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Today I am sharing a list of online chat support jobs you can do from home. Chat support jobs are one of the most flexible and easy jobs you can find if you are searching for online jobs. 

With the digital presence of many businesses, the need for chat agents is increasing significantly. This is the best type of job if you are looking for non phone work

If you are new to the term of chat jobs, please read on.

What are online chat jobs?

Have you ever visited a website and suddenly a chat window pops up? That’s online chat support. Businesses have online chat support to help their customers with their inquiries, complaints, and any kind of troubleshooting. This saves time for the customer and makes it easy for the business to solve the customers’ problems without any phone calls or emails. 

Online chat support is the first contact between the business and a potential customer, so being good at this job is vital. 

22 Best Work-from-Home Chat Jobs:

#1. The Chat Shop

the chat shop

Founded in 2012, this company recruits remote chat agents from select cities in the US and UK. The job involves providing online chat support and sales. To apply, you should have good English speaking skills, excellent grammar, and a typing speed of 65 WPM. Once you apply online and take the assessment, you will be invited for a live chat interview followed by a phone interview. 

Average pay:

$10 per hour

#2. Apple

Apple hires for the Apple-at-home advisor position to help its customers with troubleshooting, technical support, and general questions via phone, email, or chat. To be eligible to apply for this position, you should demonstrate good troubleshooting skills and the ability to work independently. You should have a quiet place to work and have high-speed internet. 

It is good to know Apple products, but it’s not mandatory. Both part-time and full-time positions are offered. 

Average pay:

Around $28 per hour.

#3. LiveWorld

As a social media agent for LiveWorld, you will provide customer service and monitor brand mentions on social media. You will be actively engaging with the users and participating in conversations wherever the brand is mentioned.

To become a social media agent with this company, you need good grammar skills along with 2–3 years of experience in online moderation and engagement. A college degree or equivalent experience is preferred. Some fluency in other languages is also desirable as they regularly hire bilingual agents. 

This company hires for online positions in the US. 

Average pay:

$11 per hour


#4. Arise


As a home-based chat agent for Arise, you are expected to provide customer service to various companies. You are responsible for answering questions and troubleshooting. In business since 1994, Arise is a credible company to work for that offers a lot of flexibility.  

If you are interested, you can apply online and get started. 

Average pay:

$28 per hour according to

#5. ModSquad 

With ModSquad, you will be working in roles like moderator and associate community manager. The work is quite flexible, and you can choose your hours. You will be chatting with customers, moderating web content, and managing online community conversations. To apply for this position, you need to have an understanding of social media platforms and good grammar and writing skills. 

Average pay:

Around $9 per hour

#6. Third Channel

As a Third Channel brand rep, you promote the brands’ products that you align with. The job involves chatting with shoppers and driving sales. You work as an independent contractor, and the pay is per chat. 

Along with the pay, you can also earn incentives that can be redeemed for your choice of products.

Average pay:

Around $10 per hour

#6. TTEC


As a TTEC at home associate, you will provide customer service to clients. Keep in mind that this role needs you to be on the phone to some extent. This company hires in the US and Canada for at home associate roles. 

To apply for this job, you need to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Other requirements include having high-speed internet, a laptop, a landline, and a headset. 

Average pay:

$11 per hour.

#7. SiteStaff Chat

At SiteStaff Chat, you will be working as a chat agent providing customer service and chat support to customers. If you’re interested in applying for this job, you should be able to type around 65–75 words per minute with good command of punctuation, grammar, and spelling, be able to multitask 3–4 chats at a time, have good communications skills, and be able to work independently. 

Average pay: 

Around $10 an hour.

#8. Fancy Hands

fancy hands

Fancy Hands is a company that specializes in providing virtual assistants to businesses. Typical job responsibilities include making phone calls, doing internet research, completing data entry, etc. Some of the tasks might consist of chat support. 

Fancy Hands is looking for people with strong communication skills and knowledge in different fields. You need a computer and a good internet connection to apply to work with this company.

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Average pay:

$3–$7 per task

#9. Concentrix

Concentrix hires work-at-home advisors for customer support and sales. You will learn the nature of the work as you go through the recruitment process, which differs for each client. If you are interested in applying to this company, you need to have a computer, high-speed internet, and a quiet workspace. It takes around 7–10 days to review applications. 

This company has both part-time and full-time positions available, and training is provided once your application is accepted. 

Average pay:

Starts at $10 per hour

#10. OutPLEX

OutPLEX hires work-from-home customer services representatives to handle customer questions, resolve issues, and complete general research via phone or chat. To apply for this job, you should have a high school diploma or GED. 

You also need to have a good typing speed of 30–50 WPM, excellent grammar and spelling, and the ability to multitask. Some prior experience in sales is also helpful. 

Average pay:

Around $12 per hour

#11. Ginger

ginger careers

As a support specialist for Ginger, you will be providing customer service and administrative help to the customers and clinicians. Ability to multitask and strong communication skills are needed for this role. Previous experience in customer care is helpful but not necessary. 

