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A few years ago when I was looking around for another work-at-home job, I came across Appen Butler Hill.

I was mainly looking for a flexible job I could do from home, and Appen jobs were perfect for that.

With headquarters in the US and Australia, Appen has been a leader in providing flexible roles for data annotation, linguistics, and search engine evaluation. It has over 400,000 people working in more than 130 countries all over the world.

This is also one of the four big companies that offer web search evaluation roles, which are pretty famous in the work-at-home community.

What kind of jobs does Appen Butler Hill offer?

The jobs that Appen offers vary from data annotation projects to transcription.

It has projects in translation, linguistics, social media evaluation, web search evaluation, data collection, transcription, and more.

Web search evaluator and social media evaluator are the roles I have heard about a lot in the search engine evaluation category. Both of these jobs are related to filtering search engine or social media results.

Almost all of the jobs are online and offered in many countries.

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How do I apply?

Different roles have a different application process, but for evaluation roles, you need to register with your email address and proceed to an online application. You also need to upload your résumé.

Both the search engine evaluator and social media evaluator roles have a requirement of good English writing skills and a commitment of at least 20 hours per week.

You need to take an assessment test for the search engine evaluation role. There is a lot of support and reading material provided to help you prepare for the assessment test.

What is the pay?

The pay depends on the country you work in. The minimum pay for the US is $15 per hour for the web search evaluation position. The crowdsourcing projects pay less.

Once you register on the website, the company sends out some small projects like voice rating that are paid around $23 for one hour of work. The pay differs depending on the type of project.

It only sends out these short projects to suitable candidates.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly through direct deposit or check. As you will be working as an independent contractor, you will need to take care of your taxes.

Where does Appen hire?

It hires worldwide for different roles.

Reviews about Appen

Glassdoor has mixed reviews of this company with an overall 3-star rating. Most of the negative reviews are about the number of hours offered and lower pay in some countries. There are also some complaints about delayed payments.

Overall, I would say the biggest plus for Appen jobs is the flexibility to work online in many countries.

appen jobs

Final thoughts

If you want a part-time online job option, Appen Butler Hill could be a good choice. Though you will have some issues such as lower pay in some countries or no continuous work, it’s still one of the good companies to work with because of the diverse roles it has.

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Have you worked for Appen? What was your experience working for this company?



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