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Today in this Decluttr review, you will find out how this amazing app can help you to earn money from the things you were going to throw away anyway.

There are millions of ways to earn income online these days. It does not matter whether you have a phone or a laptop, you can make extra income from the comfort of your home.

Sometimes you do not have to look too hard for ways to make money, especially if you can do it just by selling the junk in your house. 

Did you know how much unused clutter lies around like old CDs, electronic items, etc.?


So how do you make money with all the junk?

Decluttr Review – The Best Way to Turn Your Junk into Money

A little about Decluttr

Decluttr is a website that allows you to sell many of your household electronic items effortlessly online.

What makes it more interesting is it has an app that makes the whole process easier to sell stuff online. So if you are getting ready to earn some extra money, this is the way to go.

How exactly can you make money from Decluttr?

Well, the process is pretty simple. You just have to scan your item code or enter it manually (on a desktop). It will then give you the selling price of the item, and if you choose to sell it, you have to send it to Decluttr.

What makes the whole process easier with Decluttr is that you don’t have to bother with the shipping hassle. It sends you the shipping labels.

What can you sell on Decluttr?

You can sell a lot of stuff on Decluttr like DVDs, video games, books, cell phones, tablets, etc. You can even sell Lego on Decluttr.


What is the process for selling?

You find the stuff you want to sell and scan it through your phone or type out the barcode on the website. After you get the price, Decluttr sends you the shipping labels, and you drop the package at a UPS store.

How much can you earn from Decluttr?

There is no limit to your earning potential from Decluttr. And the best part is you get your payments the next day after your shipments arrive. You get paid through PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Where do you sign up?

You can sign up for Decluttr here and start selling.

Things to note about Decluttr

  • It has an excellent rating on Trust pilot.
  • Its biggest plus is the free shipping.
  • It has paid out over $160 million so far. That number shows its authenticity.

Think of it this way; the stuff that you were going to throw away is going to make you money. Electronic items are hard to sell, and Decluttr makes it super easy to sell them and make quick cash.

Have you used Decluttr? How do you get rid of the clutter? Please share in the comments.

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