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Do you want to work from home but have no money to start? There are many work-at-home jobs with no start-up fees that are legit. 

Generally, you should not have to pay any fees to get a work-from-home job. There are some exclusions to this, like paying fees for your background checks or paying for authentic job boards like FlexJobs.

It can be hard to validate how legit a job is if it has some form of upfront payment. So, today I am listing a BIG list of work-at-home jobs in different fields that have no start-up fees, except for some background checks.

Some companies pay for your background check, and some don’t, but it is entirely normal to have a check done before you get the job.

Most of the companies don’t pay for your equipment, and you need to arrange for that. This is one of the requirements to work from home in most of the roles.

Keep in mind that some of the companies below ask for payment for background checks; if that’s not what you are looking for, then jump onto the next company.

Legit Work-at-Home Jobs with No Start Up Fees

#1. Telus International

With Telus, you will be working on filtering the search engine results, and there are many roles that are advertised regularly. The best part is that it hires in many countries from all over the world. There are no fees, and you need to take a test before you get hired. This is a part-time online job. Check its careers page here.


It depends on your location.

#2. Southwestern Fundraising

With Southwestern Fundraising, you can work in the field of data entry. The work is seasonal. There is no fee involved, and you have to take the data entry test to get qualified for the role.


Around $10 per hour.

#3. Working Solutions

Working Solutions hires call center agents to handle inquiries from its clients. You need to apply and complete some tests to get employed.


Around $9 to $20 per hour.

#4. Concentrix

If you are okay dealing with people, then Concentrix could be the right choice for you. This company hires customer care representatives in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. There is no fee involved, and you will be provided paid training if you get selected.

#5. Hilton

Hilton is another famous company that hires work-at-home reservation agents or customer care representatives. You will need a bachelor’s degree and prior experience to apply. There is paid training once you get selected, and it recruits only from the US.


#6. DoorDash

DoorDash hires delivery drivers all the time, and the job is super flexible. You can set your own schedule and choose your hours. Sign up for free to get started.

Recommended review to read:


The pay depends on the number of hours you work and the location.

#7. Rev

Rev is a company that provides services like transcription, captioning, and translation. It regularly hires freelance transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. You need to pass a test before you get recruited.

Recommended review to read:


As per the website, you can earn around $240 per month

#8. Apple

With Apple, you can work as a work-at-home advisor in many states in the US. You need to have a good understanding of the Apple products, as the job involves solving the technical issues for these products. There are no fees, and there is a background check before you get hired. You can check the careers page to see the positions advertised.

#9. Boldly

Boldly is a virtual assistant company that hires VAs from all over the world. The positions are available frequently. There are no fees involved whatsoever, and there are tests and background checks done before getting hired.


The pay is around $18–$22 per hour, depending on the skills and type of work you do.

#10. Teletech

With Teletech, you are hired as a work-at-home agent working in sales, technical, or customer care departments. You must have a high school diploma or GED and at least 6 months of customer service experience to apply.


The pay is around $9 per hour, and there is paid training after you are selected.

#11. hires teachers globally to teach various subjects like accounting, geometry, finance, biology, etc. There is no fee involved, and you need to take a subject exam and do a mock session before getting hired. There is also a background check after you get accepted.

#12. Brainfuse

With Brainfuse, you will be working as an online tutor, teaching different subjects. You will need a degree, and past teaching experience is preferred. You will have to go through a background check before getting hired.


The pay is around $10 per session.

#13. Ask Wonder

You work as a freelance researcher for Wonder. The application process is pretty simple; you need to submit sample answers to some questions, and if they are accepted, you get the job. There are no start-up fees for this job.


The pay is around $8 to $12 per hour.

#14. Appen

Appen hires you as a social media evaluator. The job involves filtering the search results of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are other positions with this company that are entirely remote, like data annotation, internet assessor, etc. There are no fees charged before you get hired.

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The pay is different for different roles.


VIPKid hires tutors with a bachelor’s degree in any field and any formal or informal teaching experience to teach conversational English to Chinese students. There are no fees involved, and it has excellent reviews on

Recommended review to read:


Around $14–$22 per hour.

#16. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite hires legal and general transcribers with at least two years of legal transcription experience and 1+ years of general transcription experience with a typing speed of 65 WPM. It hires in the US and Canada. There is no fee involved, and there will be a background check before you get hired.

Recommended reading:


As per the website, top earners get paid around $3,000 per month.

#17. TranscribeMe

If you are looking for transcription roles, then try applying for TrancribeMe. It accepts transcribers from anywhere in the world, and you need to take its transcriber training program to get started. If you pass it, then you have your account created.

Recommended review to read:

#18. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is another company hiring transcribers globally, and you can work in many fields through this company. There is no start-up fee, and you need to go through a typing test (minimum 60 WPM) and an audio test to get started.

#19. Cambly

You work as an online tutor for Cambly. You can apply online here. There is no fee involved, and you need to record a small video of yourself talking about your experience.


