low-stress jobsIn this era of working 24/7, low-stress jobs seem like a dream to many. Some might even laugh at the idea of finding less stressful jobs that really pay well because the work pressure, the late nights, and the tight deadlines are all real.

According to a study, high job strain can lead to mental health issues and poor performance in work.

A simple answer to this problem is choosing less stressful jobs that are fun to do and where you can earn a decent income.

There are many reasons you might want to take up low-stress jobs:

  • You are a stay-at-home mom who wants to balance work and family with a flexible job.
  • You already have a job and want to hustle in a less stressful job on the side.
  • You have health issues and want a job where you can set your own schedule.

It doesn’t  matter what your reasons are for searching a low-stress job; you can definitely find an easy and fun job to do from home.


Here are some of the options for low-stress jobs that pay well:


Start a Blog

low-stress jobs start a blog

Trust me, I have been blogging for some time now, and it is my happy place. If you love talking about your passions or interests and love to share them with the world, then there isn’t a more perfect job for you than blogging.

If you think that blogging does not make money, think again. Though it is a slow game, there is no limit on how much you can earn as a blogger. It depends on your niche and your monetization strategies, but you will see income eventually. I was making a few hundred dollars a month within the first six months of blogging, and now I earn more than a full-time income from the blog you are reading.

So why is blogging stress-free? I am my own boss, set my own work schedule, and take time off without getting chained to my desk. Total freedom!



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Give Opinion

Doing surveys is a great way to de-stress whether you have a work-from-home job or an office job. They can become a good source of extra income, and you will have fun doing them for sure.

Some of the most enjoyable and legit surveys you can take up are

Survey Junkie – Easy sign-up process and high-paying surveys are plus points for this survey panel. Sign up here to become a Survey Junkie member.

Swagbucks – Rated as one of the most trusted and popular survey sites, Swagbucks allows you to earn money doing a lot of fun things like watching videos, playing games, doing surveys, etc. Sign up and get $5 free.

Here is a long list of survey sites to earn extra money if you want more options.

Freelance Writer

low-stress jobs freelance writer

Writing is one of the most satisfying and destressing activities for many. If you are someone who loves writing, then why not make it your career? Freelance writing is a very rewarding and high-paying job. You can start small in places like ClearVoice, Babbel, Listverse, etc., or look for beginner jobs on websites like FlexJobs or ProBlogger.

If you want to go solo, then start your freelance writing business like Holly. She is an experienced freelance writer who earns over $200k a year and you can too with her course. She shares everything right from how to get your foot in the door, how much to charge, tips to improve your writing, etc.

Sell Printables

If you are the creative type, then selling printables on Etsy is a no-stress job and a profitable business. Selling Printables on Etsy does not require any experience or expertise, you just need to know about what’s working in the market and think creatively. If you are wondering about how much you can earn with this business, working part-time, you can make anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month. I know some Etsy sellers who make six figures working full time on this hustle.


Take Care of Kids

Spending time with babies is the most relaxing and fun thing to do. With the rising costs of childcare, more and more families are turning to babysitters or nannies. Having relevant certifications, creating a great profile, and being clear about your availability can land you a babysitter job quickly.

The pay for this low-stress job depends on the location, the number of children, and your experience. You can set your schedule and work whenever you want.

The two most popular and legit companies that hire babysitters are Sittercity and Care.com. Here is the most in-depth post about how to become a babysitter.


Become a Tutor 

low-stress jobs become a tutor

In addition to babysitting, if you are someone who loves working with children, then another low-stress job is teaching from home. This is a very flexible, satisfying, and enjoyable job, and you can earn a good income from it.

It could be teaching simple English or tutoring more specific subjects or simply answering students’ questions. Teaching online is a very low-stress job that you can do from home. This job is particularly suitable for people who want less stressful jobs because you can set your own hours and teach as much or as little as you wish.

VIPKid is a credible company that hires English-teaching tutors from home. The pay is around $14 to $22 per hour.

If you are looking for more options to teach, then sign up for CourseHero. You will be helping students by creating guides and video lessons and by answering their questions in your area of expertise.


Become a Photographer

Photography is a pretty low-stress job. It could be any niche, like wedding photography, travel photography, adventure photography, capturing images is something that relaxes your mind. It’s a creative job that lets you dig into your imaginative side. This is largely a self-taught career, where you have the choice to work with companies or go freelance.

There are many ways to earn money with photography like selling your prints, working on commission work, collaborations, creating photography courses, etc.


Rate Search Engine Results

Though this job sounds technical, it’s pretty simple, and anyone can do it. Search engine evaluation is the nerdy term for rating search engine results from a user perspective. All you need for this job is a laptop and a good internet connection.

Two major companies actively advertise search engine evaluation roles. Appen Butler Hill and Lionbridge  almost always have these roles for many countries.

The biggest advantage of this kind of job is that there is no set schedule, and you can work anytime during the week as long as you finish the work in that week. The pay varies for different countries.

If you are interested in this job, go ahead and check if any of the two companies have roles in your location.


