legit typing jobs from homeTyping jobs are the first kind of jobs anyone looks for when searching for work-at-home jobs, but unfortunately they are hard to find. 

Typing jobs alone cannot give you a full-time income, so it is always good to find something that incorporates typing and gives you more income. 

Today, I will be listing some typing jobs that you can do from home and potentially earn a good income. 

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Top picks for online typing jobs 


Proofreading – High paying job that requires no experience.

Freelance Writing – Easy to get started and you can set your own schedule.

Survey Junkie & InboxDollars – Some of the top survey sites that are worth your time and give you a $5 bonus.

Transcription – Best choice for flexible work and good pay. 

Voice Actor – Use your voice to earn money and earn up to $200 per finished hour. 


23 Best online typing jobs from home


DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions employs data entry contractors who have a minimum of a 60 wpm typing speed. You need to download the application on its website and apply.



Sigtrack hires data entry operators within the US. If you have excellent typing skills, this could be the place to start. Along with other work requirements, you need have an an internet connection to start work with this company and a dual-monitor setup is not required, but it is highly recommended.



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Working Solutions

working solutions

With this Working Solutions, you will be working as an independent contractor. Along with other WAH jobs like virtual assisting and customer service, it hires for data entry jobs. It hires worldwide, and you can apply directly on the website.


If you are looking for scam-free work-at-home jobs, then there is no better place than FlexJobs. This is the most authentic job board that lists remote jobs from all over the world. The jobs are thoroughly researched and totally legit.

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Southwestern Fundraising (formerly Great American Opportunities)

Southwestern Fundraising hires remote data entry workers, and the pay is $9 per hour on average. You need to take a test for your speed and accuracy.


Smart Locating

With Smart Locating, you will be sorting out the data, and the pay is around $8.50 per hour. You need to apply directly on the website, and if you get selected, there will be an interview.


Smart Crowd

smart crowd

Smart Crowd hires globally, and you can earn around $5 per hour with the usual data entry work. You can apply on the website by filling in some demographic information about your location and other details like your experience.



Clickworker offers data entry and data annotation gigs to worldwide workers. You can do a variety of tasks like proofreading, data research, data entry, and more. Once you create your profile on the website, you have to go through some assessments and finally choose your projects online.


A step up from typing jobs

As I mentioned before, you might not generate a full-time income from data entry, but you can earn a good income if you take your typing skills to the next level by getting trained for transcription roles.

Transcription is the closest thing to typing, and if you have the right training, you can earn a high income from home.

These are some of the companies that you can look at to apply for transcription roles, and they are a perfect fit for beginners.


GMR Transcription

gmr transcription

GMR Transcription has roles open regularly. GMR Transcription could be an excellent company to start with if you are very proficient in typing but have no experience in transcription.



You can start with TranscribeMe! if you are transitioning from being a typist to a transcriptionist. You can fill out the online application, and you also need to take an assessment test. You get paid per audio hour.



Scribie is another beginner transcription company you can look at if you have just started in this line of business. It pays $10 per audio hour, and you can apply online. You need to pass an assessment test, and you will be on a waitlist before getting a project.



Appenscribe offers transcription roles worldwide. You need to take a couple of transcription tests before you get hired. The pay is per audio hour, and the work is flexible.


AccuTran Global

accutran global homescreen

AccuTran Global hires transcribers with no experience, and the pay is per word. You need to pass a transcription test before getting recruited, and there are strict project deadlines.



With Tigerfish, you can expect transcribing jobs in varied fields. After you apply online, you need to take three assessment tests before you get hired for the projects.


Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription hires beginner transcribers, and though it only accepts applicants from the US and Canada, it has diverse areas offering transcription work.



Quicktate Homescreen

Quicktate offers transcription projects to freelancers worldwide. You get paid through PayPal. Transcribers can apply online, and after a couple of assessment questions, you need to take an audio test to get qualified.



You can apply to be a transcriber with CastingWords no matter where you are, as the company accepts applicants worldwide. It also takes beginners, and the pay is per audio hour.

It can be hard to find reliable and stable income with data entry jobs. If you can scale up your skills, you can get more consistent income doing work like transcription, proofreading or virtual assisting. All of these jobs do require some level of typing along with other tasks.


Bonus typing jobs from home


Some jobs require other skills along with typing and they pay high as well.


Proofreading is one of the high-paying work-from-jobs that’s in demand now. The ability to pick errors and mistakes in the written word is what you do as a proofreader. Proofreading is a flexible job that needs you to have a good command of English grammar, syntax, and punctuation. This is one of the jobs that need good typing speed as well. The average earning of proofreaders is around $22 per hour but you can earn much higher than that if you go freelance. 

