pinteresting strategies reviewToday, I have an interesting review about the eBook which has exploded my traffic. As you know, I started my blog a year ago, and I feel so grateful that in this one year I have begun earning a full-time income from my blog.

Is it realistically possible to do that in a year?

Yes, it is.

It is mostly because of the traffic I get. And Pinterest is the biggest reason.

From the start of my blogging journey, I did not invest in anything related to Pinterest other than Pinteresting Strategies. Carly was offering this eBook as a freebie with another learning resource.

Carly really studies Pinterest, at least that’s what I think. She got 200,000 page views to her 7-month-old blog, and most of that traffic was from Pinterest. Her traffic stats in June were, even more, mind blowing over 500,000 page views and her blog is just over a year old!! WOW!!

After applying the tips in the eBook, my traffic literally exploded. Now, I get over 100,000 page views from Pinterest alone every month.

Why am I doing this review?

Actually this review is long time coming for the incredible results I got from it. Many of my readers who have started blogging are having a hard time getting page views and through this review, if I can help them, I would be really happy.



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What is the overview of the eBook?

Pinteresting Strategies

This 82-page eBook has 14 chapters with tips on how to get the traffic from Pinterest. This eBook goes in-depth on how to pin to group boards to get most repins.

Chapter 1: Sometimes it IS about traffic
Chapter 2: First things first; for profitability
Chapter 3: Setting up your Pinterest profile: tips for success
Chapter 4: How to set up rich pins
Chapter 5: What makes a great pin?
Chapter 6: Pinterest (thinks) it can see your pins
Chapter 7: Start Pinning!
Chapter 8: Group Boards
Chapter 9: My Pinterest Strategy
Chapter 10: The crazy overwhelming-ness of pinning like this
Chapter 11: Keeping on top of group boards
Chapter 12: Do Pinterest followers matter?
Chapter 13: Regarding deleting pins
Chapter 14: Final Pinteresting Thoughts?


Why I recommend it?

Ok, I have invested in many eBooks and courses (almost all of which have been very helpful), but this eBook is the resource that helped me to get over 1.6 million reach on Pinterest.

There are many reasons I love this eBook,

  • It goes in-depth like literally step-by-step on how to pin to the group boards (I have not seen this being discussed anywhere else). This is great for beginners who have no idea on how many pins to pin or timings they should pin
  • I have read a lot about manual pinning, and it is the way to go if you want to be found in the Pinterest feed. And this eBook is fully based on manual pinning, and it explains the whole process in an easy way
  • My results speak for this amazing eBook. I went from 700k reach to over 1.6 million. That just means reaching more audience on Pinterest, and in turn, means more traffic


My results

Below is the snapshot of my Pinterest profile and my google analytics. You can see that after I started working on the Pinteresting Strategies, my traffic went up. That in turn means increase in  income.

Pinterest Reach Screenshot


Some final words

If you are a blogger working on improving your Pinterest game, then this eBook is for you. Before this eBook, I had very minimal traffic from Pinterest. And after implementing the points from this eBook, I am getting more than 100,000 page views from Pinterest every month.


Want to know what other Bloggers think about this Ebook?

“I started using Pinteresting Strategies after my set-and-forget Pinterest plan started to fail. After three months of my traffic diving, I was ready to try something new. The difference was almost immediate. Not only did traffic increase, but I was interacting with my boards daily, seeing how they moved (or didn’t) and what type of pins were working for other bloggers. Since implementing the strategies my traffic has continued to grow and I’m now much more confident in how I use Pinterest” –Emma Healey,

I purchased Carly’s ebook after reading your income and traffic report earlier this month. After making a few tweaks, I’ve started to see an improvement in my traffic from Pinterest towards the end of the month” – Yandra@smartnancials

I know Pinterest is hard to understand, but with this eBook you can get in the game and kickstart your Pinterest traffic.





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