Average pay:

Not mentioned. 

#12. Amazon

Amazon hires customer service associates to communicate with customers/drivers and resolve issues. Some of the job requirements include having good English communication and documentation skills, determining customer needs and providing solutions, and understanding the Amazon website.

You should be over 18 years old, and you must have a high school diploma to apply for this job. 

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Average pay:

$15 per hour.

#13. Foundever

Customer service representatives for Foundever help customers with questions about products and services via chat, email, or phone. You should be at least 18 years of age, and you must have a high school diploma or equivalent to apply for this job. 

Ability to multitask, strong attention to detail, and good customer skills are required for this role. There are many other benefits along with great pay in this job

Average pay:

$11.75–$15 per hour.

#14. Sutherland

With Sutherland, you can work as a chat agent assisting clients worldwide. The work might involve communicating with customers via phone, email, or chat. You should have a high school diploma or equivalent, be able to type at least 30 WPM, and have a minimum of one year of experience in customer service

Other requirements include high-speed internet, a computer, and a headset. 

Average pay:

$14 per hour, but can vary by role.

#15. U-Haul

As a customer service agent for U-Haul, you have to interact with customers about U-Haul truck rentals through chat or phone. This role requires you to have good verbal and written communication skills and inbound call experience, along with one year of customer service experience. The job requires you to work on weekends.

Average pay:

$11 per hour

#16. Asurion

asurion careers

As a chat agent for Asurion, you are responsible for resolving technical issues and troubleshooting. This job requires a high school diploma or equivalent with a minimum of six months of experience in customer service. You should be able to work nights and weekends and have a quiet workspace with high-speed internet.

Average pay:

$13 per hour.

#17. provides technical support solutions to its customers through its tech-savvy chat agents. You need to have sound technical knowledge for this job. The ability to type at least 30–40 WPM, a minimum of one year of experience in customer service, and a willingness to work any schedule are some of the job requirements. 

Once you land the job, there is paid training and a lot of employee benefits in this role. 

Average pay:

$10.25 per hour.

#18. PrestoExperts

If you have extensive knowledge about any subject, then you can join PrestoExperts to tutor or counsel people via chat or email or the Presto Expert Messenger. This is more of a freelance job where you can set your rates and schedule. You can get started by creating your profile, highlighting your qualifications and experience. 

There are many categories like tutoring, counseling, technology services, programming services, etc. that you can join. 

Average pay:

You can set your rates.

#19. Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline handles software solutions in the real estate industry. It hires agents to help with customer questions and technical support. You need to have excellent troubleshooting skills along with good grammar and spelling. 

Average pay:

Not mentioned. 

#20. Weebly

Weebly hires for remote customer service jobs where you will be helping customers with questions about building their websites. A thorough knowledge of the website industry is required for this role. You are also required to have 1–2 years of customer service experience and good communication skills. 

Average pay:

Around $15 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do chat operators make?

According to ZipRecruiter, live chat agents earn around $13 per hour. This also depends on their experience and the company they work for. 

What skills are required to be an online chat agent?

This is one of the jobs that doesn’t require you to have a college degree. Many companies offering online chat support jobs from home accept a high school diploma. Along with this, some businesses ask for technical knowledge.

A chat agent’s soft skills are good typing and grammar skills, the ability to multitask and troubleshoot etc. It would help if you also were quick in attending to customer queries and solving any issues. 

What kind of work does an online chat agent do?

An online chat agent communicates with the customer/client, helping them with their questions, troubleshooting any issues, and sharing their extensive knowledge of the business. 

As an online chat agent, you should have good typing skills, have knowledge about the business/product you work for, and be able to solve the customers’ problems. You should also have a pleasant demeanor and be able to multitask. 

Chat agents are virtual customer service professionals. Though there is no phone usage in this job, you will need a good internet connection with a laptop and headset. 

Best Website for Chat Agent Jobs

Chat support jobs are one of the most sought-after jobs because of the flexibility they provide. It can be a daunting task searching for them. 


FlexJobs is one of the biggest job boards and an excellent resource that helps you find and land the remote jobs you want. It has over 50 job categories and has many chat agents jobs advertised. 

You can rest assured that the jobs are handpicked and absolutely scam-free. Learn more about this legit job board in this review

Alternatives to Work-from-Home Chat Jobs

If you like chat jobs, then you will love the below alternatives.

#21. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps businesses perform various tasks like writing, website management, admin work, social media management, etc. This job is multifaceted, and you can choose any niche you want to get started. The job is pretty flexible, and you can even start your own VA business

Learn more about becoming a virtual assistant in this detailed interview.

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#22. Transcription

Transcription is one the biggest jobs in the work-from-home industry, and it does not involve any phone work. Though you can start this job if you have typing skills, training can be really helpful. There are legit companies that offer online transcription jobs from home. 

Here is a free course you can take to see if this job is what you are looking for.

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Final Thoughts

Online chat support jobs are easy to do if you have the patience and good communication skills. In some roles there is a learning curve depending on which company you apply for.

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