How To Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk


How To Make Money With Amazon Mechanical TurkHave you heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk?

You must have.

It is a unique crowdsourcing platform of Amazon which lets you earn money online by doing various micro tasks.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great way to earn some extra income in your spare time doing simple tasks like data entry, surveys, filling forms, etc. Though the individual pay for these tasks is less, how much you make on mTurk depends on the availability of tasks and the kind of tasks that you get.


What is Amazon Mturk

It is a crowdsourcing platform where ‘Requesters’, the people who pay you for the work and ‘Workers’ are going to come together.

There is no doubt about the credibility of this platform as Amazon backs it.


How much do you get paid

The pay might not be much, as it pays quite low like in cents. But this entirely depends on the type of tasks you get. Sometimes you might get good paying tasks like writing a 400-word article paying $40 or a data mining gig worth $15. It’s not uncommon to see people getting paid over $50 for some tasks.

But I would suggest you to start on this crowdsourcing platform expecting only extra income.



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What type of tasks do you get

The tasks are called ‘HITs’ in mTurk. The kind of work you get is varied, and you might get data mining gigs, data entry tasks, freelance writing, filling forms, transcription gigs.

The projects you can get are very diverse, and mostly they are not too time taking.


The sign-up process

You can sign up on the home page with all the details. It can take some time for your application to get accepted. Keep in mind that everyone who applies is not accepted. You can apply for mTurk even if you are not in the USA, the only thing that differs is your payment process.

After getting accepted, you will be on probation for about ten days, during this time you are allowed to do up to 100 HITs.


Tips to remember

These are some points you need to remember if you are thinking of being a mTurker.

  • It takes some time for your application to get reviewed, and it is possible that it might get rejected
  • In the start you need to qualify for the HITS. Even though the tasks may pay little, this is necessary to go to the next level
  • After you complete your probation period, try to choose the HITS which pay more, to make it worth your time
  • Requesters have the authority to accept or reject your work, so avoid spammy requesters, check on their ratings
  • Good paying HITS are taken very quickly, so keep a check of the upcoming HITS which pay well
  • Just to get the worth of your time, I would suggest doing this during your break times
  • And finally remember, though there might be people who are making good money with this, it is surely an extra income earner

With such a legitimate company backing it, Mechanical Turk is one of the many ways to earn some extra cash online, and this can be one of the many eggs in your hustle basket.


You can also try some of the following side hustles. They can be great extra income earners too.

Website Testing – This can be another side income earner for you if you are not looking to use a phone. Though the work might not be available all the time, you can get paid around $10 for about 20 minutes of looking around and speaking out your opinions about the tested website. You can try Analysia, Whatusersdo, User testing for this side gig.

Uber – If you have a car in good condition and love driving, then you might have another way to make extra income. You can be an Uber driver and start making around $19 to 23 an hour. It is an excellent way to earn money if you have some extra time.

Flipping – I am surprised at how profitable this side business is. Actually, it can be a main income earner for you. Melissa earned over $40,000 last year flipping thrift store items part-time. And she doubled it this year, making over $130,000. Cool, right?!! This can be a super fun and flexible side hustle and can make more than $20/hour.



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