Walk Dogs

low-stress jobs walk dogs

Did you know that pets play a big part in relieving stress? Yes, they do. Pet sitting is a hugely popular hustle with teens and college students because it is a fun and easy job for anyone.

Whether you are stay-at-home mom looking for a job to do during school hours or you want a side gig to go along with your day job, pet sitting is ideal for you.

Want to know more about becoming a pet sitter? Head over to Rover.com. This company provides pet sitting opportunities to many side hustlers.

According to their website, working part-time as a pet sitter with Rover can earn you around $1,000 to $1,500 a month. You can earn more if you go for a full-time role with this job.


Flip Items for Profit

I know how this sounds. Flipping seems like a lot of work. But if you’ve got the flair for it, it’s the most enjoyable job to do. If you want to see yourself, check out this FREE workshop where my good friends Melissa and Rob show you how they earn more than a full-time income with three kids at home.

Thrift store flipping is buying cheap items in flea markets or thrift stores and selling them for profit. You don’t need any experience or expertise for this job, but there are some tips that you need to learn if you want to become a pro at this.

Want some inspiration? Here is how they flipped a chair from trash to $103,000 on eBay. Take their free workshop to know how they do it and how you can too.


Become an Illustrator/Graphic Artist

If you are more inclined toward the creative type of jobs, then taking graphic design could be your thing. Any artistic job is proven to reduce stress and calm your mind. If this is your first step into such jobs, then start with graphic design or illustration courses on Udemy, Skillshare, or CreativeLive.

These learning platforms have many online classes that can teach you basic to advanced skills. Once you get equipped with the right skills, you can apply for graphic design jobs on job boards like Authentic Jobs or Smashing Magazine or go the freelancing way with Fiverr.com and Dribbble.com.


Use Your Voice

If you have a good voice and want a low-stress job, then try voice-acting jobs. Voice acting is used in movies, cartoons, advertisements, audiobook narration, events, etc. As a voice actor, you will be reading scripted documents or books for digital media or live events. 

Voice does not require any experience or expertise but the ability to modulate your voice according to the character is a skill you can learn to get this job. On average voice actors are paid around $37 per hour and this rate goes up with your experience. 

You can check out websites like Voices.com, Filmless, or BunnyStudio to find flexible voice acting jobs. 


Become a Personal Trainer

low-stress jobs personal trainer

Do you love sweating it out in the gym? If yes, then becoming a personal trainer could be a great stress reliever for you. You can start your training business and take on clients or you can get certified as a fitness trainer and become an instructor in gyms. 

No matter which path you choose you can earn good money with this job and the best part is it’s pretty flexible. 

Learn more about getting certified as a fitness trainer here


Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, you can promote the brands you trust to your followers or subscribers and earn money. In recent times this has become a full-time job with a good income. To become a brand ambassador or influencer you need to build a good following on social media. Though this is not your typical job, it is low stress and gives you good money.

If you want to find brands to collaborate with, check out websites like Izea, HireInfluence, Klear, etc. This is one of the fun jobs if you enjoy being on social media. 


Virtual Assistant

low-stress jobs virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is very similar to being a secretary but you will be handling a diverse range of responsibilities. Many companies hire virtual assistants, both beginners and experienced. If you choose to work for yourself, then you can set your prices and take as many clients as you want. Freelance virtual assistants earn around $35 to $50 an hour depending on the services they offer. 

Interested in trying out this low-stress job, here is a free workshop to get started. 


Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is probably the easiest way to earn money from home. Though the web is flooded with data entry scams, some legit companies hire remote data entry clerks. The main requirements for this job are having good typing speed, excellent command of English and basic computer skills. Companies like Diondata, Captial Typing, Sigtrack, and Quicktate hire remote data entry workers. Most companies ask for a typing assessment to test your skills.

The average pay for data entry clerks could be around $17 to $19 per hour depending on your experience.


Plant Consultant

low-stress jobs plant consultant

Do you have a green thumb? During the pandemic people focused more on better living and plants and these are the best stress busters. As a plant consultant, you will be advising clients on how to take care of plants, choosing the plants, landscaping, etc. This job requires you to be creative and have immense knowledge about plants. 

The average salary of plant consultants is around $27 per hour and the prices differ when you have your own business. 


Music Teacher

Music is a universal mode of relieving stress. What better way to have a low-stress job than a music teacher. This job can be completed online or you can choose to take in-person private lessons. You can choose to teach instruments like violin, guitar, piano, drums, etc, or teach vocals. Though it is not necessary to have formal education or experience to teach music, it helps to land the job faster if you have proven expertise in the field. You will need to have some equipment like a music stand, headphones, a good internet connection, etc to teach music online. Online music tutors can earn anywhere from $30 to $60 per hour depending on the experience.

Websites like Preply have many tutoring positions for music. 


