how to sell on amazonToday, I have the most awaited interview about how to sell on Amazon FBA.

I have been waiting to interview Jessica of The Selling Family, who is extremely successful when it comes to selling on Amazon. 

She earned over $100,000 in the first year of her Amazon FBA business, and she shares all her tips through this interview. 

For all of you who have no idea what Amazon FBA is, in simple terms, through Amazon FBA(Fulfillment by Amazon)your products are stored and shipped by Amazon. In a way, Amazon handles all the fussy parts of selling online. The best part is it even handles the customer service. 

How to sell on Amazon FBA in 2024


Hi, Jessica! Please tell us about yourself and how you started with Amazon FBA.

Thanks for having me on this interview today. 🙂 I have been selling online for almost 10 years now.

It just wasn’t always on Amazon.

I got my foot in the door by selling on eBay back in 2008 while I was working full-time. I mainly just used it for “play” money. I got laid off from my full-time job in 2009 and decided to take that eBay hobby and turn it into a full-time gig.

Since this is an interview about Amazon, I’ll get there quickly.

I was making good money on eBay, but there was one problem. It took A LOT of time! Everything I sold, I just had one of. So I would create a listing for each item and then package each item up as it sold. The more I wanted to make, the more time I had to spend in the business.

At the end of 2010, I started hearing about Fulfillment by Amazon and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, having Amazon do the fulfilling for me was a game changer! It meant I could sell more items without adding a bunch of hours in the business shipping and packing.

In 2012, I was making more than my husband was at his full-time job, so he actually left his job, and we made selling on Amazon our family’s full-time income.



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Can you explain in detail what is Amazon FBA?

The FBA in Amazon FBA means “Fulfillment By Amazon.” This is a program where individual sellers (like you and me) can utilize Amazon’s warehouse and shipping methods to sell products to its customers.

Basically, as an Amazon seller, I find my own products to sell (we shop at local retail stores looking for discounted products), and then we send those items to Amazon fulfillment centers across the United States. Once those items sell, they are sent to the customer by Amazon.

It does all of the storing of those products, so we don’t have a garage full of inventory. It also does the customer support, so we don’t personally deal with returns or shipping issues!

It took everything I hated about my eBay business and left me with the fun part…finding good products.

For a better breakdown of how this all works, you can see my beginners guide to selling on Amazon FBA

selling on amazon fba


How much do you have to invest if you want to start selling on Amazon?

People can start with as little or as much as they want to. I recommend that people have about $1,000 to give themselves a really good start.

Since this is an inventory-based business, people have to purchase that inventory before it sells and then wait for Amazon to pay them before they can buy more. It takes a few months before you really see a good snowball of money coming in and going out consistently. I recommend having at least $500 for inventory to start with.

You also need some basic tools and supplies to send your products to Amazon (labels, boxes, a weighing scale, etc). This will run you about $100.

The last bit of money (or the first bit I guess) I recommend you spend is getting a great Amazon training course, like our Amazon Boot Camp.

amazon boot camp


Do you need to have any special skills to start an Amazon business?

Well, you have to enjoy (or at least be able to tolerate) shopping! The whole retail arbitrage business model is based on finding products locally (or even online).

You also need a smartphone and basic computer skills so that you can list your products for sale on Amazon.


What is the earning potential of an Amazon FBA business for a beginner?

This question ties closely to how much a person has to invest in the beginning. The more inventory you have, the more you can make.

We had a member post recently that they hit $1,800 in sales their first 30 days.

Some sellers are looking to add a few hundred dollars extra a month, and others are looking to replace their full-time income. So that makes a difference as well.

Many of our students have gone on to create six-figure businesses just like we did.

The potential is limitless as long as you are willing to put in the work!


What should someone do if they want to try selling on Amazon?

We offer a free 7-day email course that will help you determine if this is the right business choice for you. If you are 100% sure you want to start today, I recommend our Amazon Boot Camp course as it will walk you through the entire process of getting started on Amazon.

We also have tons of great information about selling on Amazon on our blog, which is all free, of course.

amazon fba email course


That’s a lot of information about this great side hustle! I thank Jessica for giving such an in-depth interview about selling on Amazon. 

Still thinking about how to sell on Amazon FBA?

Well, this interview could be your answer. Jessica is an expert at what she does and has built a thriving business selling on Amazon. You won’t get better expert guidance than this.

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I am sure many of you are looking for side hustles, and this could be a great choice if you are searching for something with good money-making potential and a lot of flexibility.



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