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Want to Work From Home….Here are Your Options

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Want to work from home Start HereDream of working from home in your PJ’s and earn a real income?

Welcome to the new age of remote workers who make it a reality. Working from Home or Telecommuting is the way of future now with more and more companies going strong in this trend.

I started working from home in 2008, and options were very less at that time. Now the opportunities are more and more, and more people are choosing to go for remote work.

Many of my friends ask me how to work from home or which companies offer work from home positions, so I have made a long list of jobs which are remote or freelance.

Here it goes!!


Web Developer

Website development is a techie kind of job, but it’s in high demand now.

The online presence is becoming the most important aspect of any business, big or small. And, they all turn to Web Developers to make their websites.

If you are a techie geek with skills like HTML, CSS, PHP and coding, then you can easily make good money working from home.

The pay for this service varies depending on experience, type of project or client.


Social Media Management

If you are good with your networking and social media skills, then you can look at this as a side hustle. There is a lot of buzz around this service as the social media world becomes more and more varied.

With so many social media platforms coming up, more and more businesses require people to manage their social media accounts. I have a social media freelancer to my Amazon websites.

Pay for this service might depend on the number of platforms you handle and can vary from $50 – $150 per profile. You can charge per post or social media profile.



This field is in high demand, and it is for those who have reasonably good typing skill and patience to hear audio files. Of course, you would need to have good grammar, spelling and know your way around uploading and downloading files.

The nature of work would require to hear audio files and transcribe them. Sometimes, the audio files might be unclear and slightly hard in accent; this gets better with time. But most of the companies do hire beginners or newbies.

The pay for this job might range from $10 to 50$ per audio hour. The more experienced you become, the more pay you can get.



Tutoring can be a very good paying job. In some cases, you would need to be specialized in some subjects, but in recent times, there is high demand for teaching English to students in countries like China, Japan, Singapore, etc. You need to be a native English speaking person, with strong grammar and fluency. If you are specialized in subjects like Mathematics, Science, etc., it can be more rewarding.

The pay can range from $10 to $100 per hour if you are teaching more specialized subjects.


Customer Service

These jobs are more location specific but are work from home or remote jobs. You can be a Call Center Agent, Virtual Customer Service Agent, Market Interviewers, etc. There are many positions available, but the basic necessity for these jobs would be a bit of experience in the field, and pleasant demeanor as the work involves customer interaction.

Pay varies with the company but usually, is in the range of $15 to 25$ per hour.



You might think Proofreading is for professionals; it’s not. You can do general Proofreading if you have some qualities like having a keen eye for detail, able to spot some errors in documents, strong focus on the work.

The nature of the work is to find any mistakes in the transcripts or records. The top most important quality for this job is a strong eye for detecting errors.

The average pay for the proofreading is $0.35 per page. It might look very less, but it gets better with speed. The average income per hour for beginner proofreaders can be around $18.



You need not be a professional writer for trying writing gigs. Writing jobs were not as many as they are now. You can start writing short blog posts, short reviews or brief articles for bloggers, companies, etc. There is no need to be an expert at writing, as it develops with time and practice.

Most of the successful bloggers around are not expert writers, but their blog posts are the most commented or viewed. The topics that you can write about can range anywhere from lifestyle, blogging, personal finance, fashion, etc.

These writing gigs can give you a decent pay of $50- $200 per post/article.


Search Engine Evaluators

This is the relatively easier job which you can do from home. Search Engine Evaluators or Web Researchers are people who do web researching or rating the websites for the given set of guidelines.

It might sound a little technical, but it’s not, you will have to know your way around the web, browsers, etc. There are quite a few companies which are offering this position even for international workers.

The salary range is different for different countries for this role, and presently the pay is $15 per hour in the United States.


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Well, I have saved this for the last because I am doing this. Some might debate that this is not something which can get you an income, but that’s not true. Many bloggers make a decent income with blogging about things they love.

There are big names in the blogging world who make insane income, and there are bloggers who are just starting out and make a healthy living.

The main key to blogging is you talk about the topics you love, be consistent and provide value to readers.

The money you make from blogging is entirely dependent on your hard work and niche selection.

Apart from this, there are many other options like


Website Testing

Virtual Assistant



I will be talking more about freelancing/remote opportunities and blogging in my future posts.

Stay tuned!!


What other services/jobs do you know which are remote?














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