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Are you tired of looking for work-at-home companies?

Did you know that there are many work-at-home companies that you haven’t heard of that support remote working culture?


Remote working has been embraced by many companies, especially start-ups.

This provides more and more opportunities for people like you and me to find flexible roles from the comfort of home or anywhere, for that matter.

Having a great work/life balance, having flexibility, and being able to earn a great income are some of the highlights of working for such companies.

More and more start-ups and other companies are turning to remote work as it enables them to cut costs. I personally think that is the biggest factor for many companies to opt for remote workers. And it gives you the freedom to work in your own space.

The companies that I am sharing today are mostly remote and they strongly encourage a work-from-home culture.

Let’s dig into this list of remote companies that you might not have heard of but which are ideal to help you create your remote working dream.

18 Work-at-Home Companies You Haven’t Heard Of

#1. Red Hat

Red Hat has offices around the world, and 25% of its staff work remotely. Most of the roles are based in the US, though you might find remote positions in Germany, Canada, and Malaysia, for example.

The roles are more on the technical side like cloud consultant, network engineer, software engineer, etc. If you are a super techie, then this company might be a good place to start.

#2. Rackspace

Rackspace is another tech company hiring remotely in various states in the United States. It has many remote positions like solution architect, systems engineer, etc.

Its employees are spread out in countries like the US, Germany, Russia, etc.

#3. Doist

Doist is a completely internet-based company that has remote employees in 21 countries. It has a strong remote work culture with 40 paid vacation days a year and other perks.

It emphasizes flexibility, and there are positions right from developers to translators in the company.


#4. Aetna

With Aetna, you will be working in healthcare-related roles like remote clinical care manager, healthcare data analyst, etc. This is one of the major remote companies in the healthcare sector.

You can check out its Careers page to select the type of the role and location. Most of the roles are located remotely in the US.

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#5. Zapier

You might be very familiar with this popular remote company. Zapier helps you to interconnect the apps you use in your business and automate the whole process. This, in turn, helps businesses to be more productive.

There are regular remote positions like customer champion, marketing engineer, etc.

#6. iQor

The recruiting process at iQor is quite simple. You fill out the application, which is a 9-step process, and then take an assessment test. It offers call center positions both remote and on-site.

This is one company that has remote roles in many countries like India, Australia, Mexico, etc.

#7. Shipt

Shipt is quite a new start-up that lets you shop for and deliver groceries. You can become a Shipt Shopper by filling out the online application. The requirements include having an eligible vehicle, a valid driver’s license, and knowledge of product selection.

The company boasts of highlights like pay between $15–$25 and a flexible schedule.

#8. 10up

At 10up, you will be working in a totally remote environment, and the jobs are more on the technical side like web strategist, systems engineer, and project manager.

The other perks of working for this company include paid parental leave, health insurance, and paid time off. If you are looking for technical roles with good benefits, then start with this company.

#9. Groove

Groove is a small company, which started three years ago, is a completely remote organization that helps businesses with their help desk software. It has a very good remote culture and is currently hiring for positions like mobile engineer and full stack developer.

The company also talks about having flexible work schedules, vacation time, and competitive salaries.

#10. Toggl

Toggl is another start-up company that highly favors remote work. If you are a pro on the technical side and favor working from home, then this company is the place for you.

It has positions like front-end developer, back-end developer, etc.

#11. Trello

I use Trello every day, and this company could be your choice if you love remote working on the technical side. This growing company has many remote positions available, and it has a very strong remote culture.

The positions available on its jobs page are data engineer, iOS developer, content and social media specialist, etc.

#12. Knack

Knack is an incredibly useful tool that helps companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to store and manage their data. This start-up works completely remotely. It has roles in administrative assistance, customer success, junior engineering, etc.

It also talks about other benefits like health insurance, annual corporate retreats, and learning credits on its website.

#13. Voxtab

Voxtab is a lesser-known but legitimate transcription company that hires transcribers around the world. It has a very flexible part-time or full-time work option depending on the project.

If you are a transcriber, then I would suggest you register with this company and apply whenever the positions open up.

#14. Precyse Coding Solutions

Precyse Coding Solutions is a healthcare company where you can find medical coding positions that are entirely remote. Most of the medical coder roles are based out of the US.

#15. Profit Factory

Profit Factory is a Canadian organization that hires freelance virtual assistants and executive assistants. It offers full-time, part-time, and freelance positions. The hours are flexible. 

It hires in the US and Canada.  

#16. goFLUENT

goFLUENT hires ESL tutors regularly to teach online. You can work from home teaching English to non-English speakers.

There will be a training period after you get hired. You will need a language certification to be considered for the position.

#17. Vicky Virtual

Vicky Virtual hires work-at-home virtual receptionists in the US. You will be answering calls and communicating with potential customers for small businesses.

Having a quiet work environment, reliable internet connection, and ability to type 50+ words a minute is a must. Prior customer service experience is not a must but is desirable.

#18. Pleio

With this company, you work as a Good Starter calling patients about their medication. This can be an ideal part-time option with flexible working hours.

This role is completely phone-based, so having a landline is a must.

Finding companies that hire remote workers can be hard, but if you look in the right places, you can find good ones. These are some of the companies that have a strong remote work culture and can be a great fit for your remote work.

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