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The new year comes with many possibilities of new jobs, new businesses, and more ways to earn an income online. Every day, I find new ways of making money flexibly and with more income than the usual 9-to-5 job.

If you are looking to make this new year a big success with regard to making money, then you need to find a hustle you enjoy that you can still make money from.

And the possibility of that happening is HUGE.

There are some very promising and highly profitable virtual work areas that are going to be big this year, and it is the right time for you to consider them.

E-commerce store owner

Online e-commerce business is going to be BIG this year. With so many big marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and AliExpress, there is no shortage of ideas or inventory available to start an online biz.

With many possibilities and such vast marketplaces, having a money-making online store is a great place to start making money this year.

Jen from Drink Coffee and Prosper has an excellent course on starting your e-commerce business online where she teaches you how to make $19,000/month with your online store. If you want to dip your feet into the e-commerce business, then take this course.


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Web Design/Developer

With the onset of this virtual workplace boom, there is a constant need for this role. Do you know how many websites get launched every day? Around 140,000!!

Now, do you understand why web designer or developer roles are so in demand? 

Web design/development is a perfect job for freelancing or as a sole business. Another booming area for developers is creating apps. In spite of the slight saturation in the app industry, around 1,000 apps still get submitted to the Apple’s app store daily. Are you ready to start yet?!

Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager is the most attractive career right now with so many big brands and companies maitaining a social presence. A social media manager manages a business’s or brand’s social platforms and uses growth tactics for the enterprise.

Though this role was entirely unheard of a decade ago, now it is at its peak, and it is going to rise in the coming years with new social platforms emerging.

There are many roles within the social media management niche like social media consultant, social media manager, marketing manager, etc. But all of these come under the umbrella of managing the social platforms of a business/brand.

Content Writer

Freelance writing is a fast emerging money-making stream. If you are good with words, then you can look at making this your main hustle.  

Companies, brands, blogs, magazines, and other digital media require content for their websites, blogs, etc. and this creates tremendous potential for freelance content writers to get many projects.

If you want more inspiration and are looking to get to a higher level, then try Holly’s Earn More Writing course. Holly is a freelance writer who makes more than $200,000 a year writing online. I got totally blown away when I interviewed her and got to know more about her success.

Virtual Assistant

There is a conspicuous rise in the number of virtual assistant jobs. And the most convenient and flexible part of this role is the variety of tasks you can do—whether you are good at web design, data entry, general admin work, social media management, or any other kind of work, you can be a VA.

According to research, the virtual assistant industry is going to grow exponentially by 2024. With such booming growth, this industry is going to be a big money earner this year.

No matter what you are good at, take your skill to the next level by becoming a VA.


Translation is a less well-known work-at-home role, but it is slowly growing with more crowdsourcing companies coming up. There is a constant need for online workers, predominantly, who are bilingual and can efficiently translate.

Many companies are following the ways of Appen and Lionbridge, which are both major crowdsourcing companies and offer translation services.

Keep an eye out for future translation opportunities with all the crowdsourcing companies.


Blogging is a universal online hustle that has unlimited earning potential. Having said that, earning money from it depends on your efforts, niche, and strategies.

Whether it is freelance blogging or blogging as a biz, you can monetize it. According to BlogHer, around 61% of online consumers have made purchases based on recommendations from blogs.

For example, I started my blog back in July 2016, and after just six months of blogging, I was making over $3,000 a month from my blog. So what’s the magic formula for this? Always blog about what you love.

If you are into any of these hustles or are just thinking of starting a hustle this year, then you are on the right path. There is a rising trend with these roles, and they are going to explode in the coming years.

Time to get hustling now!!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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  1. I completely agree with all of these – it’s really interesting to see that there are certain trends that people go for when it comes to ways of making money. I think it definitely helps when someone influential mentions it such as Gary Vee with ebay flipping!
    I definitely want to start freelance writing and becoming a VA.

    1. Hi Francesca,
      That’s true, there are so many new trends coming up every day to make money. And online influencers are a big reason some money making streams boom. You should definitely try Virtual Assisting, there is a lot of income potential in this job. Gina’s VA course is perfect for the VA. I highly recommend that:-)

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