spot work at home scams

Work-at-home scams are the worst.

I have been there.

If you have looked for work-from-home jobs, you will have come across them.

Everybody has seen them.


Work-at-home scams are something you can’t miss even if you are searching for a usual job.

The web is full of these scammy websites which promise you to earn a ridiculous amount of money in no time.

What is the catch?

You would have to pay upfront or give your email id.

Why are there so many spam websites, especially in the work-from-home niche?

The biggest reason scammers target this niche is that working from home is something that most of us want to do.

It seems very enticing when somebody offers you a WAH job earning $6000 a month. So, an average person who wants to work from home will fall for this and get deceived.

There are many authentic jobs that will give you remote positions or telecommuting options or purely work-from-home jobs, and if you find the right one, you can earn $6,000 a month. It’s not impossible.

I have personally come across so many scammy websites or offers that are so convincing and tempting that if I didn’t know better, I would have fallen for them.

There are many warning signs that a website is not legitimate or that it’s scammy, especially when it comes to working from home jobs.

Keep these red flags in mind when you come across work-at-home scams.

Unbelievable Figures

When a website or a job offer promises you that you will make an insane amount of money in a very short span of time, it might sound too good to be true.

It is too good to be true.

If it is an authentic job, then there will be a reasonable rate per hour or payment per project. If all the work-from-home scams were genuine and everybody applied, all would be rich by now.

Do not fall for these insane figures that they advertise as there will be a scam at the end of it. Nobody who just started working has ever made $1,000 in a single day.


Asking for Payment before Starting Work

No legitimate job is going to ask for payment before you start your work. Most of the time, when somebody pays for something before the job starts, they are scammed.

The biggest example of this is the data entry jobs advertised often on the web. This area has been so flooded with scams that every second opportunity in data entry is a scam.

Never pay for the job opportunity; no company will ask you to pay upfront for the job they offer you. 

Online Stock Trading Businesses

Scammers always come up with new ways to trick people into paying the money. This scam has been there for some time. I have personally seen the scammy pop-up come up when I am working, with people talking about how quickly they became millionaires doing stock trading.

Avoid this type of website or pop-up; although they might seem very tempting. Stock trading is a dangerous business, though many have made good fortunes from it by working hard and with good skills.

You are not going to become a millionaire in a month.

Apart from the above, look out for these signs when you have doubts about a website.

Does the design of the website look organized or does it have too many ads?

Do a lot of pop-ups show up when you open the website?

Do the links get redirected too many times?

Is there a proper “About” or “Contact” page on the website?

The scammer usually does not take much interest in creating a good website, so these questions can lead to finding out if the website is authentic. Sometimes, even if the website is genuine and looks good, there will be scams all over it.

Always be very careful about verifying the authenticity and never give any personal financial details.

Have you come across any scams in your journey to working from home??

Please share any more scams that you have seen; it will help others to stay away.SaveSaveSaveSave

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