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Everyone wants jobs that let you work whenever you want with flexible hours.

There are so many work-at-home jobs around, but the ones that let you work when you want to are the most wanted.

Having a flexible work schedule is the top priority for a lot of job seekers when they are looking for online jobs.

The independence of working in your own time can be beneficial for many reasons such as low stress, being more productive, and having a good work-life balance.

Today, I will share some of the work-at-home jobs and hustles that have high flexibility and that can give you the freedom of working whenever you want.

27 Top Jobs with Flexible Hours

#1. Etsy Selling

Do you know that there are over 81 million buyers on Etsy? Etsy is one of the best marketplaces where you can sell jewelry, art supplies, apparel, and printables.

Selling printables on Etsy is super profitable, and you can earn as much as you want depending on the time you invest in this business. You don’t need to be creative to sell printables; just do research and brainstorm some niches, use websites like Canva or PicMonkey to design your printables, and start selling.

Recommended interview to read:

Average pay:

You can earn around $500 to $1,000 per month if you work part-time. The earnings depend on how much time you invest in your business.

#2. Flipping

Flipping junk items is one of the most unique and flexible ways to earn money, and I didn’t know about this until I interviewed Melissa and Rob. They are pro-flippers who make more than six figures flipping thrift store items.

Having a good eye to find items to sell is the only skill you need to have for this job. You have the freedom to work whenever you want, and your earning potential depends on how much you work. If this is something you want to try, check out this workshop, which has a lot of helpful information on how to get started.

Average pay:

You can earn as much or as little as you want. Melissa and Rob earn more than a full-time income with their flipping business.


#3. Proofreading

Did you catch any mistakes in this post? Well, I am sure you didn’t, because my proofreader is great at her job. Proofreading, in simple terms, is finding errors in documents and correcting the grammar and syntax.

Proofreading is one of the top jobs with flexible hours because you can set your schedule as a proofreader. Though some companies ask for experienced proofreaders, many legit websites hire beginners.

Caitlin is an expert proofreader who started her proofreading business and earned over $40,000 working part-time. She now teaches others how to start a profitable proofreading business from home.

Average pay:

According to BLS, proofreaders earn around $39,000 per year.

#4. Bookkeeping

If you love working on numbers and want to make money doing this, then try bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is great for people who manage finances, and no expertise or experience is needed if you are taking the freelancing route.

A bookkeeper acts like a bridge between an accountant and a business. Many remote bookkeeping companies hire beginner bookkeepers. Take this free workshop from Ben Robinson, an expert accountant with over 12 years of experience.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

A bookkeeper’s average salary is around $42,000 per year, but freelance bookkeepers earn more depending on the clients they take on.

#5. Blogging

Blogging is the most flexible job or business that can provide a great work-life balance and a high income. Finding the niche you are interested in and having the zeal to learn are vital to having a successful blog. There are many ways to monetize a blog, including affiliate marketing, selling products and services, display advertising, sponsorships, etc. 

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

It depends on your niche and the work you put in. I started my blog as a side hustle, and now it has become my main business, earning me a full-time income. To get started, take this step-by-step free guide

#6. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of the creative pursuits that is high-paying and gives you a chance to work independently. There are two ways to start this career. First, you can start freelancing on websites like Fiverr or build a website and offer your services.

This career does not require any degree or qualification, but having good experience counts.

Average pay:

The average salary for a graphic designer is around $48,000. You can set your own prices when you freelance.

#7. Home Stager

Have you ever seen perfectly organized and presented display homes? That’s the work of home stagers. A home stager decorates and makes a home appealing to a potential buyer. This includes organizing, arranging the décor, and giving a new look to the home.

This profitable business does not require any particular expertise, and having a creative eye does help. Check out this expert interview I did with Debra Gould, who is a very well-known name in the home staging industry.

Average pay:

Home stagers earn around $49,000 per year

#8. Photographer

Photography is a creative job, and if you are a shutterbug like me, this is a great way to earn money. You don’t need to have any formal training to become a photographer, but learning the art and practicing it helps.

There are many ways you can monetize your photography skills, like selling your prints, creating courses, starting a YouTube channel, doing sponsorships, commission work, etc. If this is something that interests you, then check out these courses on Coursera and Skillshare to become a photographer.

Average pay:

Pay depends on the projects.