Caitlin Pyle has a free workshop that gives you a peek into proofreading as a career, income potential, and how to get clients for your business. Check out this workshop if you want to learn more about this career. 


Virtual assisting

As a virtual assistant you will be working on a range of things like freelance writing, website management, social media management, graphic design, etc. There are literally over 275+ services you can provide as a virtual assistant and some skills involve typing. Virtual assisting is perfectly suitable for someone who wants a flexible job and the best part is there are many skills you can offer as a VA. 

Find out how to get started as a virtual assistant on your own in this workshop



Have you ever watched an event where you can read what it’s been written at the bottom of the screen? That’s called captioning. Captioning is mainly two types, live or real-time captioning and offline closed captioning. To be hired as a captioner you might not need any special skill or qualification but you need to have good typing speed with excellent command of English. 

Certifications like CRC also help you land a job faster. Companies like Rev, VITAC, CaptionLabs, Dotsub, etc. hire work-from-home captioners. 


Chat agent

Have you ever visited a website and suddenly a chat window pops up? That’s online chat support. Businesses have online chat support to help its customers with its inquiries, complaints, and any kind of troubleshooting. This saves time for the customer and makes it easy for the business to solve the customers’ problems without any phone calls or emails. 

An online chat agent communicates with the customer/client, helping them with their questions, troubleshooting any issues, and sharing their extensive knowledge of the business. 

As an online chat agent, you should have good typing skills, know about the business/product you work for, and be able to solve the customers’ problems. Companies that hire online chat agents are Apple, The Chat Shop, LiveWorld, Arise, etc. 



Virtual Bookkeeping is another profitable job that gives you a good income and involves working with numbers. The basic job of a bookkeeper is to assist business owners with the recording and explanations of financial transactions regularly. Though many remote bookkeeping companies require prior experience and expertise, you can get into bookkeeping as a beginner if you go on your own. 

If you want to learn how to become a bookkeeper from home, then check out this free course from Bookkeepers. You will learn why bookkeeping is the best choice to work from home, how to start your own bookkeeping business in no time and how much you can charge. 


Freelance writing

If you are the creative type, then try freelance writing. Freelance writing has a huge potential and as digital media grows there is a growing demand for content creators, aka writers. You can work in different niches like lifestyle, medical, blogs, finance, fashion, and many more. The pay depends on your experience and can range anywhere from $100 to $300 per article. 

If you are just starting and wondering how to go about being a freelance writer, then give it a go at Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course.

This course gives you a complete insight into the strategies that Holly used to earn $200,000 per year as a freelance writer. 



Translation is the skill to convert written words from one language to another. Online translation jobs are an excellent choice for people who are bilingual and want to work from home. There are many options to choose from like call centers, online teaching, interpretation, etc. You do not need a degree to apply for translation jobs but having advanced level fluency in the language is a must. Though the pay depends on freelance/employee positions, translating language pairs, and companies, the average salary for translators is around $45,669 as per Indeed.com.

Companies like LanguageLine, Smartling (formerly Verbalizeit), and Gengo hire online translators. 


FAQ about typing jobs from home


What skills and equipment are required for typing jobs?

A good typist needs to have:

  • Good communication skills,
  • Attention to detail and ability to work autonomously,
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation,
  • Knowledge of word processing programs like Word, Google Docs, etc., 
  • Ability to type fast (above 60 wpm) and with high accuracy.

The equipment required to start a typing job from home are:

  • Computer/laptop with high-speed internet,
  • Data processing programs,
  • Keyboard,
  • Proofreading tools like Grammarly,
  • Headphones,
  • Software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

A dedicated home office can make a difference if you are serious about working from home. 


Do I need a degree to apply for typing jobs?

Most online typing jobs ask for a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree to apply.


How much do typing jobs pay?

According to ZipRecruiter, typists earn around $27 per hour. This pay differs depending on the industry you work in and your experience. This figure also differs if you work for a company or take up a freelance job. 


A word of caution about scams in typing jobs

Typing jobs have always been plagued with scams. Some of the tips to keep away from typing job frauds are:

  • It is always good to know a little about the company you are applying for. Find out about the reviews and dig into forums. 
  • Never pay money to get a job. This is probably the first red flag for any scam online. Unless it is for a subscription job board, you should never pay money to get a job.
  • Don’t give out personal information like credit card details. 
  • Do your due diligence about the job adverts. Words like “six-figures in one month” and “minimal or no work” almost always mean you are in for a bad surprise. 


Final thoughts about typing jobs

Typing jobs are great for flexible schedule and easy to get started. Just do a thorough research and never pay to get a job.

If you want to earn more than what typing jobs pay, you can try transcription or proofreading, which are high paying and can become profitable home businesses. 



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