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Some of the best jobs to work from home are proofreading or editing jobs.

These are skilled jobs, the pay is excellent, and the best part is that many legit companies have work-from-home roles for these jobs.

CACTUS Global is one such company that provides both work-from-home jobs and freelance roles for editors and writers.

CACTUS Global Review: Work-from-Home Editing Jobs at CACTUS Global

About CACTUS Global

Founded in 2002, CACTUS Global is a medical communications company that is based in Mumbai, India. It provides scientific solutions for many pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The company prides itself on having a very experienced team of editors and writers in the medical field.

CACTUS Global is rated as one of the Top 100 Remote Work Companies to watch out for in 2019 by FlexJobs.

cactus global

What are the requirements to become an editor at CACTUS Global?

cactus global careers

For most of the work-from-home/freelance editing and writing jobs, you need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree and prior experience in the field. It also advertises freelance translation roles from time to time.


What is the application process?

The process is different for various roles, but overall you have to apply online, take a screening test, and, if you are successful, you go for interviews.

For some work-from-home roles, it provides one-on-one training for new employees.

How much does CACTUS Global pay?

The pay is dependent on the role you choose. According to Glassdoor, freelance editors get paid between $3K to $4K per month. The CACTUS Global website does not mention anything about the pay scale.

Reviews about CACTUS Global

This company has a rating of 3.6 on Glassdoor, which is not bad considering there are mixed reviews from its employees.

There are positive reviews about how flexible the work is, the freedom to work from home, or the ability to work freelance.

The “not-so-good” reviews are about the low pay and the expertise needed to apply for the role.

Final words about CACTUS Global

If you are just about to start your career in editing/proofreading/scientific writing, then CACTUS Global might not be an excellent choice for you.

But if you are an experienced medical writer or editor and want to work from home, then apply for this company.

CACTUS Global could be a good side job for people who are looking for scientific or medical side gigs.

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