month 7 update

Today, I am sharing my monthly update and income report with all of you. Last month was nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

I had many ups and downs, and in spite of those, I made big progress in some areas of my blog. I am very excited to share all those things with all of you.

It is my 7th month of blogging, and I have learned so much in these seven months—from how to diversify my income getting traffic to increasing my followers to trying to find out what exactly my readers want.

It is very helpful for me, and maybe for you too, to see what worked and what didn’t work with my blog. This can help you to work on the things that might give better results in your blogging journey.

There are two reasons I share my blog update and income report: first, to be accountable, and second, to show you no matter how young your blog is, you can make money from it.

Now, let’s get into the details of my last month:


Crowd Work News - Google Analytics Screenshot

My page views were over 100,000. It is the first month that I had a dip in my stats. The main reason for this was that I believe there was low traffic from Pinterest, and apparently many bloggers were affected by this too.

I am happy with the fact that this fall in traffic has not impacted my income in a big way. I am looking into diversifying my traffic sources in the coming months. Let’s hope the numbers are up again next month.

The posts that are still getting me good traffic, including some new posts I published last month, are Review: Make Money from Home as a Captioner (41.9K shares)
How to Make Money without a Job – 27 Legit Ways in 2023 (20.2K shares)
32 Top Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour or More in 2023 (5.4K shares)
How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Make $35–$50/HR (Without Any Experience) (2.7K shares)
Secret to Making Money with Online Surveys (1.1K shares)
24 Legitimate Part-Time Online Jobs in 2023 (1.3K shares)

The bounce rate is still a bit high, but the returning visitors are growing. I believe writing longer posts will lower the bounce rate, and I hope to see that number go down in future.

Below are my past month updates:

How I Got over 16,000 Page Views in the First Month of Blogging
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Now, I am happy to share this growth with you. I had a target of reaching 800 subscribers this month. My list is up to 891 now. It is a great win for me considering I have just started to grow my list.

Both of my freebies are converting well, and I am planning on creating another opt-in soon.


Pinterest is another area of my blog where I saw BIG growth last month. My followers have grown to 4K.


I love the way my Pinterest following is growing and hope to give more useful and new content to my followers.

I owe a large part of this to Pinteresting Strategies. I have been testing timings and content to pin, but the backbone of my Pinterest strategy is manual pinning.

I highly recommend this eBook if you want to see significant results from Pinterest.


My Facebook reach is also growing at a good pace. I am still experimenting with timings and sharing more useful content. Of what I have come to understand, sharing viral posts in your niche helps you get a considerable increase in followers.

I refer to Strategies Worth Sharing for all the tips I need. This is the only eBook I have used for my Facebook page, and it has worked for me.


I am not focusing on Twitter for now except for sharing other people’s content and posting my posts. I might work on it at a later stage. For now, I will be working on other platforms that are getting me traffic.


For the past month, I have been posting regularly on Instagram. I see some growth, but I believe if I am persistent, I can see a significant change. I will be working more on this next month

Now, for the income part:

Below is my income update for the past month. I earned over $4,000, and it was mainly from affiliate marketing and advertising.


Affiliate Income

Survey Affiliates (iGain, MaxBounty, Panthera Network) – $2,599.53
Bluehost – $260
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – $177.20
Strategies Worth Sharing – $40
Traffic Transformation – $30
30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success – $42
5 Ways to get FREE Items to Resell for Profit – $4
Pinteresting Strategies – $67.20
Amazon – $14.63
Indeed – $11.09
BookScouter – $5.85
Grammarly – $1.20

Ads – $798.37


BoardBooster – $15
Grum – $18

NET INCOME $4,018.07

If you want a side hustle or a part-time work-from-home option or even a possible full-time income, then start a blog. It is the most flexible work-at-home job you can have with great income potential. I have a very easy step-by-step guide to starting your blog.

Even though my traffic was lower than the previous month, this month’s income is still good considering the fact that blogging is still my side hustle.

I am slowly diversifying my sources of revenue, and they are converting very well. I plan on doing this further. There are many ways you can make money blogging like affiliates, ads, sponsorships, products, etc.

My major income comes from affiliates, and I am very happy with it. Affiliate marketing is the most passive way of making money from a blog.

And the biggest help I got early on when I started my blog that helped me reach this point is from the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course. This is the only course I recommend to anyone wanting to make money from their blog. The bonuses this course has are insane and totally worth more than its price.

Things I Did

I have begun looking into SEO and optimizing my posts. I did have the Yoast plugin but never utilized it fully. I hope to see more growth in page views organically. Presently, I am reading an eBook for SEO, and I am finding it useful. I will surely update you all once I finish it.

My opt-ins are still doing well, and I plan on making more freebies for my readers. I am happy that my 5 Point Checklist for Getting Traffic freebie is doing well. I have shared what tips worked for me to get such good traffic in the early stages of my blog.

What I Learned

In the process of diversifying traffic, I have been discovering more and more channels for promotion like Flipboard. I am totally new to it and still need to get the hang of it. I am trying to work more on Google+ as it is a very important factor in getting organic traffic.

But one thing I have learned is there are other ways of getting a considerable amount of traffic apart from the usual social media channels.

What’s Next

There are many things I have planned for next month like some excellent side hustle interviews, more different money-making tips, and more work-at-home jobs for all my readers.

With so many online and offline hustles coming up every day, I am always excited to research more and discover new ways of making money.


I am working on increasing my traffic to 130,000 page views by next month. Now that the Pinterest traffic is getting back to normal slowly and with a little increase in Facebook traffic, I might be able to achieve this target. Wish me luck!!


As I always say, I never set a goal for myself regarding income. I always focus on increasing the income, and even if it is a slight increase, it is still growth.


After achieving my last month’s target, I would love to grow my list to 1,000 next month. That’s a big goal but achievable. With the opt-ins doing well, I hope to meet this goal.

For new bloggers, the whole blogging thing can feel like too much to handle when it comes to some aspects of getting traffic, making money, and increasing followers.

But it can be a smooth process if you implement the right strategies. Here are some resources that helped me to reach this stage. I highly recommend them, and they can be quite helpful—no matter what stage of blogging you are at.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – This is by far the best course I have ever taken, and it has helped me with many aspects of affiliate marketing. This course is a must for anyone who is serious about making money from a blog.

Pinteresting Strategies – Carly’s Pinterest strategies helped me grow my traffic exponentially, and in turn, my income. I have tested them, and they work.

Traffic Transformation – I love Lena’s eBook for the fact that she dives into getting traffic from less frequently used platforms like StumbleUpon and Google+.  

Strategies Worth Sharing – This is an eBook that I bought even before starting my blog, and it helped me to reach 700+ likes on Facebook. With Facebook being the second biggest referral for traffic for many bloggers, you need to invest in this eBook to grow your traffic.

Bluehost – I have had a great experience with Bluehost. Blogging is a great side hustle, and if you are waiting to start a money-making blog on a budget, then Bluehost is the way to go.

Here’s to the new month and new goals!!

How to Grow Your Traffic as a New Blogger

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