10 Legitimate Online Proofreading Jobs


proofreading jobsToday, we will know more about online proofreading jobs.

You have been searching for all kind of work from home opportunities and nothing seems to fit your schedule and capabilities?

Let me ask you one thing, do you have a keen eye for detail? Can you make out the errors when reading a book or just browsing a web article?

If your answer is yes, then you have one type of job that you can do right away. Proofreading.


A bit more about Proofreading Jobs


What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is reviewing or checking a document thoroughly for errors, grammar, punctuation. Proofreaders sift through the documents or articles for any mistakes.

The primary intent of proofreading is to make the documents totally error free, whether it is typo, grammar, spelling or punctuation.

Can anybody do Proofreading jobs?

Most proofreaders have either experience or required qualification for this role. One thing that is a must for any proofreader is strong grammar and a strong skill of recognizing errors. There are some companies that hire proofreaders without experience but most of them would require some experience.

You will need to be a strong self-learner if you want to get your first hustle without experience.

If this is something that interests you, then sign up for Caitlin Pyle’s workshop where you can learn everything about proofreading from the expert herself.

Caitlin is the only expert who has created a successful freelance proofreading business from scratch. And, she is sharing all her secrets to build a profitable proofreading business in just 30 days in this workshop.

You will learn if proofreading is the right choice for you, how to get clients for your proofreading business and much more in this workshop. If you are serious about this career, don’t miss this free virtual workshop!

How much money does a Proofreader make?

According to BLS, the average pay for a full-time proofreader is around $39,000 per year.  If you are keen on starting your own proofreading business, then you can earn much more than this.

In fact, Caitlin Pyle earned around $43,000 in 2014 working just 25 hours a week! It totally depends on how many clients you take up and your schedule. 


What are the companies that hire Proofreaders?

Many companies hire at-home proofreaders, and the pay differs with each company. It is good to check the company websites for their requirements, as they keep changing.



proofreadingservices.com homescreen





This company regularly hires proofreaders who can demonstrate excellent proofreading skills. There is a 20-minute test before starting the application.



cactus global homescreen







This company has proofreading and editing roles but with more expertise in fields like Physical Science, Healthcare, Life Science, Medicine. Presently, they have Freelance Specialist Editor position advertised on their website.



editfast homescreen





Editfast is an editing and proofreading company and has freelance positions. Requirements are having a bachelor’s degree and some prior experience. The flow of work does vary.



wordvice homescreen






The company hires freelancing/telecommuting proofreaders and editors. They require a graduate degree and two years of experience in proofreading and editing. They are now looking for editors to join their fabulous team!



scribendi homescreen







You need to have a graduate degree and some experience for proofreader role in Scribendi.



proofreadingpal homescreen





This is another company that regularly hires proofreaders. The requirement is minimum five years of experience with a graduate degree.



kibin homescreen






Kibin is not hiring now, but you can register to get the update if they start hiring again.









This is fairly a new company that hires editors for school essays, resumes, book reports even social media posts, blogs. ‘Prompt Sages’ as they are called help in correcting grammar, spelling and structure.


Scribe Writing

scribe writing

Formerly known as Book in a Box, this company hires freelance editors. Although they are not hiring right now you can sign up to get notifications for jobs.




You need to have at least 5 years of editing experience to apply for this company. A Master’s or PhD editing experience is required along with certificate in academic editing, publishing, scientific communication, etc.


If you want to start your freelance proofreading career, then you will have to get the knowledge about the tips and tricks and look for opportunities in places like WAHM.com or freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer.

Bloggers are always in need of editors and proofreaders; this can be your starting point. You can find some proofreading positions on job boards like Indeed.com, Problogger.net.

A good to way to start is to attend this FREE proofreading workshop and find out if you fit the proofreader job. 



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What if you are good at proofreading, but don’t have any experience?

All it takes is your zeal to learn and hard work. You will have to do some good reading to brush up on the things like style and guidelines.

McGraw-Hill’s Proofreading Handbook – This is a complete resource for all your proofreading needs including checklists, stylesheets and all the tools.

Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies – This is a comprehensive guide for polishing your skills, build your resume and help you to land your first job as a proofreader.

There are some online tools like Grammarly, Slick Write and Ginger that can help you in the process of proofreading but bear in mind they are just an additional help.


So, are you ready to start your career or advance your freelance proofreading?

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  1. Did you do any research to check out the authenticity of these companies, if they’re legit and safe to apply to? Just curious – there are a lot of scams out there, wondering you ensured these ones are “legitimate.”

    1. Hey Ellie,

      To the best of my knowledge, these are legitimate companies. I have always done a lot of research when I apply to any online job myself and I suggest you do as well. I know there are many scams out there and finding the right work at home jobs can be hard.

    1. Hello Jan,

      Please go over the companies listed and see if they are hiring now. You can also visit our Job Leads page to find more proofreading opportunities.

  2. Hi
    Are there any proofreading websites for beginners.Most of the above sites are asking for experience.Can you suggest some that do not require prior experience

    1. Hello Aparna,

      Most of the proofreading companies require experience. You can try for freelance proofreading gigs at places like Fiverr, Guru and Upwork without much experience.

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