Around $10 per hour.

#20. Qkids

Qkids is an ESL tutoring company that hires teachers from the US and Canada to teach Chinese kids. The requirements to apply are having a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certification like TESOL or TEFL. There are no fees involved to get started. Sign up here to begin teaching for Qkids.


You can earn around $16–$22 per hour.

#21. Time Etc

You can work as a VA for Time Etc, doing a variety of tasks like social media management, admin work, or even travel arrangements. You need to apply online on the website.


Around $11 per hour.

#22. Studypool

You can work as a tutor for Studypool, answering student questions online. You will be answering the questions that get posted by students, and if the student is happy with your answer, you get paid. You need a degree in higher education or to be a university student to teach through Studypool.

#23. Clickworker

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing company where you get to do tasks like data tagging, copywriting, proofreading, etc. You can sign up on the website and get started. There are no fees, and you don’t need any formal qualifications.

#24. Enroll

With the Enroll app, you can do website testing and earn extra cash. Once you register, you will take some sample tests to get an idea of what to test. You will be getting the testing offers delivered to your inbox.

#25. Crowd Content

Crowd Content hires writers and editors to edit blog posts, press releases, website content, etc. You need to fill out the online application and get started with Crowd Content.


You get paid per word, and the payment is through PayPal.

#26. U-Haul

U-Haul hires seasonal reservation agents. There is paid training after you get accepted for the job, and there are no start-up fees.


Around $10 per hour.

#27. AnswerNet

AnswerNet hires live operators to handle calls to prevent fraud. You need to have at least one year of customer care experience to apply.


The pay is around $8.50 per hour.

#28. Call Center QA

You can work from home as a telephone mystery shopper for Call Center QA. You can get started applying online. It is entirely free to start.

Recommended reading:


Around $5–$10 per hour.

#29. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription pays transcribers for work related to entertainment and legal areas. It hires in the US and Canada, and there are no fees involved to get started.

#30. ModSquad

With Modsquad, you can work from home, moderating forums, chats, and social media channels. This is a project-based job, and you can choose your gigs. There are no fees involved, and you can apply on the website.

#31. ICUC

ICUC is another moderation company that hires moderators to work on forums. It may not be currently recruiting, but you can keep a tab on its jobs page.


Around $10 per hour.

#32. Zirtual

You will be working as a virtual assistant for Zirtual, doing a variety of tasks like general admin, email management, scheduling appointments, etc. There are no start-up fees.


Around $12 per hour.

#33. Blooms Today

Blooms Today hires workers to take flower orders. Though this is a seasonal job, there are no fees involved.

#34. Babbletype

With Babbletype, you work in the transcription or translation field. There are no fees mentioned on the website, and you can apply online. There is a test that you need to pass to get hired.

#35. Capital Typing

Capital Typing hires customer support representatives, data entry agents, translators, and transcriptionists. There is no fee involved, and you can apply online on the website.

#36. Amazon

Amazon hires for customer service roles in the US, and there are no start-up fees needed. It advertises the states it is recruiting on its website, so keep a tab on the site.

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#37. Fancy Hands

With Fancy Hands, you work as a virtual assistant, handling a variety of tasks. You can apply online on the website, and it accepts applicants only from the US.

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Around $9 per hour.

#38. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is a reputed work-at-home company that hires customer care agents in the US (Texas). You will need two years of customer care experience and a high school diploma. There is no mention of fees involved before recruitment.

#39. Alorica

Alorica hires customer care agents to assist customers via phone or chat. It employs in selected states in the US, and though there is a background check, you get paid by the company.

#40. 1-800-Translate

1-800-Translate hires translators worldwide, and there are no start-up fees involved.

#41. Bookminders

Bookminders is an accounting firm that hires accountants to work from home. You need a four-year degree and relevant experience to apply for this job. There are no start-up fees involved.

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Bonus At-Home Jobs with No Fees

#42. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most flexible work-from-home jobs with no start-up fees. The best part about blogging is that you can do it from anywhere and without any expertise. It has the highest earning potential if you put in the hard work. No matter what niche you are interested in, you can start a blog within minutes! Learn more about how to start and monetize your blog in this easy guide.

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Free Email Course:

#43. Selling Printables

Want a fun job from home without any fees? Start selling printables from home on Etsy. It’s easy, and you don’t have to be a creative person to get started with this gig. Do your research about trending printables on Pinterest and start designing them in Canva or PicMonkey. There are so many things that you can design, like wedding planners, calendars, games, name tags, etc. Check out this free eBook with a list of the best-selling printable products on Etsy.

Final Thoughts

Paying fees is usually not required and may be a red flag if you are a total beginner, but in some cases, like paying for legit job boards or background checks, it is totally acceptable. There are many online jobs that don’t require any start-up fees, and they pay well. Please do your research about the company and read the reviews on websites like Glassdoor before you jump in. I hope the above list helps you find the job you want.

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