#9. Ridesharing

Ridesharing tops the list of jobs with flexible hours. If you have a car in good condition and some free time, you can take ridesharing gigs. Uber is one of the best ridesharing companies that hires drivers all the time. Check out the requirements if you want to become an Uber driver. 

Ridesharing is also a great choice if you are a stay-at-home mom or a student and want to work only part-time.

Average pay:

The pay depends on the hours and the city you drive into. 

#10. Food Delivery

Like driving but don’t want the social interaction? No, problem. You can deliver food or groceries for companies like DoorDash, UberEats, Instacart, or Shipt. The best part is that you can deliver food by car, scooter, bike, or even on foot. With Instacart, you can even work as an In-store shopper, packing the groceries (no delivery involved).

Check out this big list of the best food delivery services to work for.

Recommended reviews to read:

Average pay:

It depends on the number of deliveries you make and the distance you drive. 

#11. Writing

Freelance writing is a creative job and can be done by anyone if they have the right training. With so many websites coming up, there is a constant demand for content creation. This is where freelance writers come in. Freelance writers can utilize their skills to write for blogs, magazines, online publications, etc.

It is also one of the most flexible freelance jobs that is high-paying. As a beginner in the freelance writing industry, you can try out websites like Listverse, Babbel, Narratively, etc. 

Average pay:

According to Ziprecruiter, freelance writers earn around $68,000 a year. You can earn more if you start your own freelancing business.

#12. Voice Acting

Voice acting is one of the easiest jobs you can start if you have a creative voice. A voice actor lends his or her voice to ads, cartoons, events, announcements, etc.

Voice acting requires you to modulate and train your voice at different levels. You also need to have equipment like headphones, a pop filter, and a home studio to start voice acting.

You can find voice-over jobs on websites like BunnyStudio,, Filmless, etc. 

Check out this free workshop to start as a voice actor.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The average salary of voice actors is around $80,000 per year

#13. Translation

If you are bilingual and want a side job, try online translation jobs. You don’t need a degree to become a translator, but having good fluency is required.

You can get started with short gigs on Fiverr or Upwork to gain experience before you apply to companies like Smartling, Gengo, WorldLingo, and more.

Recommended review to read:

Average pay:

Translators are paid around $66,000 per year

#14. Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting a word or audio file into a written document. Transcription jobs are in high demand in the work-from-home industry because of their flexibility and good pay. Many online transcription companies hire beginners, like TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, Scribie, GMR Transcription, AccuTran Global, etc. 

You will need equipment like headphones, a laptop, and a foot pedal to start transcribing from home.

Recommended reviews to read:

Average pay:

The average salary for transcriptionists is $49,000 per year

#15. Travel Agent

I love travel planning. From finding the right place to planning the activities, everything is absolutely exciting for me. Travel planning is a really fun job. It also requires you to have patience and good research capabilities to cater to your client’s needs and choices.

You can become a freelance travel planner or work as a travel agent with companies like World Travel Holdings, AirTreks, Carnival Cruise Line, etc. Though there is no prior qualification required to become a travel agent, having a certification is helpful to land the job.

Recommended reading:

Average pay:

The annual pay for a travel agent is around $40,000 plus commissions. You can quote your price if you become a freelance travel planner.

#16. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting is a diverse job that lets you work in different areas, and is super flexible. You can do website management, data entry, book appointments, write content, and more. Here is a list of services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

Companies like Boldly, Fancy Hands, Virtual Office VA, etc. offer virtual assistant jobs. You can also go the solo route by starting your own virtual assistant business. The earning potential here is around $35 to $50 per hour, and you can work as much or as little as you want.

Recommended review to read:

Average pay:

The pay for virtual assistants is around $16 per hour depending on the agency you work with and on the services you offer.

#17. Sales Representative

The work of a sales representative involves selling products, customer interaction, and retention of existing clients. Usually, sales representatives are required to have at least 2 years of experience in the field, but some companies take on beginners. Other requirements include excellent communication skills and the ability to multitask.

LiveWorld, Service800, Arise, and Zapier are some of the companies that regularly hire for sales representative positions.

Average pay:

The average salary for a sales representative is around $70,000.

#18. Data entry

Data entry jobs are the most wanted on the web because the work is relatively easy and most of us have basic typing skills. Typing jobs are usually flexible where you work, when you want to with only project deadlines.

