I am always on the look out for extra income ways. 21 Free Tools & Websites to Make MoneyMany of us are. I love that there are so many ways to make money online, and these endless possibilities grow every day.

Isn’t it great to have some extra cash handy for the holidays?

Why do I look for such things?

It’s quite simple. These are the quick wins and come in handy whenever you need money. Whether it is saving for any unexpected circumstances or building up your holiday fund or making some extra cash for your shopping.

I am listing around 21 tools like surveys, apps, gigs which I think might help you to make around $1000 a month.

How much you earn from all of these depends on your participation and the offers you get. So, give them a try.

Give your opinion

American Consumer Opinion

american consumer opinion homescreenVery legitimate and reliable survey panel. I love their surveys because even if you screen out, you get points. You can get some excellent products to test as well. You can make around $150/month and for the longer surveys, you get the products to test.

Sign up for American Consumer Opinion here.


Vindale Research

vindale research homescreenThe only research panel which may pay up to $50 per survey. You can do many things apart from taking surveys, like reading emails, watching videos but the surveys are worth your time.

Sign up Free for Vindale Research.


Survey Club

survey club homescreenSurvey Club is a unique survey company which offers paid surveys, research panels, clinical trails and much more. The surveys sometimes can go up to $75. You can get paid through PayPal or gift cards.

Sign up here for Survey Club.


VIP Voice

vip voice homescreenThis survey panel is very famous for the fact that you win prizes like vacations. From VIP Voice, you get rewarded with points by bidding on electronics and win vacations. If you like the playing and bidding game, then this is the survey for you.

Sign up Free for VIP Voice here.


Valued Opinions

valued opinions homescreenThis is another favorite survey panel with a regular flow of surveys coming every day. I get about 3-4 surveys every day, and most of them are between $5-$10. The best part is you get the survey in your email so that you don’t have to visit the website all the time.

Sign up for Valued Opinions here.


Harris Poll Online

harris poll online homescreenThis is a legitimate survey panel backed by Nielsen, and you should not be surprised if you earn $50 for some surveys.

Sign up Harris Poll Online here.

If you do most of the surveys sent by all these panels, you can make around $300-$400 per month.


There are some things you should keep in mind to make surveys worth your time.

  • Do the surveys while you are doing other things like watching TV, reading. In this way, you are making money while doing others things, and it works out better
  • Have a separate email address for the surveys. It gets organized more this way, and all of them are at one place
  • Do cash out once you become eligible
  • Take advantage of referrals. You can make more passive income this way
  • Sign up for most of the surveys, mostly the cash or gift card ones. In this way, you can have a continuous flow of money


Surf the Internet


swagbucks five dollar sign up bonus homescreenSwagbucks is the most popular get-paid-to-do survey panel around. It is the most authentic and has paid $136 million to its users. You can search the internet, which is the most passive way to make money with Swagbucks. Other than that you can watch videos, play games, shop to earn extra cash.

With the search option, I easily make around $50-$60 a month.

Sign up for Free $5 Bonus Swagbucks here.



inbox dollars homescreenAnother awesome panel with many things to earn money. You can read emails, watch ads, play games, give your opinion and of course search the internet. You also get $5 bonus when you sign up. The key to making most with Inbox Dollars is, spread out your activities.

Sign up for FREE InboxDollars here.


Bing Rewards

An excellent way to make some money while do your search on the web. Just sign up for Bing and do your normal search. You accrue credits and redeem them for gift cards.

You can earn around $200-$300 from all the above.


To make most out of these tools

  • Try to do all your searches with these browsers
  • Do your online shopping through these panels to make most out of them
  • Apart from searches, you can watch videos and do other things, which can add a little extra


Download and Earn

Nielsen Digital Voice

nielsen digital voice homescreenNielsen is an A+BBB rating company, so there is no doubt about the legitimacy. You have to download the app onto your PC or phone. It runs quietly in the background. You can enter into sweep stake entries and win anything between $25-$1000 every month.

Sign up for Nielsen Digital Voice here.



qmee homescreenQMEE is a browser extension which will help to earn some extra cash whenever you do searches. The amount is not much, but it does add up. Whenever QMEE sidebar pops up during your searches, click on the ad and the cash gets added to your PayPal. It is only available in US and UK.



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Be Social and Make Money


social spark homescreenWith SocialSpark you can make money using your social media platforms. You have to register and add your Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles on the website, and it will show how much you can quote to be paid. The brands will contact you whenever there are campaigns.

You can make good money from this if your social media following is large. You can make anywhere from $1- $300 per campaign depending on your following.


Shop and Earn


ebates homescreenRakuten is the most famous cashback website which has over 1,700 online stores. Most of us do our entire shopping online, so why not get some cash back for your purchases? You can do all your shopping conveniently on your phone from the app. The best part, it’s all Free and you get $10 when you sign up.

Sign up for Rakuten here and receive $10 for a limited period.



ibotta homescreenAnother superb cashback website which is equally popular. Ibotta users have earned over $121 million in cash back. Like Rakuten, Ibotta has a massive list of retailers. And for a limited time, Ibotta is giving $10 to new users to sign up.



top cashback homescreenOne more cash back website with 6,000,000 members around the world. It has a substantial presence in China, Japan, UK and India. What makes it different from others is, it also gives coupon codes. That’s double savings in your pocket.


Checkout 51

checkout 51 homescreenSimilar app to Ibotta and a great cash back tool. You just have to upload the receipts after buying, and you get your specified cash back. Along with the app, Checkout 51 also has a web browser which makes it easier for users.


Take Photos and Make Money


foap homescreenYou can start making money by selling photos on Foap. It is a marketplace for many amateurs and experts to sell their photos. In general, your photos can be sold for $10 minimum. You get a chance to sell your photos to big brands through ‘Missions’. They are campaigns where you can upload your photos, and if selected you can get paid anywhere from $100-$400.

Go ahead and upload your photos just for fun sake, you might make some money.

Download Foap here for IOS and Android.



clashot homescreenAnother excellent app to market your photos. Clashot is a part of Depositphotos, and the prices for the photos range from $0.50-$80.  You just have to upload your pictures, and whenever your shot gets sold, you get your commission. The more photos you upload, more chances of getting noticed.



snapwire homescreenSnapwire has challenges where buyers or brands post their projects and requirements. The photo shooters submit their photos, and if they get nominated by the purchaser, then direct selling starts. I have participated in some campaigns in Snapwire, and it can get you before many big brands.

Download Snapwire here for IOS and Andriod.


Test Websites


analysia homescreenStart testing websites for Analysia and start making $10 per test. After registration on the website, you will get alerts about available tests. Usually, the tests take about 15-20 minutes. You don’t need any technical knowledge for this.


What users do

what users do homescreenThis company has opportunities for international testers. You can get paid $8 per test. A test takes about 10-15 minutes. You will have to download a screen recorder to record your voice.



try my UI homescreenAnother good testing company to join is TrymyUI. You can register and start testing for $10 per test. Usually, a test takes about 20 minutes. Start testing now.


Invest spare change and Make Money


acorns homescreenAcorns is an app which invests your spare change. It invests the change from the daily purchases and builds a diversified portfolio. Once you reach minimum $5 in your account, the money gets invested in ETF’s. This is an excellent way to see your money grow in no time and not go through the pain of investing massive amounts.

Sign up here to set up your Acorns account.

This is a huge list of some tools which can make and save money for you this holiday season. Go ahead and sign up for them to get your extra cash to spend on all the goodies.


What are your ways of making extra money? Are there any more tools which can add some cash?











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