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I know that many of you might not have time to do the regular surveys where most of the time the pay might be less than what you expect.  

I think surveys are an excellent way to make some extra cash. I have earned good extra cash with them, but if you are looking to make more, you need to start looking at paid focus groups. They can give a better return for your time spent, as the pay is higher when compared to the regular surveys.

A Little About Paid Focus Groups

What are online focus groups?

Companies invite a group of people to give feedback about a particular product or service, and this usually happens when brands want to get prelaunch feedback about the product.

Focus groups are quite different from regular surveys. The biggest difference is that most of the focus groups are in person or on the phone.

Focus groups can be of different types like clinical trials, product testing, etc.

How much extra cash can you make per focus group?

Focus groups can pay more than surveys. You can easily make around $50–$100. Sometimes, you might be offered product samples for your time. There is no set payment for these studies; it depends on the type of study and the company.

Where can I find focus groups?

There are some ways you can find out what focus groups are available in your area. You can do a Google search to find the ones in your area or dig deeper in Facebook groups.

Another great way to find some events including focus groups is with the app Eventbrite.

Here are some legitimate companies that offer focus group studies.

#1. Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a market research company that has been running for a long time. It offers many surveys like product research, medical surveys, etc. It usually pays through check or PayPal.

#2. Sago

Sago has been in the market since 1986, and it offers online and one-on-one interviews. You will have to apply online, and there is a prescreening test before you get selected for any product tests.


#3. Athena Research

Athena Research is another market research company that recruits around the California area. It has many studies related to shopping, healthcare, product testing, etc. You have to register through its online form. You can also check out the latest study invites on its Facebook page.

#4. Mindswarms

Mindswarms is more of an online focus group study. Participants use a webcam with their smartphones or laptops to participate in the study. It pays $50 per completed study. You have to register online and wait for the invite.

#5. Nichols Research

Nichols Research usually looks for participants in the San Francisco area. The process is simple: you register and wait for the invites for the studies. Apparently, it doesn’t have any online studies.

#6. Adler Weiner Research

Adler Weiner Research is a market research company that has offline opportunities along with shopping visits, interviews, etc. It looks for participants around the Chicago and Los Angeles areas. It reportedly pays around $100–$200 per one to two hour session.

#7. Fieldwork

Fieldwork is more flexible and offers more opportunities in 16 states in the USA. As with other companies, you have to fill out the online application form, and if you are suitable, you get an invitation. The pay can be around $50–$100 per study.

Tips to Remember About Paid Focus Groups

  • As the pay with these focus groups is higher than regular surveys, the competition is greater. So if you get invited, you have to act quickly and respond.
  • Most of the companies are looking for participants in particular cities, and therefore, if you want to find the right opportunities, search in different places like Facebook or do a Google search, but always confirm the legitimacy of the company.
  • Focus groups pay more because they want an in-depth opinion about a product, so you will need some patience when giving answers and always be very honest with your feedback. That way you stand a chance of getting invited again.
  • There is always a prescreening survey/questionnaire when you register, and the invites you get are dependent on the demographics you enter into the survey.
  • Lastly, this is not a steady income source. This is just another way of making some quick cash. But then, a little extra money never hurts anyone, right??

More Steady Income Streams:

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I have been blogging for seven months now, and I make a full-time income from it working part-time hours. There is a lot of debate on whether you can make money from blogging. All it requires is you write about what you love and promote it well. I have a super easy step-by-step guide to starting your own money-making blog within minutes.

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#3. Bookkeeping

If you want to start a thriving work-at-home business, then start bookkeeping. It does not require any prior experience or expertise. The income you can earn from this is really great. You can find out more about this side hustle here.

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