Flexible Money Making Side Hustles for Students


Flexible Money Making Side Hustles for StudentsA month ago, one of my readers asked if there are any jobs for students. I did some research and found out that there are many students who look for jobs online while they are studying in college or universities.

I know the pressure of studies. In this situation, it can be a lot easier task to work online than working at some fast food joint.

With that thought, I started searching for online jobs for students. As they cannot take up a single high paying job while still in college; it is nice to do some side hustles and pool in the money. Most of these gigs can be done by anybody but are definitely more useful for students.


Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is an excellent option for students, which can help them to hone their writing skills. It is a bonus if they are interested in more niche topics like technology, gaming, apps, business, etc. There are many online freelance writing opportunities on websites like Mirasee, Back to College, Narratively, The Toast, etc. There are also many writings projects on Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is another suitable side hustle for students which can be a flexible option. While in college, it is easy to get an internship or teaching roles if you are good with some subjects. It is the same case with online tutoring, except you can teach even conversational English to international students. The websites like Tutor.com, Brainfuse, Expert Tutors accept new tutor applications frequently. Apps like Nicetalk and Palfish are useful in teaching conversational English.



Though there aren’t many typing jobs available, there are some which pay less. The best advantage with these typing jobs is, they don’t require any experience, which is perfect for students. You can find these type of gigs at VirtualBee (now LionBridge Smart Crowd) and Clickworker. More typing job opportunities are available on freelancing websites as well.



I have come across many university students who blog as a hobby. But this can be a good side hustle for students; there are many ways to monetize a blog like ads, affiliate sales, sponsorships, advertising. The good thing about blogging is you can explore any niche and make money from it. You don’t have to spend loads of money to start a blog, you can start it for as low as $2.95 per month (remember this price is only through my link and for a short period of time!). Plus you get a FREE domain when you sign up for 12 month basic plan.



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Social Media

Students have a good following on social media. Whether it is Snapchat, YouTube or Instagram, you will find most of the users are students. This social presence can be monetized. Along with being social and networking with others, they can also make money on these platforms like SocialSpark, Rabadaba, etc.


Micro gigs

These gigs might not pay much, but it can pay some of your bills. There are many websites like MTurk, CrowdSource, Fiverr which have many micro tasks which can get you some good chunk of cash. You can also try apps like FieldAgent, TaskRabbit and Mobee.


Get paid to tasks

GPT websites are where you get to do many different tasks like watching videos, reading emails, watching ads, playing games, etc. and get paid. These programs don’t pay much; you can keep them as break timers. With many of these now available on phones, it is quite convenient for students. Websites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, PrizeRebel, instaGC, CashCrate are legitimate and pay well.


Test Websites

A good extra cash earner for students. Though this can be done by anybody, students, in particular can benefit more from website testing. They are mostly online browsing the web and know their way around websites, this job can be a good way for them to make money. They can register on websites like Usertesting, Userfeel, Whatusersdo, Userlytics, etc.


Product Research Panels

Whether to complement their income from the side job or make enough money solely from them, surveys can serve the purpose. It is always good to join as many legitimate survey panels, if you want to make most from them. Some of the surveys which are authentic are VIP Voice, Harris Poll, American Consumer Opinion, Clear Voice Surveys, Product Report Card, Earning Station, Survey Club, etc.


For further job opportunities, you can visit Indeed or my Job Board.


Students have to balance the academic and the extracurricular life. All the above ways can be very flexible to fit into their busy schedule and make money in an easy way. These jobs don’t require any expertise or prior commitment which might be suitable for students.


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