Online Stylist

Having an impeccable sense of fashion and dressing can give you a good income as an online stylist. This is one of the low-stress jobs if you love dressing up. As an online stylist for Stitch Fix you will be selecting the clothes for your clients depending on their choices, lifestyle, and budget. This job needs you to know about the latest fashion and a good sense of style. 

If you want to learn more about this job, check out our Stitch Fix stylist review here



Proofreading is one of the most sought-after jobs because of its flexibility and income potential. Proofreading is nothing but sifting through written documents for grammar errors, spelling, syntax, and format. Though some companies require you have to have experience and qualifications, you can start your own proofreading business without any experience. Many freelance proofreaders earn around $50 per hour.

If you are considering this career, then I suggest you check out this free workshop by Caitlin Pyle. She is a pro when it comes to proofreading and shares many valuable tips in this workshop about how to get clients and the skills you need to get started. 



As a registered dietician, you will be helping people streamline their food choices according to their lifestyle and health. For this job, you need to have a qualification related to nutrition and some experience to get started. In recent times many corporate companies are hiring dieticians to support their employee lifestyle. Freelance nutritionists earn around $29 per hour depending on their experience. 


Home Stager

Home staging is an interesting mix of your love for home decor and creative talent. If you are new to this term, home staging is dressing up a house to sell in the market. There is a huge market for home stagers and this job does not require any prior experience. Home stagers earn around $100 to $300 per staging on average.

To find out more about home staging, check out this exclusive interview I did with Debra Gould. 


Pinterest VA

Being a Pinterest virtual assistant is another fun job. You just get paid to play on Pinterest. How cool is that? Pinterest is a big platform to market its products, so businesses are turning to this social media more than ever before. A Pinterest VA creates and tracks pins on the platform. There are many more services you can offer as a Pinterest VA depending on your experience. 

The best part about Pinterest VA is the pay is great. As a beginner, you can earn around $150 to $400 per client per month depending on the services you offer. 

To learn more about Pinterest VA, check out this interview I did with Kristin Larsen.



Librarian is probably the most stress-free job on the list. Both the work nature and the setup are not high pressured when it comes to being a librarian. Your daily responsibilities include books checking in and checking out, organization, having an inventory of books, etc. You need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in information management to become a librarian. 

The average pay for a librarian is around $58,000 per year



Bookkeeping is a perfect job for someone who loves working on numbers. A bookkeeper gathers and records financial information before it is passed on to the accountant. There are two ways to make money with bookkeeping: you can apply for jobs with companies like Accounting Pros, Supporting Strategies, AccountingDepartment.com, etc. These companies require you to have a degree in accounting with some experience. 

The other way is to start your own bookkeeping business, which does not require any experience or expertise. You can find out how to get started as a bookkeeper in this free workshop.

Freelance bookkeepers earn around $300 to $400 per client per month


Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists are professionals who are qualified to treat muscle injuries and relieve stress through different massage techniques. You need to get trained as a massage therapist at an accredited institution after which you write your licensing exam. According to BLS, certified massage therapists earn around $44,000 per year.


Amazon Seller

If you are looking for a profitable low-stress job, then becoming an Amazon FBA is the best thing for you. Selling stuff on Amazon is a breeze and all you need to do is find things to sell, all other stuff like packaging, customer services, returns are all taken care of by Amazon. 

Amazon FBA is a perfect choice for someone who likes to work in their schedule and earn good money. It can even become a full-time business if you put in the work.

Find out how Jessica of The Selling Family earned over $100,000 selling on Amazon FBA. 


Web Developer

If you are wondering what a web developer does, this site was created by a web developer. Web developers design and create websites according to the client’s needs. The work involves writing codes, fixing any bugs, staging the site, and finally making it live. Web development is a technical job that can be done from anywhere. The average salary of a web developer is around $77,000 per year

If you are keen on taking on this career, then Udacity has the most experienced tutors to teach web development courses. It even offers real-world projects and résumé support. 


Travel Agent

Travel agents plan and curate travel experiences for clients with the best deals. Though no qualification is required to become a travel agent, having certifications can help you land the job fast. On average travel agents earn around $40,000 per year

Here is a big list of companies that hire remote travel agents from home. 



Mathematicians formulate theories and develop techniques that solve the problems in different industries. Their primary job is to research and develop computational techniques to help businesses. To become a mathematician you need to have a master’s degree in mathematics, physics, statistics, or computers. 

The average salary for mathematicians is around $110,000 per year and goes up with experience. 


Hair Stylist

low-stress jobs hair stylist

A hairstylist is another good choice for stress-free work. You can choose to work with a salon or go your own way. To become a hairdresser you need to have a high school diploma and certificate in cosmetology. You must also pass a licensing exam. According to BLS hairdressers earn around $28,000 per year. If you run your own business, you can set your prices. 


You can find low-stress jobs that pay really well.


Finding low-stress jobs can take some time because the job industry is full of demanding jobs that can mess up your work-life balance. Being flexible and updating your skills can be helpful in finding the right job. 

Go through the above list, find your interest, and start working on the new fun job.

You can earn a great income even if you are not a C-level executive of a company.

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