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Working from home for over a decade has taught me many things.

The number one thing I’ve learned is the importance of having killer time management skills.

Every day I get many emails from people who want to work from home but are clueless about how they are going to manage kids at home. I cannot stress enough that you need to perfect this one skill to be able to work from home efficiently.

It’s something that has given me more time to spend with my family, ensured I achieve work goals, allowed me to be more focused on growing my business, and finally have some “me-time.”

Top 5 Time Management Skills You Need to Work from Home

#1. Outsource Tasks

Are you spending endless hours doing things that could be done by someone else while you focus more time on your business/remote job? I am sure you’re wasting more time than you know. The whole of the work-from-home tribe is guilty of this most of the time.

It can be hard to let go and outsource. But believe me, once you remove some of the routine work from your plate, you can focus more effectively on your business. Especially in business, the return on investment of your time increases when you outsource some tasks like social media management, admin work, or any virtual assistance stuff.

When you outsource tasks to experts, you can be sure of getting the work done and also achieving bigger business goals.

#2. Plan is Everything

Working from home is only enjoyable when you plan everything ahead. Whether you work around kids or work alongside your roommate, remote work is only sweet if you are prepared for it.

Plan, Plan, Plan. That’s the only mantra you need to become a work-from-home success. Planning is vital to boost your productivity when you work from home. Be it a meeting with colleagues or an online presentation or a daily target to achieve, plan everything.

Planning your day can also mean you have a healthy balance of work and family/personal time, which is the essence of working from home. Use apps like Todoist, Evernote, or Trello (great for teams), or start using your Google Calendar to plan your day and make it work.


#3. Take Breaks

Of course, everyone thinks working from home is a breeze, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. Taking short breaks is more important when you work from home. Imagine having your toddlers jump around while you are working on an important project.

It seems impossible, right?! Well, you can make this work by taking small breaks when you feel overwhelmed with work or when it’s nearly impossible to focus.

These breaks can give you time to reenergize, clear your mind, probably even play with your toddler. 🙂 A stroll around the corner, a mini TV break, a short playtime with your kid, or even a short nap if you can afford one—all these can gear up your mind and prepare you for a whole day of work.

#4. Embrace Technology

I firmly believe remote workers make up the majority of users of smart apps and smart technology.

Whether you work with a remote team or are a C-suite executive, using technology can give you the most productive work environment. The ones I love are Slack, Zoom, Team Viewer, Dropbox, Now Do This, Grammarly, and Pocket.

GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting is also a great tool if you want to connect with your team or make presentations. Another smart tool I use is LastPass, which is amazing for security and storing all your passwords.

Working from home does not always mean you will be at home; most of my blogging peers start their day in a cafe working on their blogs. If you are out working on your laptop, your staple technology kit should include a good power bank, a mobile hotspot, etc.

#5. Create a No Distraction Zone

I know it’s hard to do this, but if you are planning to work from home for a reasonable amount of time, then create a separate work space for yourself.

If you are a family with kids, then it might seem like an impossible task to create a home office, but it’s something that will save your day. Having a dedicated space to work will create boundaries between your work and your family.

It’s not a rule set in stone when you work from home, but having boundaries is something you can always aim toward.

The freedom to work from home is something almost everyone wishes for, but to balance work and family effectively is a skill in itself. Taking the help of technological advancements and seamlessly managing your work and life is the key to becoming a work-from-home hero.

I have been doing this for a long time, and I am sure you can too!

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