selling option, you will also be paying the shipping costs and marketing it by yourself.

#5. Bookbyte

Bookbyte is one of the oldest companies in online bookselling. The process is pretty simple; if your book is still in reusable condition, check the price of it. If you want to go ahead, print the shipping label and ship it. You will receive the money via check or PayPal after Bookbyte receives the shipment and processes it, which takes around 17 to 20 days.


CASH4YOURBOOKS is a company that accepts textbooks mostly with publication dates within the last three years. The company follows the same process as Bookbyte. You can enter the ISBN and get a price quote. If you are happy with the price, then print the prepaid shipping label and ship your book. You get paid within an average of 13 days from the day you send the book. Payment is through check or PayPal.

#7. TextbookRush

Founded in 1994 in Ohio, TextbookRush is another excellent bookselling platform if you have a pile of used books. With this company, you need to find the edition of the book you are selling as it will not purchase editions that are not listed. You can ship your books once your address is verified and you choose your payment method.

TextbookRush also sells video games, movies, and electronics. That’s another chance to make extra cash!

#8. CampusBooks

Like BookScouter, CampusBooks is another place to compare prices and sell your books for the best price. As mentioned on the website, some buyback websites may also ask for supplemental material when you are selling a book, and the method of payments are check, PayPal, or store credit.

#9. ValoreBooks

With ValoreBooks, you can sell textbooks, novels, biographies, etc. It compares prices with hundreds of buyers, and it even does price match if you find a better price somewhere else.

You get paid via check or PayPal.

#10. SlugBooks

Founded in 2008, SlugBooks is a trusted place to sell your textbooks online. This website compares a lot of buyers and options to sell back once you type in the ISBN of your book. With the free shipping label, you can drop in your book in the mail, and once Slugbooks receives it, you get your money.

#11. BookFinder

With over 15 million books for sale, BookFinder founded in 1997, is one of the top bookselling options for anyone who is willing to sell textbooks online. It uses the same process as SlugBooks by comparing buyback prices to get the best price.

It also accepts books from the UK and Canada, and the payment method is via check or PayPal.

#12. eCampus

Once of the benefits of eCampus is that your books get massive exposure to over one million students. Once you list your book with the price and a buyer is interested in buying your book, you ship it and share the tracking information in the eCampus marketplace. eCampus charges a fee of 15% on every sale. Payments are made weekly via direct deposit.

You can also become a bulk seller on the platform, and in addition to the sale price, you will get shipping credit.

#13. Sell Back Your Book

Sell Back Your Book claims to have already paid out millions of dollars to booksellers. With the mobile app, Sell Back Your Book makes it easy for anyone to sell books on its platform. Once you ship your books, the payment will be made available in two days (after assessment).

Payments are made via PayPal or check.

Selling textbooks is easy, profitable, and great for the environment as well.

With so many options, it is super easy to list and sell your textbooks even from your phone. Selling books is another way to earn some extra cash if you are looking for side jobs

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