Teach English Online: 12 Legitimate Companies To Start Now


teach english onlineDo you aspire to teach English online?

Great choice!

You have chosen the most flexible way to earn money from home.

Do you know that online tutoring is fast becoming a very profitable online job option for many? According to this report, online tutoring market is going to see the highest growth from 2017-2021.

This means that there will be a massive influx of students enrolling in online tutoring classes which means there will be a lot of demand for online tutors.

If you are interested in teaching online, then this is the time to start it.

But can you just teach English and make money online?

Sure, you can.

There is a lot of demand for English tutoring classes especially in countries like China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. The only requirement you need to have to teach English online is being an excellent native English speaker. Some companies might ask you for a formal qualification.

You will also need some basic set up to start teaching English online like, a good headset, high-speed internet, online teaching software like Skype, GoToMeeting, etc. Some companies do use their own software platforms to teach.


Requirements To Teach English Online

With most of the companies, the biggest requirement is you need to be a native English speaker with an excellent command over grammar and fluency.

As most of the teaching is online through Skype or company’s platform, you need to be comfortable using the software.

Some of the companies hire from countries like China and Japan, so you should be available to teach English online at the peak hours in those countries.



This company recruits English tutors from many countries. You need to have previous ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching experience and a four-year bachelors degree.

You can choose your hours of work as they have roster 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can apply for the roles here.



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The best part about this  online teaching company is, they also accept tutors who are enrolled in the university to get bachelors degree. Teaching lessons will be provided, and you need to be in the US or Canada to be able to teach with this company. The pay is $20 per hour.



Palfish is an app through which you can teach English to Chinese students. You do not need to have any prior qualifications to teach via Palfish; the only requirement would be to have a reasonable native English speaking fluency.

The starting pay might be low. But based on the number of reviews, there can be an increase in your pay. You just need to register with your phone number and provide a short description and video.



Cambly is one of the most reputed online tutoring companies out there. The tutoring sessions are quite flexible, and you can set your own timings.

Though the pay is quite less with this company, it can be one more work-at-home option for you. You just need to sign up as a Tutor on their website and record a short video.



This is a very famous online English teaching company that has been reviewed a lot these days. With this organization, you will be primarily teaching Chinese kids. The hours are quite flexible, and you need to have a bachelors degree in any field and some formal or informal teaching experience.

The roles are available in the US and Canada. The application process is simple. You will go through an interview and a demo class before getting hired.



ITalki is another popular language teaching platform where you can start teaching English online. You have to register and fill up your profile. It depends on the students to find your profile, so having a good profile makes a difference.

You will be paid in iTalki credits which will be paid in cash twice a month. The best thing about this company is, they accept tutors worldwide.



You must have heard about this online teaching company that hires tutors to teach English. This company recruits from very selected states in the US, and you can apply directly on their website. They do require a formal qualification for you to be hired as a tutor. You will have to work a minimum of 6 hours per week.



Another company that hires tutors to teach English online. This firm employs ‘coaches’ to teach English online, though you do not need any formal educational background, you should have good command over the language.

It will also help if you have excellent social skills. The pay is $10 per 30-minute session, and the payment is through PayPal.



This tutoring company hires native English tutors from the US. They do not require any formal qualification, but they do ask for previous experience in teaching non-native English speakers.

You have to fill out a form on their website with your details and background experience. They also indicate a minimum of 25 hours per week work requirement on their site for tutors.



This online tutoring option is most comfortable to teach as all your teaching is done through their app. You will be teaching conversational English to Chinese students. Just download the app and register with your details like your name and previous experience.

Once the registration is done, the students will choose your profile and call you if it fits their needs. So, its advisable to fill in relevant information. You also need to record a video to display your skills.



This is relatively a new company that hires tutors to teach English online to students in China. You should be a native English speaker with prior experience of ESL tutoring. A degree in teaching or a specialized subject is desirable.

The pay is up to $25 per hour. They hire from the US, UK, and Canada and you should be able to commit at least 12 hours in 3 days per week.



This is a popular company in ESL teaching. They hire tutors to teach students around the age of 5 to 16 years. You need to have past teaching experience with teaching certification. A bachelors degree is required to apply.

The usual teaching hours are around 15 hours per week and if you get through you will be offered a 6-month or 12-month contract. The pay is up to $25 per hour.


With the big boom in the online teaching world, you can expect a very good chance of getting an online teaching job even without any prior or little experience.

If you want to use your English language skill, then this is the perfect way to earn money from home.



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