You can easily pick up a data entry gig on websites like MTurk and Clickworker and on freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

Though data entry jobs don’t pay much, the main point here is to get flexibility more than income. You can also check out this list of websites that offer data entry gigs.

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#19. Search Engine Evaluation

I can personally say search engine evaluation is the most flexible online job because I have worked as a search engine evaluator in the past. Many companies offer these positions, and the best part is that these roles are open worldwide in many countries. These roles are an excellent choice for someone looking for a good work-life balance.

You get to work according to your schedule. You just need to complete your allocated hours in a week. The major companies that offer these roles are Appen, Lionbridge, iSoftStone. Keep in mind that you have to take a qualification test after your résumé gets accepted with all of these companies.

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#20. Tutoring

Tutoring is another great option if you want a work-at-home job to suit your schedule. There are many online tutoring platforms where you can teach online and make money in your own time. Some companies might ask for prior teaching experience, but some don’t.

You can even try teaching simple conversational English to Chinese students. Online teaching websites like NiceTalk and PalFish have such tutoring jobs. Another tutoring site where you can try teaching is

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#21. Uber Driving

Though Uber driving is not a work-at-home job, it can be an awesome option to earn money in your own time. It is an excellent money-making option if you are looking to work for a couple of hours a day while your kids are at school or if you want to work on the weekends.

It is very flexible, and you decide your work schedule. I recently interviewed a friend of mine who drives Uber during the weekdays, and he shares reasons why it is such a great option for flexibility.

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#22. Home Businesses

Home businesses are not usual jobs, but they have great income-generating potential and let you work anytime you want. They have great flexibility because you decide the times you work.

There are many profitable home businesses like Etsy selling, Amazon selling, social media management, event planning, flipping, etc. They do require you to invest some money before you start the business but the returns can be high.

Recommended reading:

#23. Freelancing

Freelance work is another good choice if you are looking to set your own work schedule. The amazing thing about freelancing is that you can do many things. You can do data entry, website design, admin work, research, and many more.

You can easily register with many freelance sites like Upwork and Freelancer and start looking for projects. I had a chance to interview Holly who is a freelance writer, and she travels around the world with her family while earning a great income.

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Bonus Jobs and Gigs with Flexible Hours

#1. Surveys

Doing surveys is not going to make you rich or give you a stable income, but if you need some extra cash or want to save money, they are great. Many legit paid survey sites reward you for doing fun things like watching videos, playing games, browsing the web, shopping online, reading emails, etc. My most recommended surveys are Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, and Swagbucks.

Recommended reviews to read:

#2. Product Testing

Product testing is great for free products plus extra money. If you have some free time and want to share your feedback about products that you use, then sign up for websites like Nielsen Homescan, Pinecone Research, and American Consumer Opinion.

All you need to do as a product tester is test the products, share your honest review, and get the products for free.

#3. Gig Apps

Many gig apps like TaskRabbit, Fetch, GetAround, etc. help you earn money for doing short gigs or renting your stuff. This is perfect for your break times, and sometimes it is purely passive income.

You can even download apps like Nielsen Mobile & Computer Panel that give you money just to keep them.

Recommended reviews to read:

#4. Neighbor

Another great way to earn money passively is by renting your free space with Neighbor. Whether it is your carport, attic, backyard, or garage, you can rent any free space on Neighbor for renters to store their stuff. If you are worried about safety, Neighbor offers a $1 million host guarantee to cover any damages.

Recommended review to read:


What are the highest-paying, flexible jobs?

Many flexible jobs are high-paying like graphic design, proofreading, Amazon FBA selling, freelance writing, and more. Some of the jobs require you to have some experience or expertise in the industry if you are looking for high pay.

What jobs have the most free time?

Jobs that are completely online can give you more free time. Think of jobs like blogging, freelance writing, and bookkeeping that can potentially give you a better life balance.

What are the perks of having jobs with flexible hours?

I can’t even count the number of positives you have with jobs with flexible hours. Having more time with family, better mental health, time to unwind, better time management, and feeling less burnt out are just some of the pluses of having a flexible job.

Final Thoughts 

With the big remote work shift, even with big companies, it’s become easier to search for jobs with a flexible schedule in every industry.

It does not matter what your interest or skillset is; if you search hard, you will find a flexible job that matches your lifestyle and income goals.

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